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Valentine’s Day Store Fixtures
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Valentine's Day Store Fixtures and Merchandising - Plush Shelf Messaging For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Store Fixtures and Merchandising

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This Valentine’s Day Store Fixtures and Merchandising index page aggregates links
to all posts and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,[1] is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Several martyrdom stories associated with the various Valentines that were connected to February 14 were added to later martyrologies,[2] including a popular hagiographical account of Saint Valentine of Rome which indicated he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.[3] According to legend, during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius,[4] and before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell.[5]

The day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly loveflourished. In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines“). In Europe, Saint Valentine’s Keys are given to lovers “as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart”, as well as to children, in order to ward off epilepsy (called Saint Valentine’s Malady).[6] Valentine’s Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards.[7] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Valentine’s Day Store Fixtures
and Merchandising posts see…

Valentine’s-Day All-Wire Flip-Front Scan-Hook
Top-Selling Valentine’s Day Wreath Endcap
Romantic Valentine’s Day Take-Out Dinner-for-Two
Valentine’s Day Love-Them-Tell-Them Card Display
Valentine’s Day Hand-Drawn Heart Chalkboard
Valentine’s Day Plush Panda Shelf-Edge Display
” Valentine Hugs and Kisses Sold Out
” Valentine’s Day Bear Hug Strip Merchandiser
” Accordion-Fold Cupcake Promotes Baked Goods
” Chocolate Roses Valentines Day Floral Display
” Valentine’s Day Dining Out Gift Card Tower
” Hug&Luv Plush Crate Valentine’s Day Strategies
” Valentine’s Day Merchandising Preview 2018
” Romantic Red Table Drape With Lollipops
” Coffee Shop Valentines Day Menu Easel
” Roses By The Bucket For Valentines Day
” Valentines Day Rose Endcap Lineup
” Valentine’s Day Wreath Flip-Front Hook
” Make It With Michaels Calendar Events
” Hallmark Card Cardboard Strip Merchandiser
” Wall of Oversize Valentine’s Day Inflatable Balloons
Valentine’s Day Wrap-Up Island Display
Valentine’s Day Tempus Fugit For Tuesday
Sweetshop Entreats You To Treat Your Sweetie
Add Immediacy To Valentine’s Day Shopping
Hallmark Hook Up For Valentines Day
Plastic Grid Hooks Celebrate Valentines Day
Hug and Kiss Plastic Wing Wall Hooks
Plush Shelf-Edge Messaging For Valentines Day
Strip Merchandising For Valentines Day
Valentines Day Balloon Corrugated Anchorage
Poor Posture Plush Teddy Bears for Valentines D
Happy Armenian Valentines Day from Arenie
Curlycue Legs On A Valentine’s Day Bulk Bin
Heart Stopper Valentines Day Accessory By Hook
Be-Ribboned Valentines Day Pin Pad By Hook
M&M’s® Valentine Novelties Bulk Binned
Valentine’s Day Floor Graphic Hearts
Valenine’s Day Twinkle Heart Video
Valentine’s Day Floor Graphic Hearts
Spa Cashwrap Branding by Sakari®
Valentines Day Hook Up
Valentine’s Day Drive By Shooting
Bulgari® New School Valentine
Valentine Day Champagne on Prop Ice
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Valentine’s Floor Graphic
Dylan Lauren® Skips Valentine’s Day
Flight of Valentine Bell Jars
Wolford® Valentine’s Day Leg-Up
Heart-Shaped Police Cordon
Valenine’s Day Twinkle Heart Video
Follow Your Heart Floor Graphic
Office Love Affair Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Lamps for Lovers
Saks Off 5th Valentine’s Day Decor
JCPenney Valentine Multihook Dangler
Valentine’s Day Hugs and Kisses Hint

Follow Dylan’s Candy Valentines Day at Target via…

” Dylan’s Candy Bar Valentine’s Day Island Display
” Dylan’s Candy Bar Valentine’s Day Lollipop
” Dylan’s Candy Bar Ribbon Bow Branding

Follow Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Candy merchandising at…

Sweetshop Entreats You To Treat Your Sweetie
Heart-Shaped Kit Kat Valentine’s Day Promo
” Sour Patch Kids Sweeten Valentine’s Day
” Peanut Butter Cups Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Hershey’s Lovers Collection Branding Conundrum
Heart-Shaped Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Treat
Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs XOXO Merchandising
Hershey’s Hearts Corrugated Tower Merchandising

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Gifts-You’ll-Love-To-Give Valentine’s Day Lingerie
Love-To-Give Valentine’s Day Storewide Celebration
Gifts-You’ll-Love-To-Give Valentine’s Day Fashions

Browse Target Valentine’s Day merchandising at…

” I Love You Inflatable Balloon Stack
” Color My Valentine Greeting Card Hook
” Valentine’s Day Gift Bag Scan Hook
” Over The Moon Giant Valentine’s Day Card Display
” Saint Valentine’s Day Plush Pallet-Load Promo
” Love Always, Little Debbie America’s Sweetheart

Follow Weis Valentine’s Day offerings at…

Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day Chocolate Lineup
Godiva Valentine’s Day Chocolate Lineup

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” Share The Love Flyover Signage
” I Love You Inflatable Balloon Stack
” Love Stinks Skunk Strip Merchandiser
Store Seating Selfie Spells Romance
Love as Long Term Brand Strategy
Anniversary Love
Forever In Love Cross Sell
Love Is In The Air
Swarovski® Teddy Bear Monoliths
Flamingo Love Closeout
L-V-E Spells Love
Store Seating Selfie Spells Romance
Secret Reward Heart Metronome
Sign Says Cheeky
Diamonds: Go Big or Go Home
Love Your Look Mirror Psychology
Jonathan Adler® Crazy Xmas Love
Peace, Love, ‘Butta In-Store
Love Henri Bendel Dress Form

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and Merchandising resources see…

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