Tumi Locking J-Hook Security Faceout

While moderate in price this Tumi Locking J-Hook Security Faceout protects stock in a lightly staffed Macy’s. Yes a Gucci or Fendi purse would be a better target, but the Gucci and Fendi boutiques are just to small and highly staffed to pull off a heist. Tumi deploys a super-secure, super-duty locking Faceout implying this is merchandise to be treasured. The clean lines of the display and the Tumi logo add to the upscale effect too. This Tumi Locking J-Hook Security Faceout seen at Macys, Short Hills Mall, NJ.

International Travel Bag Luggage Symbolism

As a Spy you need to be ready to travel anywhere in the world in an instant. Best to stock up on Spy approved International Travel Bag sets with Luggage Icons at the Museum Store. And in case you don’t speak the language, icons suggested use of the various bag sizes: underwear, shoes and flip flops, toiletries and sundries. Without this graphic explanation, how would you know you even need these travel accessories. See that bag exteriors are world maps so you can keep track of your journey. International Travel Bag Luggage Icons an idea of the International Spy Museum Store, Washington D.C.

Reverse Psychology Fashion Camouflage

Reverse Psychology Fashion Camouflage

Camouflage is supposed to allow you blend into your environment. This Reverse Psychology Fashion Camouflage is the apparel version of Battleship Dazzle Paint. Even though colorful, loud, and even garish, item outlines blur and you really don’t know what you are looking at … purse, carry, duffle bag, or whatever. The steel table and upright stands purposely fade into the background on their own. You decide if you should mass this much Reverse Psychology Camouflage in a single display where it merges into one large presentation. Seen at Macys.