Not a true fixture, but certainly eye catching from a distance. It was no trouble at all finding steam irons and accessories in this respected regional Department Store where oversize props stand head-height atop open-wire Metro Shelving.

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Ironing Board Pegboard Merchandiser
Ironing Board Display Challenge

For Steam Iron Merchandising see…

Bar-Mount Trivet for Irons
Easel Hangup for Steam Irons
Elephantine Irons Heat Up Display

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Swing Arm for Open Wire Shelving
Hook Bridge as Specialty Display
Self-Threaded S-Hook for Endcap
Metro Shelf as Aquarium Display
Cookware Merchandises Itself on Metro
Bakery Basket on Metro Shelf
Metro Under-shelf Hang Rod
Metro Cart as Welcome Wagon
Cookware-to-Go Cart
Cookware on Metro J-Hook
Label Holder for Metro Wire Shelf
Cookware Hangs from Metro
Label Solution for Wire Shelf Edge
Shelf Snake in Sheep’s Clothing
Locking Security Cart in Jewelry
Open Wire Shelf Tilts and Folds
Excess Shelves Store Themselves
Elephantine Irons Heat Up Display
Fixture Adjustment by Hack Saw
Wire Shelf Site Leak

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Metro Open Wire Shelf Merchandising and Fixturing

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