Sun Bum Gorilla Marketing Lip Balm Display

Sun Bum Gorilla Marketing Lip Balm Display

Sun Bum Gorilla Marketing Lip Balm DisplaySun Bum® uses Gorilla Marketing Lip Balm visual merchandising Monkey play in this Lip Balm Point-of-Purchase display. Yes the Gorilla is the attention compeller, but pay attention to the organized, well-order merchandising presentation on all faces. The unit was not a spinner, hinting the designers felt facing the Gorilla toward the shopping traffic was the primary goal. I might have suggested mounting the merchandise cube on a Spinner, Gorilla set stationary atop the Spinner axel. CLICK through the Thumbnail and Gallery of photos for additional Gorilla Marketing Lip Balm Display views.

Goldtoe Zen of Socks: Enlighten Your Feet

GoldToe Zen of Socks: Enlighten Your Feet

Gold Toe® as Brand offers a Zen-like Tao of life on each and every box. Consider the wisdom of “On the Path of Life, Ignorance is Blisters” and the affirming “Truth, Integrity, and Reinforced Stitching.” The overarching positioning statement of “Enlighten Your Feet” summarizes all. CLICK through the gallery of photos of cartons of Gold Toe Zen of Socks: Enlighten Your Feet as their own Point-of-Purchase promotion.

Acrylic Tube Protective Wrap

FitBit Acrylic Tube Protective Wrap Remedy

FitBit Acrylic Tube Protective WrapMany FitBit exhibits have been tracked by FixturesCloseUp®, most including clear acrylic tubes for wrist-like display. Some may have felt the clear acrylic TOO clear. This FitBit Acrylic Tube Protective Wrap attempts remedy by enclosing in a wax-paper like sheet to step back the transparency to mere translucent. Then again maybe it is just a protective sheet for shipping the Acylic Tube without scratches. You choose, FitBit Acrylic Tube Protective Wrap or transparency reducer. Meanwhile scroll down for more FitBit merchandising.