Kings Wood Peg Scarf Display Closeup

Kings Wood Peg Scarf Stand In Grocery

Kings Wood Peg Scarf StandThis Wood Peg Scarf Stand is a pale-wash wood stand with natural wood pegs creating a fashion focus for scarf sales in a Kings® Supermarket. The approach avoids a mass merchandising appearance, and is a level above grouping the scarves in the Seasonals aisle. See a rack logo adds another level of interest, though the meaning of a Mermaid is unknown. CLICK the thumbnail for Kings Wood Peg Scarf Stand overview. Scroll down for other fixtures cross sells at and one-up fixturing Kings Food Markets. See scarf merchandising links farther down.

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Kings® Cheese Wheel Tower Overacll

Kings Cheese Wheel Tower


Kings Cheese Wheel TowerThe cheese wedges are what you are there to buy, but Kings Cheese Wheel Tower is what calls you from a distance. And since there weren’t enough cheese wheels to make the tower by themselves, circular butcher block cutting boards made up the difference. Maybe as the inventory of cheese wheels is drawn down, additional cutting boards are rolled out to maintain the Kings Cheese Wheel Tower. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup and then compare to other Kings Cheese Wheel creativity immediately below.

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Kings Cheese Wheel Tower
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