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Thomas Foodland Retail Fixtures

Thomas Foodland Retail Fixtures - Foodland Spice and Condiments Tower

Foodland Spice and Condiments Tower

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BACKSTORY: “FoodLand” is the name of a regional American supermarket chain based in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. The stores’ “F” logo are a registered trademark of Minnesota-based SuperValu stores, which serves as the chain’s main wholesale distributor.

The Foodland store chain consists of just 26 conventional supermarkets (down from 68 in the late 2000s) in the Eastern United States, including 11 throughout West Virginia, 10 in Alabama, 6 in the Pittsburgh area of western Pennsylvania, and 1 in eastern Kentucky. The company exited the Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland markets in the 2010s. Many of the former stores were converted to the Shop ‘n Save brand in the 2010s. For much of the 2000s, their slogan was “Close to Home”; it has currently transitioned into “When You’re Hungry for Dinner.”

The FoodLand Supermarket concept is unique in that the square footage of each store varies and is based on the size of the community each store serves. Internally within the chain, stores are classified as “A” (smaller/medium volume) and “AA” (larger/high volume). However, the classification is based on sales volume of each store so some smaller stores that are high volume are “AA” and some larger stores with lower sales volume can be grouped in “A” As the size of the store is reflective of each community’s needs, store size ranges from 12,000 to 60,000 square feet.

The Foodland ad circular is distributed on a weekly basis. It is typically eight pages and is printed on magazine quality paper. Advertising is planned by store owners/managers in a weekly meeting and is split into two groups, Milton, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At some of the meetings, both groups are connected via satellite and share sales plans, ideas and concepts. The group concept is unique to other store groups in the United States. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Soul-of-Cooking Spice Store-in-Store Display
Shelf-Edge Scrub-Brush Strip Merchandiser
Foodtown Smart App Benefits Sign
Private-Label Sauces-and-Spices Wood Rack
Wire-Shelf Loop-Hook Strip Merchandiser
Stacy’s Pita Chips Wire-Shelf Display
Foodland Spice and Condiments Tower
Portuguese-Roll Wood Bakery Rack
Fresh Portuguese-Rolls Bakery Tongs
Mission Flatbread Traditional Wood Rack

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Two-Sided Cooking Utensils Tower Spins For Easy Access
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Top-Care 100% Cotton Swabs Display
Stash Tea Company Corrugated Display

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Goya United-Foods Planogram Placeholder
Goya Open-Wire Circular Rack Display
Goya Metal-Stamped Logo Branding
Goya Merchandising Without Fixtures

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Dual Werther’s Original Candy Display Doubles Sales Potential
Sideways Gravity-Feed Display Sells Two Famous Candies
Colorful Sour Patch Candy Display Cross-Sells Top-Rated Swedish Fish

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Grab-And-Go Dunkin Iced Coffee Display
Sparkling-Ice Reverse Gravity-Feed Tower
Stash Tea Company Corrugated Display

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