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Tiny Hooks is an aggregation of the smallest hooks of any and all types. It’s purpose is to show the diversity of design and need for specialized small hooks beyond formally recognized Pin-Up Hooks. To focus on that particular style see “Pin-Up Hooks Index Page

For Tiny Hooks by Title see…

Unicorn-Club Necklace Spinner Display
Personalized Bracelet Mini-Loop-Hooks
Self-Adhesive Pin-Up Hook Zip-Tie Padded Instructions
Single-Prong All-Wire Pin-Up Hook First Aid
” All-Wire Pin-Up Hook Pegboard Anchor Concept
” Pin-Up Hook Pegboard Anchor For Spinners
” Reverse Snorkel Pin-Up Hook For Juicy Couture
Riveted Pin-Up Hook For Acrylic Tray
PowerWing All-Wire Pin-Up Hook
Acrylic Bulk Bins On Pegboard Pin-Up Hooks
Genuine Hemp Twine Endless Basket Merchandising
Do-It-Yourself Plug-In Bar Storage System
Slide-On Rail Hook for Fashion Jewelry
Fabric Covered Pegboard
New York Mets Baseball-Branded Hammer
Ship It Here Patterned Slatwall Signs
Plastic Pin-Up Hook for Slatwall
Short-Hooking Aisle Ends With Back-Labeled Display Hooks
Bar-Mount Plastic Butterfly Hook for Gift Bags
Vase-edge Plastic Sign Clip Design Details Revealed
C-Channel Labels Larger Than Pegged Gift Cards
Corrugated Butterfly Hook Details And Hook Patent Wars
Plastic Tray on Perfed Metal Mount
Giant Barrel Bag Sweepstakes in Grocery
Hair Dryer Hooks for Pegboard
XBox® Pin-Up Hook for Slatwall
Bendel® Branded Butterfly Hook
Deep-Molded Butterfly Bar Hook
Permanent Peg for Pallet Rack
Micro Slotwall + Mini Display Hook
Children’s Chair Display Hook
Gift Card Micro Loop Hook
Double Pin-Up Hook for Pegboard
Dual Pick Card Hook Details
Stick-on Slide-in Straight-Entry Plastic Hook
Sign Stem Peg
Peek-a-Boo Cross-Sell on 90º Hook
Metal Pegboard Vertical Slots
Jewelry Bar Hook in Clear Plastic
Mirror Pin-Up Hook Revealed
Elemental Pin-Up Hook
Time Passes on a Pin-Up Hook
Slatwall Button vs Pin-Up Hook
Winter Hook Migration in Retail
Anti-Accident Safety Loop Hook
Kiddie-Scale J-Hooks
Twist-Lock Butterfly Hook
Square Hook for Slotwall
Back-to-Back Jewelry Micro Bars
Pin-Up Hook Bonanza
Metal Butterfly for Metal Perf
Card Wobble on Butterfly Hooks
Slide-in Straight-Entry Self-Adhesive Plastic Hook
Finger-like Dividers Accept Scan Hook
Back Labeled 1″ Grid Hook
Re-thinking Plastic Hook Design for Slot
Outlandish Tiny Stepped J-Hook
Upgrade Simple Hook to Significant
Mini End Cap J-Hook
Endless Basket Accessory J-Hook
Micro Hook, Maxi Gift Card
Back Labeling Tiny Hooks
Simple Hook, Stellar Gift Card Display
Slot-Mount vs Hole-Mount Hook
Pygmy Utility Hook for Slatwall
Expanded Metal Display Surface
Color-Coded Gift Card Back Tags
Corrugated Hook Used on Metal
Plastic Hook Backplate Kaizen
Positive Retention 90° Loop Hook
3M Command Strip Hooks for P•O•P
Tiny Pouch as Back Tag
Guarded Multi-Surface Multi-Hook
Corrugated Hook on a Curve
Rectilinear Hook is Convex Mount
Rectilinear Polygon Jewelry Hook
No-See-Em Clear Plastic Hook for Jewelry
Chromed Slatwall and Micro Hook
Preformed Tab for Gift Cards
Hook Lug Failure Redux
Is Strip Merchandiser Riveted?
Common Loop vs Custom Hook
Plug-in Gift Card Hook of a Different Sort
One-Hole Hooks Compared
Removable Butterfly Scan Arm
Display Hook Converts to Scan
Micro Faceout or Chunky Pin-Up?
Slatwall Pin-Up Hook or Miniature Faceout?
Victoria’s Secret Purple Ribbon

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Tiny Stocked Disk-Finial Display Hooks
Tiny Naked Disk-Finial Display Hooks

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Tiny Plastic Hooks at…

Tissue Gift Wrap Plastic Productstop Display Hook  ”
Hallmark Grid Plastic Scan Hook Miniatures

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Hobby Lobby Tiny Hook Pegboard Outfitting
Hobby Lobby Straight-Cut Pegboard Hook Details

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