Promo Flags and Tags Combined

Promo Flags and Tags Combined

Promo Flags and Tags CombinedA great example of Promo Flags and Tags Combined. A number of major chains have silhouetted Flag Systems in place that allow a label element to project into the aisle for better visibility and promotion. Other retailers use Bib or Promo Tags, that adhere or clip to the normal label area, face forward, but provided oversize area for added emphasis. Here is both systems combined. You get a stick-on Bib-Tag facing forward with an integral die-cut flag that folds to perpendicular. The advantage overall is both systems, without the need for extra fixtures to execute. But don’t imaging these are as cheap as Plain Paper Labels or Clip-on Systems with built in Promo Clips. This approach still requires extra cost self-adhesive stock and flag die-cut. What system works best will vary by your individual need.  CLICK thumbnail for a closeup view.

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Promo Flags and Tags Combined

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