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Testers and Samplers - Hermes-for-All Fragrance Testers Lineup

Testers and Samplers

BACKSTORY: A spray bottle is a bottle that can squirt, spray or mist fluids. A common use for spray bottles is dispensing cool cleaners, cosmetics, and chemical specialties. Another wide use of spray bottles is mixing down concentrates such as pine oil with water. This Testers and Samplers Index page started with atomizer spray bottles as perfume testers but has since expanded well beyond. Explore the page for a much broader set of Testers and Samplers.

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For Testers and Samplers Line-Ups see

Nautica Men’s Fragrance Testers Array
Ulta Beauty Must-Try Sampler Minis
Nordstrom Men’s Fragrance Tester Sample Strips
Atelier Cologne Sit-Down Tester Station
Landscaping Mulch Sample Bins Categorized
Pacifica Fragrances Color-Coded Testers Inline
” Women’s Fragrance Stacked Trestle Tables
” Women’s Fragrance Testers Runway of Perfume Samples
” Clinique Christmas Tester Trapezoid Tower
” Uncle Sam Says Your Gun Needs Rand
” Rand Gun Oil Apothecary Samplers
” Target Branded Cosmetics Sampling Station
” Aromatherapy Tester Lineup At Vitamin Shoppe
” Aromatherapy Tester Holder At Vitamin Shoppe
” True Legend and Blue Fragrance Tester Display
” True Amaze and Blush Fragrance Tester Display
Robert Graham Fragrance Tester Travel Case
Best of Fragrance Mobile Tester Tower
Best of Fragrance Tester Alternatives
Hermes-for-All Fragrance Testers Lineup
Lululemon Aveda Sample Tray Pedestal
Cartoon Tableau Tester Try-Me By PoreProfessional
Three-fer Moisterizer Try-Me By NatureWell
Lancome® Stepped, Multi-Level Fragrance Testers
Lancone® Placeholder ID and Mated Tester Recess
Victoria’s Secret® Very Sexy Tester
Christmas-Exclusive Shelf-Edge Runner
Five Festive Christmas Fragrance Testers
L’Occitane® Doorway Testers With BOGO
Victoria’s Secret® Tester Plinth Lineup
Clinique® Slotted Stand for Men
Cosmetic Tester Lineup
Victoria’s Secret Tester Tableau of Fragrances
Chanel® Fragrance Cradle
Sephora® Hot Tester Lineup
Urban Decay® Upright
Tester or Personal Size Offer
Tester or Personal Size Redux
12 Tester Choices In-Store
Micro Bin Offers Tester
Small Amenity Details Count
Tester “Try Me“ Call to Action
Roundtabled Samplers
Painter’s Palette of Samples
” Fashion-Forward Generic Sampler at Shelf Edge

Follow Target Cosmetics Trail Support at…

Virtual Makeup Trial Offer Sign
Need Beauty Advice Island Offer  ”
Makeup Virtual Try-On Sign Arm

Follow Testers at Ulta Beauty via…

Perfect Scents Tester Array Endcap
Perfect Scents Tester Holster Details
Living-Proof Hair-Treatment Testers Endcap
KKW Fragrance Exclusive Tester Display
KKW Fragrance Exclusive Body Spray
Yves-Saint-Laurent Black Opium Endcap

Follow Sephora Sampler and Tester Displays at…

Stylish Sephora Circular Sales Splats
Colorful Rihanna Shelf-Edge Lipstick Lineups
Three-Free-Samples Framed Invitation
Hot Sephora® Tester Lineup
Tester Strip Vase and Catch Tray
Shelf-Edge Complexion Perfection Sampler Array
Benefit Mini-Sampler Acrylic Display-Trays
Benefit Mini-Sampler Countertop Display

Follow Banana Republic Factory Store
Fragrance Merchandising at...

Vintage Green Unisex Fragrance
Eu de Parfum Display with Tester
Modern Fragrance Display with Tester
Tester Strip Shot Glass Outfitting
Service Counter Fragrance Tray Offerings
Classic Crystal Fragrance Tester Array
Minimalist Hand Sanitizing Station Styling

Follow Aerin Cosmetics at Nordstrom at…

Aerin Cosmetics Sidesaddle Tester Holder
Aerin Fragrance Tester Array Organization
Aerin Cosmetics Miniature Glass Bulk Bin

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Follow Food Testers and Samplers at …

” Viva Farms Beer Sample Serving Tray
” In-Store Sampling Tent for Chef Aidells Sausage
” Cream Cake Sample Try-Me at Weis
” Food Allergies Warning For Try-Me Samples
” Grape Taste Test Covered Acrylic Sampling Stand
” Sample Try-Me EndCap at Vitamin Shoppe
” Free Sample Try-Me Table At Vitamin Shoppe
” Color Coded Rustic Honey Straw Samplers
” Small Honey Bear Wicker Basket Samplers
Maines Source® Mellon Sampler Stand is Freestanding
Kings® Domed New York Cheddar In-Store Samples
NutHouse® Blown Glass Fishbowl Sampler
Euro Fixture™ Wine Tasting Barrel
Wegman’s® Buffet Samplers
Cut Fruit Samples Offer
No Grazing, You Big Heifer.”
” No Free Taste Tests in Bulk Foods

Follow GNC Sampling at…

Sealed Plastic Portion-Cups Try-Me
Free Samples Sampling-Table Try-Me

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For other Testers and Samplers in retail see…

Three-Free-Samples Framed Invitation
Little-Luxuries Perfectly-Priced Framed Invitation
Dior Blooming Bouquet Tester Card Addition
Dior Joy Nouveau Tester Card Complement
Sans-Serif YSL Fragrance Tester Card
Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume Tester Card
Estee Lauder Branded Perfume Tester Cards
Chanel Perfume Tester Card Shopping Bag
Cut-Away Construction Samples Display
” Azzaro Wanted Fragrance Tester Disk
” Professional T-Shirt Samples At Sharper Embroidery
Robert Graham Service Counter Fragrance Testers
Safer Box Limits Try-Me To Testers
Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Tester
Victoria’s Secret® Very Sexy Tester
Sam’s Club® FreeOSK Finish® Sample
Sam’s Club® FreeOSK Automated Sample Kiosk
Aroma Diffuser in Candle Merchandising
America’s Favorite Fragrance Tag Line
GripRite® Shelf-Edge Screw Sampler
L’Occitane® Security Tethered Testers
Rustic Hand Sanitizer D.I.Y.
Hand-Lettered Cart Engagement
Tiered Perfume Sampler Plinths
Fall Pantone® Pre-Mix Pitch
Branded Skulls and Roses Tester
” Topless Tester For Shelf-Edge by Skulls and Roses
Jo Malone Blackberry Collateral
3-for-3 Hawaiian BOGO
Restroom Aroma Therapy
Estèe Lauder® Fragrance Alchemy
Estèe Lauder® Jo Malone Backstory
Latest Greatest Try-Before-You-Buy
Victoria’s Secret® In-Store Autograph
Fresh Fruit as Perfume Prop
Nicki Minaj Scratch ‘N Sniff
Nicki Minaj Boob Tester
Gucci Mother / Daughter Offer?
At-the-Beach Sunscreen Try-Me
Formal “Try Me” Identifier
Tester “Try Me“ Call to Action
Bulb Atomizer vs Spray Pump Tester
Snoop Dogg Rolling Paper Sampler
Fresh Fruit as Perfume Prop
Swarovski Disk is Branded Tester
Tester Strip Vase and Catch Tray
Small Amenity Details Count
Tester Strip Offer at Shelf Edge
Free Samples, If You Dare!
In-Store Aromatherapy
In-store Champagne Bath Bubbler
Body Wash Test is In-Store
Fashion-Forward Generic Sampler.”
” Fashion-Forward Sampler For Shelf Edge Trial
Sampler Offers Sloppy Seconds
Shelf Edge Display Pad Bottom-Mounts
Rubbing Shoppers Noses In It
Handsome Hand Sampler
Estèe Roundtabled Samplers”
Painter’s Pallet of Samplers
Try Me Step-and-Repeat
Lash Curler as Objet D’Art
Fragrance Tester Goes Macho
Makeup Brush Sampler Ring Zip Tied

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Color-Coded Fragrance Refill
NYC Free-Refill-On-Us™

See Displays With Non-Functional Testers at…

Sephora Cosmetics Collection Under $20 ”
Urban Decay Endcap Display 25% Off
Urban Decay Long-Lasting Brows Display
Urban Decay Inline Display 25% Off

For all Testers and Samplers research aids see…

Testers and Samplers Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Testers and Samplers Index Page ” for all resources

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