Clear Promo Tags Stick On Shelf Edges

Clear Promo Tags Stick On Shelf Edges

Usually rare in Cosmetics, these Clear Promo Tags Stick On Shelf Edges are a simple but effective way to draw attention to new items, all the more appropriate because the clear tag goes naturally with glass shelf. Kudos.

But clear, self-adhesive color labels can be a bit expensive. And what to do if you have a store-full of varied retail promotions to post and change weekly? …. New, Now On Sale, As Advertised, Managers Special, Clearance, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum. Then consider a storewide shelf edge label holder fixture WHICH INCLUDES a built-in promo-clip … a grip that allows non-adhesive promo and bib tags to be inserted anywhere in an instant, and changed just as easily. Shelf edge label strip also accommodates your plain-paper price labels. Top manufacturers offer promo clip label strip in profiles that fit all shelf types … including glass.

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Wow, that was quite a bit of proselytizing on appropriate store fixturing. I think I’ll tag this as a “Best Practices” post for future reference.