Originally, the center-mount and gleaming solid side of this Metro-like open wire shelving caught my eye. Typically Metro shelving, carts and mobile displays are corner post mount, and the edge snake-design runs along all four sides. Then I realized that because of the center mount and solid side, the shelves could tilt and be set to a shallow angle or near full vertical to save space in moving. This was a very stylish-looking, modern, caster-equipped unit with the tilt capability a nice option.

Note that the first angle-increment sets a very shallow tilt. That’s because front-to-back open wire at a steep tilt is a super sliding board – nothing would stay on the shelf without tie-downs. SEE “Vertical or Horizontal Wire Shelves” and “Yin & Yang of Open Wire Shelves” for expanded discussion of uses, do’s and don’ts for this fixture style.

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