T-shirts vend from open wire shelves, with graphic designs posted as an index above. Here the shelf wires run front-to-back, and not side-to-side. Which is better? A minority claim front-to-back allows product to be removed easier. On the other hand who wants the stack of items to slide onto the floor as the customer removes the topmost? Side-to-side orientation would prevent this.

My opinion? I recommend  front-to-back welded beneath the frontwire of the “snake design” to create a small product stop OR side-to-side for most light-product retail applications. I reserve front-to-back orientation without frontwire product stop (like that pictured) for warehouse club, pallet rack shelf mats, and pure storage applications where you want heavier items to be able to slide- rather than lift-off. Who would imagine a person could have such persnickety advice on mere open wire shelf? I’m one opinionated son of a gun. If you have an opinion backed by practical experience, please share as a comment. It is rare for me to find anyone to argue with on details as tiny as this.

SEE “Yin and Yang of Open Wire Shelves” for additional discussion. SEE “Gravity Mat vs No Gravity Mat” for a post covering gravity matt on open wire vs naked open wire shelves.

SEARCH “Metro” brand for more on open wire shelving. SEARCH “Best Practices” for more of my opinions, such as they are.

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