Lyre Table-Top Sign Clip Stand

Lyre Table-Top Sign Clip Stand Concept

A Lyre Table-Top Sign Clip Stand Concept adds a fancy touch to this Visual Merchandising. Seen before in short-length configuration, these mid-size units elevate the message. All that is required for effective use is a stiff sign board substrate. Seen in this Soap Window Dressing Visual Merchandising Display, crafted to look like Cheese Wheels. Seen at Lush at The Mall At Short Hills.

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Cheese Wheel as Soap Visual Merchandising
Lyre Table-Top Sign Clip Stand Concept

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Cheese Wheel as Soap Visual Merchandising
Lyre Table-Top Sign Clip Stand Concept
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Wood Post Signage for Bag Accessories

Wood Post Signage for Nordstrom Bags

Natural Wood Post Signage creates space for a run of outfitting calling attention to clutches, small bags, and purse accessories. Unlike full-size purses, the items do not define themselves from a distance so the sign reaches out for them. The sign itself takes up tittle space though the floor stand is broad for support and stab. Step through various zooms in the gallery of images. Seen at Nordstrom, King of Prussia Mall.

Estee Lauder Beauty Mask Night Repair

Tall and thin, possibly like the Estee Lauder target market, this vertical, freestanding display promotes but one solution: Advanced Night Repair and a new PowerFoil Beauty Mask. And but a single bottle is on the shelf, implying rarity and “private stock” available only to those well-heeled customers who act fast. Browse the gallery of display images, then get your Beauty Mask before they are all gone. Seen at Bon-Ton.

Williams Sonoma Short Hills Mall Shopping Safari

If you sometimes have a hard time remembering just where a particular shop is located, here a Williams Sonoma chalkboard Welcome reminds you this is the store at the upscale Short Hills Mall, Chatham NJ. Signage like this is particularly useful to professional shoppers like my wife, and retail reporters like myself. We have been known to visit as many as 2-3 states, 4-5 locales, and maybe up to 20-30 stores in a single 17 hour shopping safari (we leave before dawn and arrive home after dark). And yes we browse and shop together, an unusual compatibility for a couple. Thank you Williams Sonoma for reminding us where we are in our trip, and how to find you again when we have the need. Same holds true for other shoppers.

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