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Fixtures Close Up merely comments on the hardware that mounts your tag or label on the hook or shelf edge. Too many or too few tags is your judgement call. But in typography and visual design, if you bold every second word to emphasize, you actually loose emphasis in a cloud of clutter. So my recommendation is that slightly less tagging, is better than too, too much. Less tags catch the eye more … unless you are a super-deep discount store, where visual clutter actually adds to the sense of “cheap” and “discounted. See the original discussion at Bob Phibbs Blog “Retail Marketing: Too Many Tags Numbs Customers.” Follow a live ongoing discussion of the topic, with realtime reporting of survey results of “Too Many vs Too Few” at RetailWire “Brain Trust Query: Extra Tagging – Smart Marketing or Not?

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For Bib Tag implementations by Title…
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Empirical Bib Tags Proof
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Hostess® Serves Up Branded Shelf Bar-Mount
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Clear Stick-on Bib Tag
Bib Tag Piggybacks Basket Tag
Retail Bib Tags Go Digital
Water Flavoring Store-In-Store
$1 Off Salad-to-Go
Metal Plate Mount Downturned
Round-Not-Square Promo Tag
Shelf Edge “Eyebrow” Tag
Traditional Adhesive Bib Tags
Digital Shelf Edge Price Ticket as Bib Tag
Clear Promo Tags Stick-On Glass Shelf
Uniweb Hook Updated to Flip-Front Label Holder
Promo Flags and Tags Combined
Grip Clipping Wrong vs Right

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SEARCH “Out of Stock” and “Back Tag” for detailed hardware coverage of those two tagging topic.

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