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Pre-set search terms established by the author bring up posts that are related beyond the “Fixture Type” CATEGORIES or “Retail Channel” TAGS. Try these search terms to gain additional functionality from the database of Fixtures Close Up posts. Some terms are not yet fully populated with a full range of fixtures. And term relationships are constantly being expanded so return and search terms of interest in and ongoing fashion.

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  • Aluminum Hooks – features Display Hooks of pure aluminum.
  • Amenity – presents fixtures that add to identity through comfort.
  • Anchor Chain – as store fixturing.
  • Anti-Sweep – non-locking subset of “Anti-theft/Security Fixtures”
  • Asymmetrical – summarizes display of items that lack balance.
  • Attached Back – aggregates this class of straight entry hook.
  • Awards – Fixture Close Up’s fixture recognitions.


  • Back Tag – printed card of SKU and planogram information.
  • Back Labeling – Hooks with label holders mounted at the rear.
  • Back-To-School – fixtures and display for that time of year.
  • Bakery – returns fixtures specific to baked goods merchandising.
  • Bakeware – aggregates bakeware fixturing.
  • Balloon – balloons used as signage and fixtures.
  • Banana – fixtures that merchandise bananas. (Under work)
  • Baseball – fixtures specifically designed for baseball equipment.
  • Baseline – normal use allowing comparison with the unusual.
  • Battery – fixtures used in the display thereof.
  • Basket Tags – label holders for wire shelf, basket and fencing.
  • Bell Jar – Bell Jars used in retail fixturing and branding.
  • Belts – fixtures merchandising belts.
  • Best Practices – recommendations to improve fixturing.
  • Beverage – fixtures for soda, beverages & such. (Under Work)
  • Bib Tag – compiles Big and Promo Tag uses
  • Bin – bulk merchandising fixture concepts.
  • Bins Bottomed, Bottomless and Bent – exactly what it says.
  • Boots – hardware supporting the merchandising of boots.
  • Boxer Configuration – 180° horizontally-opposed fixtures.
  • Branding – delivers all posts with an emphasis on branding.
  • Broom – aggregates Broom and Utility Hooks
  • Butterfly – compiles all Butterfly Hook posts.
  • Butterflies – fixtures merchandising insect genus Lepidoptera.


  • C-channel – posts related to this venerable label holder.
  • C-clamp – informal display via C-clamp.
  • Cable – collects posts which feature or mention.
  • Call Button – hardware to call for in-store assistance.
  • Cashwrap – fixture solutions at checkout.
  • Chocolate – fixtures which merchandise chocolate items.
  • Clock – fixtures for clocks. (Some Pin-Up Hook spillover).
  • Clothes Hanger – various approaches to hanger merchandising.
  • Color-coded – use of color to convey added information.
  • Color Strips – use of color in shelf edge label holder systems.
  • Color Trend – posts of color use past, present and future.
  • Contrasting Hooks – Hooks vividly unlike their display.
  • Cookware – results in various cookware display approaches.
  • Cooler Door – merchandising fixtures for cooler doors.
  • Corrugated – summarizes items for corrugated merchandising.
  • Cross Bar Scan Hook in ____ – Compares metal to plastic hooks.
  • Crossover – hooks designed for one purpose but used for another.
  • Cross Sell – fixtures for cross merchandising alternate products.
  • Cross Slotted – a display surface with intersecting slots.
  • Crystal – posts relating to clear fixtures and see-through topics.
  • Cup Holder, Cart – Cappuccino as you shop, anyone?
  • Curve – fixtures that curve. (Also see “Round Corner”)


  • Dazzle Paint – As relates to item visibility, also see  “Sight Leak”
  • Design By – summarizes all “Design By” posts (including Hook)
  • Design By, Hook – summarizes “Hook Design By” posts
  • Diagonal – fixtures that cut that kind of corner.
  • Diagonal Grid – diamond pattern grid vertical display surface.
  • Die-cut – fixtures and signs produced with this technique.
  • Dishware – compiles dish and place setting display fixtures.
  • Custom-from-stock – stock fixturing minimally modified.
  • Diorama – three-dimensional full-size or miniature models.


  • Electrical – fixturing for electrical components. (Under Work)
  • Endless Basket – a variation on Baskets, Binning and Fencing.
  • Extender – for shelves horizontally & display surfaces vertically.



  • Gift Card – compiles fixtures displaying gift cards .
  • Gift Wrap – fixtures that merchandise gift wrap.
  • Glass Case – micro fixtures inside cases thread.
  • Glass Shelf – posts about this shelf style.
  • Gravity – post directly about or mentioning gravity feed.
  • Green – environmentally advantaged fixtures
  • Grey Wall – Dual posts on how to fixture a Grey Wall.
  • Grid – fixturing for open wire vertical display surfaces.
  • Grid, Diagonal – diamond pattern grid vertical display surface.
  • Guarded – hooks enclosed for safety (Also see Finial)
  • Gucci – Aggregates all references to Gucci


  • Hammer – aggregates fixtures for the display thereof.
  • Hanger, Clothes – various approaches to hanger merchandising.
  • Headform – fixtures with a mannequin head as part of design.
  • Headgear – Fixtures merchandising all manner of hats and caps.
  • Head Shop – Counterculture retail environments. (Coming soon)
  • Hook Alignment – good vs. bad hooking examples.
  • Hook Design By – lists posts associated with famous designers.
  • Hook Patterns – interesting arrangements of hook fixtures.
  • Hybrid – hooks specifically designed for more than one use.


  • ICC – view Inventory Control Clip applications.
  • Iron – See “Steam Iron”




  • Magnet – compiles fixture posts with magnetic features.
  • Meters – presents anti-theft fixtures that meter product.
  • Metro – wire shelves with snake-design edge.
  • Mirror, Facial – mirrors as a retail amenity and sales support.
  • Moldy – planned thread on multicellular fungi in coolers.
  • Multi-hook – displays multi-pronged hook units.
  • Multi-Strip – Multiple shelf edge label strip applications.
  • Mystery Fixture – Mystery fixtures and enigmatic whatsit’s?


  • Neck Support – fixture holding items by their neck. (Under Work)
  • Neck Ties – fixtures for formal neck adornments



  • Penn State – posts which mention that august institution.
  • Perforated Metal – summaraizes that display surface.
  • Periscope Hook – design rises over items in front.
  • Personal Size – display approaches for tiny items. (Under Work)
  • Pick Card – fixtures vend cards for items held behind the counter.
  • Pillow Pack – solutions for slouching bagged items. (Under Work)
  • Pin-Up – compiles posts on Pin-Up Hooks – not Pin-Up Girls.
  • Placemats – summarizes fixtures for the merchandising thereof.
  • Plastic Hook – summarizes posts on Plastic Hooks
  • Plastic Panel (Pegboard) – aggregates plastic pegboard panel.
  • Plastic Product Tray – shelf management provided with the product.
  • Plug-in – fixtures that plug directly into a mounting hole.
  • Plunger – various approaches to merchandising toilet plungers.
  • Plush – returns post dealing with plush toys and plush goods.
  • Porsche – high end fixtures seemingly designed by Porsche itself.
  • Pouch – soft-sided shelf-edge enclosures, typically vinyl.
  • Power Wing – posts relating thereto.
  • Product Contamination – intermingling of facings by customers
  • Psychology and behavior – psychologically-based selling strategies.
  • Pusher – posts relating to shelf management auto feed fixtures.


  • Quiver – columnar fixtures for linear items. (Also see Ring Hook)
  • QR – items related to QR Codes and similar approaches.


  • Reach Pole – helping customers help themselves to items.
  • Recycling – store fixtures in support of.
  • Restroom – covers the fitting, fixturing and signing thereof.
  • Ring Hook – hooks with a circular frontwire. (Also see Quiver)
  • Rolling Pin – fixturing of this odd-shape item.
  • Round-corner – solutions to ease sharp edges or corners.
  • Rung – crossbars that create display space in a ladder-like way.


  • S-hook – applications involving this simple fixture. (Under Work)
  • Saddle-mount sign holder – holders that saddle-mount to faceouts.
  • Sampler – aggregates fixtures offering testers or samples.
  • Sanitizer – both hand and cart wipe.
  • Scarves – and related posts.
  • Scoop – Fixtures Close Up post that scoops traditional media.
  • Self-merchandising – items and packages that sell themselves.
  • Shadowbox – accumulates frame-like presentations.
  • Shelf Edge Flag – specialized shelf edge label holder.
  • Shelf Extender – fixtures to lengthen the shelf.
  • Shelf Overlay – fixtures that overlay the shelf.
  • Shopping Cart – all the latest shopping cart news.
  • Shoplifting Sign – various strengths and styles.
  • Shovel – ways to fixture always-awkward shovels
  • Sidesaddle – fixtures and label holders that hang to one side.
  • Sight Leak – the effect of an open background on merchandising.
  • Sight Leak Mitigation – a small subset of the above search results.
  • Silhouette – posts dealing with irregular shapes to draw attention.
  • Silly – compiles humorous posts.
  • Skateboard – fixtures for the merchandising thereof.
  • Slatwall Pattern – for alternative slatwall grooves and patterns.
  • Slot – returns posts covering vertical display surfaces with slots.
  • Soccer – summarizes posts related to soccer.
  • Sock – fixtures that vend toe coverings.
  • Space Frame – loose enclosure that defines a space for product.
  • Spice – various fixture approaches to merchandising spices.
  • Spool – posts featuring rools, reels and spools.
  • Stapler – fixturing and display of this common fastener driver.
  • Stats – posts and pages sharing this blog’s performance.
  • Steam Iron – for merchandising fixtures related to ironing.
  • Straight-Entry Hook – can be inserted into loaded displays.
  • Strip Merchandiser – all posts concerning these fixture types.
  • Summer – fixtures supporting products targeting this season.
  • Sunglasses – specialized fixtures for sunglasses and eye wear.
  • Sunglass Niches – A subset of sunglass fixturing in general.
  • Suspenders – the fixturing thereof.


  • T-hook – Compiles all hooks with a “T” shape.
  • T-shirt – returns fixtures for displaying T-shirts.
  • Table Tent – aggregates Table-top Tent Sign posts.
  • Tiered Drop-Arm Faceout – searches the fixtures described.
  • Toilet Seat – fixtures designed for. (Also see “Plunger”)
  • Toothbrush – various methods for merchandising toothbrushes.
  • Top Facing Labels – upward-oriented label holders.
  • Tote – various uses of simple totes as merchandising fixtures.
  • Tray – summarizes posts of tray-like fixtures.
  • Tree-like – Tree-ish fixtures for hanging product.
  • Twin Hook – wide package pegboard fixturing solutions.
  • Type size readability – info on type size and color for signs.


  • Umbrella – displays post mentioning this item.
  • Underwear – Fixtures for merchandising.
  • Undulation – product-stopped sepentine hook structures.
  • Uniweb – focuses on this pharmacy-originated fixture style.
  • UV – posts covering UV protection and sun damage.




  • Yarn – various fixtures for retailing skeins of yarn.

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