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Liquor and Fireworks What Could Go WrongBACKSTORY: Humour (British English) or humor (American English; see spelling differences) is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. The term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humours (Latin: humor, “body fluid”), controlled human health and emotion. (SOURCE: Wikipedia) This Humor in Retail Index Page follows amusing occurrences across all channels of retail, accidental or not.

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Yeah Bitch Christmas Apparel Says It All
Will Fook For Books Graffiti
Fuck Em Spelling Mistake Display
G63 Hitting Pump Island Lucky Number
IKEA Tail-In-The-Air Decorator Picture Hooks
Ouch-less Hair Band Merchandising
Witches DNA-Test Chalkboard Door
Top-Ten-Gifts For Grads Signage
CEL-EB-RATE Macy’s Black History Month Poster
” No Sitting Please, Chair for Display Only
Gumdrop Gravity-Feed Failure In-Store
” Restroom Housekeeping Taken To The Extreme
” Nasty Things String-Tie Security Tether
” Leftist Leaning Tiki Torch Merchandising
” Shot Happens Gun Shop Play On Words
” Paddle Use Instructions Provided
” Extended Drinking Hours For Weekends
” Urinal Out-of-Home Advertising in the Restroom
” You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Work Retail
Trump Sucks Spelled Out Alphabetic ”
” Is West Coast Left Coast or Right Coast?
No First Floor, Elevator Button Strikethrough
Thonk Spring or Think Spring Chalkboard
How To Visually Brand Your Spa And Hair Salon
Why Not Try a Book Chalkboard Pitch
Why Buy Frozen Fish Food For Your Fish?
Red Hot Chilly Paper vs Red Hot Chili Peppers
Minor Bump In The Road Handicapped Access
Handicapped Please Keep to The Right
Don’t Make it Too Easy for The Handicapped
Heinz® Condiment Label Orientation Confusion
Fava Beans With Cumin Abbreviated
Much More Than Pure Naked Coconut Water
Trendy Iced Popcorn Merchandising By The Bag
Seminal Logo As Marketplace Cafe Branding
Condiment Confusion In Modern Hospitality Retail
Sperm Bank Extra Fresh Shelf Edge Labeling
Hanukkah Mouse and Dreidel Cat Toy
Fashion Jew Fashion Jewelry Endcap Center
Transgender, Pro-Wall, Mexican Voter Politics
Haunted Living For A Better Halloween By Lowes®
Gone Tanning” As “Sorry, We’re Is Closed” Store Sign
Smile For The Store Video Surveillance Warning Sign
Watch For Forklifts on Psychedelic Drugs
Clearly Sign Retail Risks For Customer Safety
Unicycle Rack Is Boutique Retail Highlight
Now Hiring Smiling Feces at McDonalds®
Butt Finger Blast Ice Cream Label
EuroFixture: No Pissing on Premises Retail Warning
Merchandising For Snow Storms
Lamps, Pots, Vases & Art Asses
Pop Tards On Sale
Starbucks® Delivery Truck Branding Sucks
Fuckin’ Big Sale
Retail Thumbs-Up Inflatable Display ”
Genetically Modified Onions On Sale
Rapefruit Produce Promotion
Animal Anus Store Branding
Black & Gold Brand Conflict
Fart Spotters Acrylic Display Stand
Mass Merchandising 11 Toilet Brush Styles
How To Tell If Your Store Sock Fixtures are Stylin
Reverse Your Cashwrap: Last-In First-Out Queue Theory
Carefree Bra Display at Victoria’s Secret®
Mall Responder Double-Deck Cart
Euro Fixture™ Bungee-Corded Bottles
Original One-Size Thong Now $138
Knit Garter Winter Closeout
Braille Electrical Closet Invitation
Dylan Lauren® Compartmentalized
Shop Saks® From Your Restroom Stall
IKEA® Pitches New Catalog
99 Bottles of Beer Point-of-Purchase
Restroom Hand Wash Enforcement
Gluten-Free Pet Food Pitch
No, No, No, No – Bank Regulation
Macy’s Gift Coming and Going
Impeach The Peach Produce Label Politics
Peach Butt Panties
No Hoodies Allowed” Retailing
Moleskine® In-Store Selfie
Mushrooms Sprout in Retail
Rug Docter® Tethered Padlocks
Outdoor Shoes Always Point North
Liquor and Fireworks Sale – What Could Go Wrong?
Doomsday Kerosene Lantern Sale
Ladies Please Be Seated
Shopping Defines Existence
What Is The Crush Weight of Pie?
New Pickup Line in Retail
Couture™ Toilet Plunger Self-Sell
Mirrors as Retail Objet d’art
Don’t Flush With Your Feet!
Stalagmite Forms in Washroom
Secret to Looking Slim in Retail
Mannequin Features Pubic Hair
Nicki Minaj Boob Tester
Zeus® Tickle Your Bum Seating
Girl Watching Amenities in Retail
Eye Shades vs Sun Glasses
How to Steal a Louis Vuitton Bag
Farm Girl Bra Merchandising
Recycling Ice Cream Cones
Retail Distress Signal
Adult Content in Retail
Warning: Handicapped Challenge Ahead
Horse and Buggy Parking Only
Naughty Angel Flashes a Thong
Street-Smart Scan Code
Free Air Guitars. Take one!
Display Hook for Helium Balloons
Cow and Pig Home Delivery QR Code
Rabbits – Cuddly or Nutritious
Tissue Use is Self-Explanatory
Cart Cup Holder Cuts Caffeine
Long, Leggy Door Handles
Imaginative Jewelry Sign
Frankenstein-Inspired Fixture
Bras for Well-Read Girls
Sign Says Cheeky
Fitting Room Floor Show
Designer Tardis at Short Hills Mall
Grab a Beer at Brooks Brothers
Spring Bicycle Makeover
Unattended Child Warning
Chinese Wieners on Sale
Bipolar Restroom Sign
Best Pegboard Hook Backscratcher
How to Merchandise Butterflies
Leaning Tower of Clearasil
Moose Antler Merchandising
Toilet Plunger Porcupine Display
” T-Shirt App is R-Rated
” Smell O Vision Retail Rollout
Hello Kitty Joins Louis Vuitton
Sneakers Worn as Epaulets
Playing Jenga With Facings
Teapot Coffee Grinder Man
Merchandise Name a Putoff
Shelf Edge Redundancy
Hook Has Two Monkey Load Limit
Impenetrable Vuitton Anti-Theft
Zip-Tie Hook Security
What’s Next? Land Mines as Anti-Theft
How Not to Merchandise to BBW
No Bike Riding Inside Store
100% Satisfaction By 3:00 pm
Shopping Cart Art in the Parking Lot
Pop Tards On Sale, Don’t Miss Out
Complicated Business Hours Sign
Don’t-Bag-the-Baby Warning Sign

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