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INDEX: Wood Peg Retail Fixtures

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Wood-Peg 6-Pack Carrier Display
Cookie-Cutter Wood Peg Display Stand
Cookie-Cutter Natural Wood Tower Spinner
” Skrap Recycled Skateboard Sunglass Display
Summer Sandals Clothes Pegged At Hillside Farms
Wood Peg Faceout Clothes Tree for Caps
Clothes Tree Wood Peg Faceout Detail
Wood Peg Display Construction Tip
Wood Pegboard Plug-In Hook
Kings® Wood Peg Scarf Stand
Wood Pegboard Plug-in in Closeup
High Heel Pegboard-Peg Plug-Ins
Wood Pegged Wall of Blue
Wood Dowels Peg a Wall
Wood-on-Wood Peg Hooks
Wood Pegged Cookies Table-Top Display
Natural Wood Spinner for Table-Top Display
Designer Haberdash Pegged Board
Casually-Hung Basket Tree

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Wood Peg Mug Pegboard Inline Display
Wood Peg Pegboard Freestanding Mug Display
” Wood Peg Mug Tower Goes Mobile

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Circular Saw Blade Single Peg Wall Display

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