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Website for Sale
Owner Retirement

Tony Kadysewski
336 Four Seasons Drive, Drums, PA 18222

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Fixtures-Close-Up Website for Sale
Executive Summary


FCU Semrush Domain Comparative Ranking Jan 1 2022revRule

Semrush Domain Comparative Ranking Jan 1 2022

Fixture-Close-Up Monthly Readership Trends

Fixture-Close-Up Readership Trends – Pandemic or not, store fixture users vote with their page views is the upbeat indication of this Fixture-Close-Up Readership Trends report … increasing from Aug 2018 to December 2020 for a lifetime total of 2,848,681


FixturesCloseUp is a 21,307 + Post, 1,076 Page, 900+ category, 72,195 + image (Jan, 2022) pictorial inventory of unique or otherwise interesting small-scale fixtures seen across the entire range of retailing. This site documents varying outfitting and merchandising solutions, allows extensive retail fixtures search capabilities and provides ideas and inspiration for new solutions and new applications. For value as a Fixture Research Tool and actual use tips see … How to Use 

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FCU Acquisition Overview Annual 2020

FCU Acquisition Overview Annual 2020

FixturesCloseUp Site Overview

  • 21,307+ Post, 1,076 Page, 72,195+ images (WordPress, Jan 1, 2022)
  • 900+ categories of Retail, Merchandising, & Point-of-Purchase Fixtures
  • 38,559+ Photo Pins, 500 Pinterest Boards and  (Pinterest, Jan 1, 2022)
  • Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Email, YouTube, Facebook Channels
  • 26,000+ Total Followers across all channels (Jan 1, 2022))
  • Domain Authority 47, Linking Domains 2.6K, Keywords 21.3K (Semrush Jan 1, 2022)

FixturesCloseUp Traffic Overview

  • • 3,288,920+ Lifetime Pageviews (WordPress, Jan 1, 2022)
  • 3,878 Best Ever Daily Pageviews (WordPress, Jan 1, 2022)
  • 235,788 Annual Users (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • 257,423 Annual Sessions  (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • 443,016 Annual Page Views (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • 1.73 Page Views per Session (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • 1:21 Average Session Duration (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • Best Traffic Times: 8:00 am to 12:00 Midnight (Google Analytics, Oct-Dec 2021)
  • Best Traffic Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
  • Audience: 58.95% Organic Search 24.21% Social 14.92% Direct 1.60% Referral 0.32% Display and Paid Search (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)

FixturesCloseUp Contracted Advertising Overview (Program is Ongoing)

  • Typically 3 contracted ads running each month. (See Google AdSense below)
  • 4,315,236 Annual Impressions (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • 5,482 Annual Ad Clicks (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • 152 Clicks/Ad/Month Average (5,482/(3×12)) (Google Analytics, Jan-Dec 2021)
  • Advertising results will vary

FixturesCloseUp Google AdSense Advertising (Program Ended March 2020)

  • Five Ads placed automatically and randomly by Google AdSense
  • Est. only 10-15% of automatically placed ads were retail fixture related
  • AdSense Pageviews 396,074 (Google AdSense, Jan-Dec 2019)
  • AdSense Impressions 732,705 (Google AdSense, Jan-Dec 2019)
  • AdSense Annual Clicks 353 (Google AdSense, Jan-Dec 2019)
  • Average AdSense Clicks per Ad per Month 6
  • AdSense Discontinued due to high server load for minimal income

FixturesCloseUp Deep Background

  • Founded 2009, with a 12-year continuous history on the web.
  • FixturesCloseUp Registered Trademark 2012-2027
  • Registered Domain
  • Industry Standard WordPress Format
  • Readership: Retail Fixturing, Merchandising, Point-of-Purchase Display
  • No heavy waste circulation in Flooring, Surfaces, Store Lighting, HVAC, etc
  • Posts continuously scheduled 40-60 days into the future
  • 300+ Pre-written Draft posts in On-Deck Circle Ready for Posting
  • 3-Month Content-Strategist-In-Residence support gratis

Recommended Use Strategies:

  • Branding, Thought Leadership, and Promotional Exposure as Site Sponsor, ie, “ABC Manufacturing’s”
  • Social Media augmentation of existing fixtures brand.
  • Direct advertising vehicle with ads carried in as Leaderboard, companion column Rail, and Mobile Website Slider.
  • Cooperative ownership and direct advertising by several non-competing fixture manufacturers, distributors or design firms.
  • A supporting site in wheel-and-spoke marketing constellation of sites, i.e., tie-back and point traffic to your main website (For related theoretical discussion see “Importance of Using Silos in your SEO Strategy.“)
  • Vertical Niche Market specialty site supporting a narrower targeted range of your broader market
  • Given an inventory of 21,307+ Post,s 1,076 Pages, 900+ categories, and 72,195+ images (Jan, 2022) FixturesCloseUp is capable of both Long-Tail and Head-of-Distribution Search Optimization
  • Grow an active a FixturesCloseUp Linkedin Group as outreach to the Retail and Point-of-Purchase Fixture Market. A FixturesCloseUp Company Page has already been set up.
  • Search Engine Optimization of your main website by deep linking individual FixturesCloseUp posts to corporate site pages and e-commerce product offerings. Value of Backlinks has been variously placed at $50 to $500.  Using the lowest of those figures the Backlink Value of FixturesCloseUp alone is $106,535.00 (21,307 Posts x $50/post Backlink Value)


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