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Courtesy V.I.P. Amenities
in Retail

Courtesy V.I.P. Amenities in Retail

Courtesy V.I.P. Amenities in Retail

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This Courtesy V.I.P. Amenities in Retail index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: A very important person (VIP) is a person who is accorded special privileges due to their status or importance.[1]

Examples include celebrities, heads of state or heads of government, other politicians, major employers, high rollers, high-level corporate officers, wealthy individuals, or any other socially notable person who receives special treatment for any reason. The special treatment usually involves separation from common people, and a higher level of comfort or service.

In some cases, such as with tickets, VIP may be used as a title in a similar way to premium. Usually, VIP tickets can be purchased by anyone, but still meaning separation from other customers, own security checks etc.

The term VVIP or Very Very Important Person is also used,[2] especially with reference to VIPs with very high spending power.[3] The term VIP is often used in games. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Courtesy V.I.P. Amenities in Retail see…

Firestone Interstate Battery iDevice Charger
Jo Malone Plush Hand-Towel Amenity
” Same- or Next-Day Delivery On Anything
” Personal Escort Services As Retail
” Perfect Purse V.I.P. Call Button Sales Strategy
Hand-Carved Key Return and Suggestion Box
Fine Crafted Wood ATM in Hospitality Retail
Rolex® Watch as Branded Wall Clock
Maserati Trident The Branding Focus of Reception
Maserati Dealership Amenities Accommodate Sleeping
All-You-Can-Drink Coffee, 7:00am ’til Noon
How To Brew A Fine Cup of Keurig Coffee
Eating Or Drinking By Prior Authorization Only
Shattered Retail Nerves Result In Coffee Spill”
Loaner Umbrella as Retail V.I.P. Amenity
Valet Parking for Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery
Mercedes Benz® Manhattan Smart® Car Courtesy Vehicle
Mercedes Benz Manhattan Branded License Plate Frame
Mercedes Benz Manhattan Tea Time And More
Get A Quick Shoe Shine At Mercedes Benz®
Traditional Shoeshine Stand at the Ritz Carlton®
Generous Fitting Room Proportions for V.I.P.
Unicycle Rack Is Boutique Retail Highlight
Dane Decor® Refreshment Area In Danish Modern
Kidsville Over-size Playpen In-Store
Restroom Step-N-Wash For Young VIPs
Lowes® Toilet Seat Options Cross Sell to Online
Dynamic Handicapped Parking
Restroom Mirror Finishing Details
Restroom Sharps Container
Handicapped Restroom Stall is a Half-Bath
Spend Enough Money In-Mall and You Are a VIP
Mall VIP Lounge Invitation from Chase®
Free Retail WiFi and How To Access It
The New Luxury … The Mall At Short Hills Merchandised
Truly Neiman Marcus … A Curated Collection Merchandised
In-Store Concierge Services at Neiman Marcus®
Your Opinion Is Not Garbage Says Wegmans®
Complimentary Charge Station is eSavvy Merchandising
Restroom Telephony as Call Button
TTY Telephone Support Sign for Handicapped
In-Store Telephone Credit Support for Handicapped
Mercedes Benz® Retail Restroom Standards Upheld
In-Store Personal Shopper on Call
Call Button For Retail Loading Help
Credit Hotline As In-Store Amenity
Proper Tea Served Here
Timberline Day Care Does Rest Facilities Right
Six-Station V.I.P. Water Fountain in Retail
V.I.P. Customers: Motorcyclists Invade the Mall
Do You Need Seating In Your Store?
Hilton® Branded Paper Towels
Lord & Taylor Just Ask Door Hanger
You Are At Right Place … Nordstrom®
Verizon® Amenity or Profit Center
Lutron® Showroom Tour in Process
Email or Text Your Store Review
Diabetics Call Button
Wegman’s Customer Suggestion Center
V.I.P. Showroom Food Tent
Hand Dryers Sponsored by Aqua
Wow! That Was A Great Holiday
Dr. Seuss Youer than You
Cork Board Smiley In Retail
Ferguson® Bath Mints
Tie-It-Yourself In-Store Aid
Macy’s Let’s Keep In Touch
Handcrafted For Xmas Smokers
Clinique® Branded Christmas Wrap
Brown Paper Sales Psychology
Dog Treats at the Cashwrap
Pin-Press For Fun and Profit
Macy’s Customer Favorite QR Code
Dead Serious About Dirt
Clean Hands at Mohegan Sun®
TJMaxx® Spear Catcher
Karen Millen® Handwritten Retail
Mall-Wide Gift Card Reader
Mall Charger Station
Bi-Directional Magnifier Engages
Drinks Are On Mercedes
Brand Celebrates Itself Literally
Robert Graham® Branded Water
Fast Lane for Disabilities
Remote Control for the Disabled
IKEA Sinks Scaled to VIP User
Hypermodern Washroom Amenity
Handicapped as V.I.P.
Horse and Buggy Parking Only
VIP Still Shopping Tag
” Still Shopping Purchase Parking In-Store Rack
Shopper Decision-making Aids
No Smoking. Have a Mint Instead!
This-Just-In Faceout Tag
Well-Heeled and Well-Horned
Unrivaled Cosmetics Support
Tester Strip Vase and Catch Tray
Not-So-Handicapped Parking
Handicapped Store Front Decal
Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge
Burberry Steam Punk Watch Display
Imitation Corrugated Cardboard Sign
Truly Friendly Store Navigation
Handicapped as V.I.P.
In-store Hearing Aid Transmissions for Cochlear Implant
No Pet Sitters At Gourmanoff Gourmet Grocery
Amenity Retail Selling Point

Follow Today’s Experiential Retail Sculptures at…

Collander Cigarette Ashtray Sculpture Experiential Helpmate
Experiential Trash Collector Sculpture Helpmate Assists
Experiential Propeller-Head Trash Collector Sculpture Takeoff

Follow Target Coronavirus VIP Guest policies at…

CoronoVirus Temporary Store-Hours Change Sign
CoronaVirus Vulnerable VIP Guest Queue
CoronaVirus Vulnerable Guest Hour

Compare and Contrast Retail Information Centers at…

” Store Entry Information Center by Weis
” Guest Satisfaction Refund Policy Binder
” Guest Services Communications Center

Compare V.I.P. Amenities Restroom Branding at…

” Fogo de Chao Restaurant Restroom Hand Towel
” Branding Toilet Paper in Hospitality Retail
Hilton Branded Paper Towels

Compare Magnifiers as V.I.P. Amenities at…

Shelf-Mount Retracting Magnifier Redux
” Professional Quality Cosmetics Magnifier at Ulta
Burberry Steampunk Watch Display
Bi-Directional Watch Magnifier
Bi-Directional Bug Magnifier
Triple Your Shelf Edge Impact
Fresnel Lens as Upscale Magnifier
Old Customers, New Needs
Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge

Follow Mall V.I.P. Amenities and Charging Stations at…

” Free Phone Charging Station At The Exton Mall
Mall Charger Station
Simon Properties® In-Mall iDevice Charger
V.I.P. Retail Charger Station
Tesla SuperCharger Branding
Complimentary Charge Station is eSavvy Merchandising

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Follow Mercedes Benz Manhattan V.I.P. Amenities at…

Mercedes-Benz This-Must-Be-The-Place Neon Sign
Mercedes-Benz Stainless Steel WiFi Plaque
Mercedes-Benz Pleasure To Serve You Promise
Mercedes-Benz Curvilinear VIP Lounge Seating
Mercedes-Benz Rectilinear VIP Bench Seating
Mercedes-Benz Classy Manhattan Branding

Follow Wren Kitchens Showroom
Amenities Reporting at…

Spiraled Swizzle Stick Stirrers Add Upscale Decorator Touch
Biscoff Cookie Basket Grab-And-Go Snack Treats For One-And-All
Showroom Main Coffee Bar Amenity Is Focus For Activity
Hot Liquid Refreshments Caution Note Warns Enjoy With Care
Showroom Auxiliary Coffee Bar Amenity Adds To Capabilities

Follow Courtesy Experiential Waste Collection
V.I.P. Amenities Retail Sculptures at…

Collander Cigarette Ashtray Sculpture Experiential Helpmate
Experiential Trash Collector Sculpture Helpmate Assists
Experiential Propeller-Head Trash Collector Sculpture Takeoff

For V.I.P. Amenities Reciprocation and Tipping see…

Girl Scouts Tip Jar Suggests You Help Inspire Girls
Russian Feed-Our-Cat Tip-Jar Outfitting
Hand-Lettered Tip Jar Solicitation
Milkhouse Creamery Wicker Basket Tip Jar
Chipotle Stainless Steel Tip Cup Entreaty
” Retail Satisfaction Guaranteed But No Tipping Please
” Two-Fisted Tips Bucket Handles Gratuities
Survive The Experience? Consider Leaving a Tip
Panera Bread Tip Jar Rollout Continues
More Panera Bread® Team Tips
Panera Bread® D.I.Y. Tips Tearfully Accepted
Gratuity-Based Store Stocking and Facing Incentives
Sitting Area Watchdog
Tip-or-Treat Halloween
Auto Salon Tip Jar for Pros
Competitive Tipping Concept
Tip Jar Passes Out Appreciation

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