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Double Anti-Theft Tether and Spider Security - Spider Anti-Theft Device Outfitting

Spider Anti-Theft Device Outfitting

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BACKSTORY: Spider wrap is a type of security device used by many retailers. It is a wired alarm that is attached to products to prevent theft. If the wire is cut, the alarm sounds.[1] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

BACKSTORY: Anti-theft systems protect valuables such as vehicles and personal property like wallets, phones, and jewelry.[1][2][3] They are also used in retail settings to protect merchandise in the form of security tags and labels.[4] Anti-theft systems include devices such as locks and keys, RFID tags, and GPS locators.

Under normal circumstances, theft is prevented simply through the application, and social acceptance, of property law.[5] The best anti-theft device ownership-marking, e.g. license plates, name tags, RFID. When clear owner identification is not possible, and when there is a lack of social observance, people may be inclined to take possession of items to their own benefit at the expense of the original owner. Motive and opportunity are two enabling factors for theft. Given that motives for theft are varied and complex, and are, generally speaking, not within the control of the victim, most methods of theft prevention rely on reducing opportunities for theft.[6] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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