Boxer Display Hooks

All-Wire Boxer Display Hook For Pegboard

Boxer” configurations face outward in two diametrically opposed directions. And while you might be tempted to class this as a T-Hook, I say a 180º Multi-Arm Boxer fixture. Custom black powdercoating add to the allure of an already interesting hardware proposition. A Ball-End Safety Tip is the finishing finial touch. Spied in the prototyping “Skunkworks” of fixture manufacturer, Trion Industries, Inc.

NutriBullet Overlay Category Definition Trays

NutriBullet Overlay Category Definition

Acrylic Trays with upturned Frontstops define space, category, and a point-of-purchase footprint for NutriBullet and related offerings. The upturned Frontstop provides promotional space for each of the appliance offerings. In addition to managing the category and promotional space, the overlays can act as trays and allow movement of the display in toto to alternate locations. Check alternate zooms in the gallery of images. Seen at Bed Bath and Beyond.