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Wegman’s Retail Fixtures

Wegman's Retail Fixtures

Wegman’s Retail Fixtures

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This Wegman’s Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

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WEGMANS BACKSTORY: Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain with 92 stores: 46 in New York, 17 in Pennsylvania, 7 in New Jersey, 10 in Virginia, 8 in Maryland, and 4 in Massachusetts. It is one of the largest private companies in the U.S.:

  • Over 47,000 employees
  • Annual sales in 2015 of $7.9 billion
  • 33rd on the 2015 Supermarket News list of the Top 75 Supermarkets based on sales volume

Wegmans is a family-owned company, founded in 1916, headquartered in Rochester, NY. Danny Wegman is CEO; Colleen Wegman, his daughter, is president. Danny’s daughter Nicole Wegman is sr. vice president. Robert Wegman, Danny’s father, was chairman until his death in April 2006.

Founding Brothers Walter and John Wegman (Robert Wegman’s father and uncle) learned the food business by working in their parents’ store in Rochester. John peddled fresh produce from a pushcart, and in 1916, he opened the Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company, which marks the beginning of Wegmans Food Markets. Walter joined him a year later. Robert Wegman assumed leadership of the company in 1950, guiding it until his death in 2006.  (Source: Wegmans)

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For Wegman’s Retail Fixtures Title see…

ShedRain Rainy Day Essentials
Encyclopedic Store Entry Newspaper Rack
Entry Graduation Party Invitation Sign ”
Harry’s Razor Powerwing Presentation
Perky Jello Half-Height Display
Tru Rescue Circular Beverage Tower
Visine Eye-Drops Powerwing Basket
Zaditor Itchy-Eyes Half-Height Sidekick
Sun-Bum Top-Shelf Wicker Basket
Double-Wing Easel Delivery Brochure Holder
Light-Weight Substrate Thumbscrew Sign-Holder
Acrylic Bulk-Bin Ring-Hook Floor-Stand
Net-Sponge Wood Bulk Bin Display
Declined Gravity-Feed Mug Rack Revisited
” Sports Team Shopping Bags Target Men
” Curvilinear Smart Snacking Cashwrap Display
” Rectilinear Smart Snacking Cashwrap Display
” Smart Snacking Matching Tent Sign Square
” Mixing Bowl Rack in All Sizes and Colors
” Bandana Bib PowerWing Cross Sell
” Low-Wall Wicker Tray Half-Height Rack
” Mid-Height Wicker Basket Tiered Rack
” Organic Meat Cooler Category Definition
” The How and Why of Organic In-Store
” Loose Tea Canister Merchandising at Wegmans
” Tobacco Free Smoke Free Environment Sign
” Healthy Living Literature Easels In Grocery
Me and My Mobile App Deli Counter Pitch
” All Earring Sales Final, No Exchanges, No Returns
” Fall Taffy Apple Corrugated Crate Display
” Watch Your Step Pallet Warning for Fall
Deli Slice Style Defined by Use
We Can Fresh Cut Any Item Store Promise
Tower Spinner for Prep and Serve Essentials
Continuous Label For Straight-Entry Hook
” Painted Pumpkins Ready-To-Go at Wegmans
” Do-It-Yourself Pumpkin Decorating Supplies
Summer Patio Pillow Gravity Feed Tower
Summer Patio Placemat Wrought Iron Tower
Twine-Tied Salami Three-fer In Gourmet Grocery
Twine-Tied Cheese Samplers In Gourmet Grocery
Player Piano as In-Store Cafe Amenity
Easy Grilling Veggies Instructions To-Go
Perforated Parent Sheet Table-Top Coupon Display
Fresh Mushroom Merchandising Via Individual Domes
Summer Sausage In Trapazoidal Wood Trays
Encyclopedic Dion Packaged Spice Offering
QuestBar Sold By The Bar And The Box
For The Love Of Cheese Mobile Island Display
100th Anniversary Menu Branding by Wegmans
Shopping Bags as 100th Anniversary Brand Extension
Literature Rack of Happy Thanksgiving Recipes
Thanksgiving Basting Oil Circular Tower
Turkey Cupcake As Thanksgiving Grab-and-Go
In-store Hearing Aid Transmissions for Cochlear Implant
Children’s Dining Area For In-Store Restaurant
Pumpkin Head Twins Beg For Halloween Treats
Halloween Selfie Photo Theme at Wegmans
Shopping Cart Segregation Practices at Work
Gourmet Grocery Innovates With Portable Prep Sink
Top Restroom Environmental Bragging Rights by Wegmans®
Ready-To-Cook Now Better Than Grab-And-Go
Petite Pastries Served On Petite Wicker Trays
Outfitting America’s Favorite Grocer
Wegmans® Join Us Team Recruiting
Wegmans® 100th Anniversary Inflatable
Wegmans® Love Of Cheese Castered Island
Wegmans® Vinegar Flavor Infuser In-Store
Wegmans® Olive Oil Flavor Infuser In-Store
Local Produce Hand-Lettered Shingles
Wegmans® Branded Inflatables As Giveaways
Loaner Umbrella as Retail V.I.P. Amenity
How To Choose A Ham
Cave Ripened Cheese Seal of Approval
Stocking Stuffer Signs Grow in Importance
Do-It-Yourself Stocking Stuffers Sign
Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It
Branded Hand-Carry Wood Crate as Bulk Bin
Your Opinion Is Not Garbage Says Wegmans®
Spice Up Cinnamon Sweep Merchandising With Wicker
No Smoking Wood Carving
Wegmans® Tobacco-Free, Smoke-Free Environment
Wegman’s Tilghman Street Bakery Branded
Wegman’s® Fondue Tower Mid-Store
Desktop Trash Can Icon Goes Analog
Wegman’s Thanks You Two Times
Pepperoni Link Tower
Citterio® Italian Salami Substrate
High-Heel Wine Bottle Caddy
3-In-1 Avocado Slicer Cross Sell
Citrus Peeler Produce Cross Sell
Branded Necktie Sell in Grocery
Dole® Pineapple Pyramid at Wegman’s®
Sign Clip Jewel in Deli
BoHo Chic Tote Giveaway
Tactical vs Strategic Binning
New Year Party Plan Goes Digital
In-Store Chalkboard Christmas List
Thumping Jarlsberg Cheese Wheels
Wegman’s Customer Suggestion Center
Early Toast to Christmas Crystal
Early Christmas Table Settings
Wegman’s® App On A Grip Clip
Gondola Kickout Label Holders
Haunted House Pumpkin Promotion
Lifetime Stack of Suave®
Daring Rack Merchandising
Wegman’s Wall of Wicker Bread Baskets
 Leather Handled Salami Basket
Militant Pumpkin Merchandising
Peacenik Painted Pumpkins
Bosk Cheese Board Cross-Sell
Sweet-Corn-to-Butter Cross Sell
Back-to-School Grocery Appliances
Branded Collapsible Cooler Frame Holders
Branded Thermal Bags on Boxer Hooks
Picturesque Branded Shopping Bags
Sushi Bags Branded
Alaskan Salmon Sushi: Get It Before The Bears Do
Grab ’N Go Pizza Dough
Clear Coffin Case Topper
Mustard Gravity-Feed in Reverse
Wicker Wrapped Oranges
Anti-Gravity Rack Feeds Uphill
Wegman’s Christmas Schedule
Brown Paper Sales Psychology
Produce Delivery Gantt Chart
Farm Fresh Greets Foot Traffic”
Fresh Farm Produce Chalkboard
Produce or Prop? Who Can Tell?
Brand Fire-Branded on Wood
Sophisticated Yet Simple Cooler Signage
Grip Clipping Wrong vs Right
How to Handle Product Migration
Floor Graphic Footsteps for Food
Banana Tree on Wheels
No Grazing … You Big Heifer
No Free Taste Tests
Novel Displayer for Novels”
Pail is Tiny Endless Basket Adjunct.”
Second Gen Cart & Cup Holder
” Fall Straw Bale Merchandising Crescendo

Follow Wegmans Candy Merchandising Displays at…

Star Wars Freestanding PEZ Display
Buzz Lightyear Freestanding PEZ Display
Local Handmade Chocolate Candy Cupboard
” Reese’s-Hershey’s Candy Duet Display
Multi-Station Ring-Hook Candy Rack
” Nibbles & Bits Handmade Candy Cupboard
Candy Specialties Island as Endcap
Fencing Family Packs of Candy
Gondola Kickout In Bulk Candy
Candy Sales by the Bucketful

Follow Wegmans Game Day merchandising at…

Get-Your-Game-On Fresh Fruit Display
Get-Your-Game-On Fresh Produce Display
Football-Team Game-Face Teenymates Sip-Cups
” Game Day Favorites Ready-To-Go
” Game Day Pizza and Subs Sign Stand
NFL-Bottle-Cap Serving-Tray Dish-Displayer ”
” Penn State Football Plates and Napkins
” NFL Football T-Shirt and Jersey Faceouts

For Wegman’s CBD Hemp Merchandising Displays see…

Martha-Stewart CBD Markdown Bib-Tag
CBD Everyday Secrets Cross-Sell ”
MX CBD Muscle Balm Merchandising
Hemp-CBD Side-Saddle Pusher System
Hemp-CBD ECS System Merchandising Message
Hemp-CBD Endcap Merchandising Twins
CBD-Hemp Envelope Package Presentation
CBD Hemp+Herb Color-Coded Merchandising
CBD Hemp+Herb Box Shelf Management
Hemp-CBD PowerWing Merchandising Display
Hemp-CBD Powerwing Open-Wire Bottle Baskets
Hemp-CBD Powerwing Open-Wire Envelope Baskets
Hemp CBD Offerings New Flag
Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Endcap

Follow Wegman’s Flower-Power Merchandising at…

Kiss-My-Face Peaceful Patchouli Moisturizer
Mad Hippie Merchandising Methodology
How to Locate CBD Items In-Store

Follow Wegman’s HBA Merchandising at…

ApotheCare Rosehip Shampoo Embedded Display
Essential Oils Pull-Out Drawer Outfitting
Inlined Acrylic HBA Bins Pegboard-Mount
Love Your Skin Organically Endcap

Follow Wegman’s Quit Smoking Merchandising at…

Help Quit Smoking Endcap Display
Help Quit Smoking Literature Holder
Help Quit Smoking Choices Signs
Help Quit Smoking Category Definition

Follow Wegman’s Stay Healthy Merchandising at…

Multivitamin Motivational Mini Poster
Feel-Your-Best Vitamin Tower Display
Wegmans Organic Snacks Tower Display
Om Mushroom Broth Corrugated Sidekick
Feel-Your-Best Snack Tower Display
Herb Healthcare Shelf-Top Display
Stay-Well Covid Test Endcap Display
Covid Test Sales Final Footnote

Follow Wegman’s Travel and Trial Size Sales at…

Travel-and-Trial-Size Department Display
Travel-and-Trial-Size Acrylic Bins
Airplane-Approved Travel Size Merchandising

Follow Wegman’s Hours Announcements at…

Late Night Operations Hours Sign Spells Out Operations
Alcohol Sales Hours Limitation Sign
Hours of Operation Notice and More
” Christmas Hours Storefront Window Announcement
” New Year’s Hours Storefront Window Announcement
” Extended Wegmans Thanksgiving Holiday Hours
Don’t Forget The 1 Hour Cheese Rule
” Wegmans Says Happy New Year To All
Sunday Beer Hours

Follow Wegman’s
Bulk Food Merchandising at…

Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips Display
Private-Label Wavy Potato Chips
Gravity-Feed Bulk Nut Dispenser Aisle
Gravity-Feed Candy Dispenser Details
Bulk Candy Gravity-Feed Dispenser Aisle
Candy Gravity-Feed Bin Good News
Hershey’s Minis Bulk Bin Display
Branded Bulk Candy Bag Dispenser
Taffy Ball Bulk Bin Barrel Display
Lindor Truffle Bulk Bin Display

Follow Wegman’s Barrel Outfitting
and Merchandising Displays at…

” Barrel Pegboard Dividers for Bakery Display
Baguette Wooden Barrel Merchandising
” Barrel Masonite Dividers for Bakery Display
” Bagel Barrel Grab-N-Go Bakery PrePack
” Local Farm Organic Wheat By The Barrel
” Restroom Hand Soap Barrel Cross Sell
” Wood Barrel Grilling Utensil Merchandising
” Wood Barrel Garden Tool Merchandising
Corn Grilling Basket Rustic Barrel Merchandising
Bulk Barrel Nut Staging
Wood Barrel Back Scratcher Bulk Bin
Tiered Keg and Barrel Display
Laid-Back Wine Barrel Arrangements

Follow Wegman’s Wood Crate Produce Displays at…

Wood-Crate Triplets Produce Display
Ripe Tomatoes-on-the-Vine Crate Display
Loose Mission Avocado Crate Display
Greenhouse Red Pepper Crate Display

Compare Wegman’s Baked Goods
Merchandising Displays at…

Pane Italian Bread Bakery Brag
Sour-Dough-Bread Wicker Shelf Display
Wilton Baking Pan Wire Rack Declined Display
” Ancient Grain Bread Gluten Sign Board
” New Oatmeal Bread Gluten Sign Strategy
” Gluten-Free Vs No Gluten Ingredients Signing
” Whole Grain Healthy Life Island Display
” Fun Filled Cupcake Colorful Counter Display
” Baked Oatmeal Cookies Twin Tier Wire Baskets
” Flatbread and Pizza Declined Shelf Rack
” Tastykake One Taste Freestanding Spinner Rack
” Open Wire Pastry Tray Bakery Takeout
Rudi’s Frozen Organic Bakery
” Barrel Pegboard Dividers for Bakery Display
Baguette Wooden Barrel Merchandising
” Barrel Masonite Dividers for Bakery Display
” Bagel Barrel Grab-N-Go Bakery PrePack

Follow Wegman’s Lower Nazareth
Baked Goods Displays at…

Countertop Wire-Frame Birthday Candle Display
Gluten-Free Specialty Merchandising Display
Dueling Crostata Butcher Block Display
Better Than Ever Bagel Display
Classic Hot Cross Buns Display
Specialty Baked Goods Label Strip
Multiple Baked Goods Choices Display
7-Ring Custom Cake, Selection Binder

Follow Wegman’s Cookie Merchandising at…

Ultimate-Cookie Table-Top Sign Stand
Ultimate-Cookie Draped Hero Display
Ultimate-Cookie Butcher-Block Table Display
Colorful In-Store-Baked Cookies Signage
” Baked Oatmeal Cookies Twin Tier Wire Baskets
Cookie-Cutter Wood Peg Display Stand
Cookie-Cutter Natural Wood Tower Spinner

Follow Wegman’s Sushi merchandising at…

Asian Foods Cooler Merchandising
Sushi Poke Bowl Merchandising
Sushi-Shop Iced Black Tiger Shrimp
Sushi-Shop Iced Fresh-Caught Tuna
” Sushi-Shop Iced Shrimp Tempura
Sushi Bags Branded
Alaskan Salmon Sushi: Get It Before The Bears Do
No-Gluten vs Gluten-Free Sushi
EZmeals Sushi Poke Bowls Sign Stand  “

Follow Horizon-to-Horizont Cooler Merchandising…

Pizza Specialty Cooler Merchandising
Wings-&-Things Cooler Merchandising
Asian Foods Cooler Merchandising Categorization
Veggie Foods Cooler Merchandising Categorization
Latin Foods Cooler Merchandising Categorization
Pasta Foods Cooler Merchandising Categorization
Entree Foods Cooler Merchandising Categorization

Follow Wegmans Specialty Food Merchandising at…

Wings-&-Things Cooler Merchandising
Rotisserie Chicken Grab-N-Go Merchandising
Is Chicken Cooked Enough Determination

Follow Wegman’s Cheese Merchandising at…

Cheddar-Cheese Crimson Chalkboard Message
Cheddar-Cheese Stonehenge Mock-Up
Twine-Tied Cheese Samplers In Gourmet Grocery
For The Love Of Cheese Mobile Island Display
Wegmans® Love Of Cheese Castered Island
Cave Ripened Cheese Seal of Approval
Thumping Jarlsberg Cheese Wheels
Bosk Cheese Board Cross-Sell
Don’t Forget The 1 Hour Cheese Rule
Wegman’s Holiday Wine-and-Cheese Propping
Beer, Cheese, and Chocolate Cross Merchandising
White Wine Cheese-and-Fruit Props
Red Wine Cheese-and-Fruit Props

Follow Wegman’s, Lower Nazareth
Cheese Merchandising Displays at…

Comte Aged Cheese Display Island
Go For Goat Cheese Cooler Display
Medium Gouda Cheese Wheel Display
Mozzarella Burrata Cheese Cooler Display
Comte Cheese Circular Sign Standard
Exotic Multi-Cheese Cooler Display

Follow Wegman’s Seafood Merchandising at…

Iced Organic Salmon Display
Iced Pacific Coho Salmon Display
Iced Organic Whole Bronzini Display
Seafood Signs on a Shingle
High Flying Crab Inflatable
Canadian Certified Organic Mussels Hand-Lettered
Organic Canadian Mussels on a Shingle
2-Pound Live Lobster Billboard Sign

Follow Wegman’s Specialty Meat Merchandising at…

Artisan-Meats Counter-Top Hook Display
Artisan-Meats Wood-Mount Display Hooks
Charcuterie An Upgrade From Ordinary Cold Cuts at Wegmans®
Charcuterie Meat Displayer Upgrade for Wegmans® Cooler Cases
Charcuterie As Grocery Specialty

Follow a Wegman’s Multi-Faceted Deli Display at…

Prosciutto Table-Top Deli Display
Genoa Salami Table-Top Deli Display
Parmigiano Table-Top Deli Display

Follow Wegman’s Plant-Based Protein at…

Impossible-Burger Sidewalk Sale Sign
Impossible Burger Plant-Based Protein
Wegman’s Fresh Plant-Based Ground Protein

Follow Diverse Wegman’s Cooler merchandising at…

” Organic Meat Cooler Category Definition
St. Patrick’s Day Mobile Cooler Merchandising
St. Patrick’s Cooler Sign Stands
Branded Collapsible Cooler Frame Holders
Sophisticated Yet Simple Cooler Signage
Charcuterie Meat Displayer Upgrade for Wegmans® Cooler Cases
” 100% Money-Back Meat Guarantee
” USDA Choice Cooler Category Definition
” Ungraded Beef Cooler Category Definition
Well-Stocked Grab-&-Go Quiche Cooler

Follow Wegman’s Cooler Category Definition at…

” 100% Money Back Meat Guarantee
” USDA Choice Cooler Category Definition
” Ungraded Beef Cooler Category Definition
” Organic Meat Cooler Category Definition

Follow Wegman’s Specialty Cooler Merchandising at…

Roasting Veggies Cooler Display with Recipe
Exotic Roasting Veggies Recipe Flyer
Latin Foods Cooler Merchandising
Asian Foods Cooler Merchandising
Sushi Poke Bowl Merchandising

Follow Mochi Bar Merchandising at…

Mochi-Bar Ice-Cream Coffin-Case Cooler
Introducing Mochi Ice Cream Sundaes
My-Mo Ice-Cream Freezer Door Definition
Allergens Self-Serve Ice-Cream Warning
Please-Use-Tongs Ice Cream Self-Serve

Follow Wegmans Veggie Merchandising at…

” We Can Fresh Cut Any Item Green Grocer Promise
” Wegmans Veggies Inflatable Says Eat Light
” Vibrant Veggies In-Store Art Masterpieces

Follow Dollar Shave Club Endcap Merchandising at…

Dollar Shave Club Endcap Display
Dollar Shave Club Dimensional Sign
Dollar Shave Club Bottom-Mount Sign Holder

Follow Wegman’s Specialty Displays at…

Wegman’s Brand Supplements Island Display
Wegmans Supplements Sign Branding
Wegman’s Immune Support Beverages Island
Wegman’s Immune Support Beverages Branding
 Grain-Free Baking Ingredients Defined  ”
 Grain-Free Baking Island Display
 Grain-Free Baking Sign Branding
Keto Paleo Diet Essentials Branding
Keto Paleo Diet Essentials Ladder Display
Keto Pantry Staples Display Endcap