Second Generation Cart and Cup Holder Unveiled


Margarit (my wife) and I enjoy the maneuverability of this Second Generation Cart and Cup Holder Unveiled. This one has evolved to include a Green powdercoated finish and cup (or baby bottle) holder for leisurely shopping. Of course traditional carts and new “oversize” traditional cart designs are a mainstay on heavy shopping days. But these little runabouts make quick trips more fun.

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Woodgrain Pegboard For Natural Merchandising

The photo does not do justice to this Woodgrain Pegboard For Natural Merchandising os a POP display. It matched perfectly and appeared realistic in the extreme. The look of wood also reinforced the healthy natural appeal of the product — nuts. I am amazed how infrequently a creative finish is used on pegboard, when they are found frequently on slatwall. Major retailers race to install paper backers and Skinz over pegboard. Why don’t pegboard manufacturers offer more intriguing finishes to start with? In this case the continuous Label Strip for Drop-in Plain Paper Labels also makes a statement, but if I were the nut manufacturer I would have opted for a more distinctive color back label strip.