Trump Sucks Spelled Out Alphabetic

Trump Sucks Spelled Out Alphabetic

Don’t shoot the messenger (either FixturesCloseUp or Target) for this Trump Sucks Spelled Out Alphabetic in store display. For FixturesCloseUp it supports a thread of alphabetic outfitting reports. For Target, I am sure they rearranged the message and re-alphabetized the merchandise. The image was sent to FixturesCloseUp by a reader, without source citation but believed to have been broadcast on Facebook. If you can provide a source citation, please do. True to the FixturesCloseUp mission see that outfitting is 2-piece Straight_Entry Scan Hooks with Plastic Backplates, Meanwhile this Trump Sucks Spelled Out Alphabetic makes its own statement.

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Trump Sucks Spelled Out Alphabetic “

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