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Wireform Figures and
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Wireform Figures and Wireform Construction - Wireform Romance Tiffany Niche Window Dressing

Wireform Figures and Wireform Construction

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BACKSTORY: Wire forms are finished shaped wire that have been manufactured from wire spools into a specified configuration. They can take nearly any form, often featuring springs with custom ends, and can range in size from very small to very large. Essentially a wire form is a length of wire that has had an exterior force applied to it in order create a specific shape designed for a specific job.

The wire form can be bent, cut, cut with angles, wound right/left, shaped with closed coils, can have additional pieces added to it, and just about anything that a customer can think of.

Many years ago companies needed to  increase production speeds over more manual processes so automated wire form  machines came onto the market.  A wire form machine can mass produce wire forms using mechanical tooling with multiple stages and dies.  Wire forming machines can produce high volumes of complex parts, all with low costs and short lead times. 

Wire form manufacturing typically happens in four distinct steps.

First, because of the versatility of wire forms, the specifications must be laid down before the project can begin. Typically wire forms are designed for the individual application, to a specific set of specifications.  That being said, we typically create wire forms from wire diameters .010-200,000.

Second, the material for the construction must be selected. The rule of thumb for material consideration is that the softer the material the easier it is to wind around a tool, and the smaller the radius that can be achieved.

Third, the machine that is being used to create the form is set and the correct tooling is placed into it. Determining the correct tooling is an extremely important step in the process because it is the tooling the ensures the final product is bent correctly.

Finally, the wire, fed from a coil,  is fed into the machine and is bent around the tooling to create the final shape. (SOURCE: Plymouth Spring Company)

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