Hand-Tied Hand-Lettered Retail Warning

Hand-Tied Hand-Lettered Retail Warning

Part offer, part alert this Hand-Tied Hand-Lettered Retail Warning tells you this huge wardrobe-like furnishing is a Murphy Bed. But though inviting, the twine hand-tie makes sure you don’t open accidentally, unknowingly, and unsafely. Browse the gallery of images for the impression conveyed as well as the handcrafting of this do-it-yourself signage. This Hand-Tied Hand-Lettered Retail Warning seen at California Closets, Lancaster PA.

Tequila Soup-Of-The-Day Chalkboard Sign

Tequila Soup-of-The-Day Chalkboard

The FixturesCloseUp focus is the Sandwich-board Easel and Chalkboard Sign marketing concept of this sidewalk promotion. But after a long day in the Fixtures trenches, Tequila as Soup-Of-The-Day sounded pretty good. If eye-catching but a bit too exotic for your tastes, see that the metal-framed chalkboard easel is sponsored by Coors Light, The Silver Bullet. Browse the offering via gallery of images. Scroll down for more Easel and Chalkboard Sign reporting.

Blue Anchor Gift Shop Chalkboard Sign Trolls For Customers

Blue Anchor Chalkboard Trolls For Customers

Don’t be shy. If you are retail you’ve got to cast your line far and wide when trolling for customers. Here The Blue Anchor Gift Shop projects its presence out into nearby halls and gangways with hand-drawn Chalkboard Sign Easel advertising. See that some of the Chalkboard Sign message is a bit worse for wear from passing traffic, but the branding and main message remain. Quit attention compelling for a do-it-yourself hand-made sign. Seen at Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia.