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Sexist Merchandising Themes
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Sexist Merchandising Themes in RetailBACKSTORY: Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender. Sexism can affect either gender, but it is particularly documented as affecting women and girls. It has been linked to stereotypes and gender roles, and may include the belief that one sex or gender is intrinsically superior to another. Extreme sexism may foster sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual violence. (SOURCE: Wikipedia) This Sexist Merchandising Themes in Retail tracks oft humorous examples of sexism or bias seen in retail. Most are seen as harmless, but you must decide for yourself.

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Woman-Owned PermaSteel Cooler Display Serves All Genders
Surprising Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes Clip Strip Merchandiser
Gender-Biased Baseball-Bat Inline Display
Zen Risqué Cooler Door Decal Branding
European Cookie Nose-Art Package Design
Ethnic Polish Delicatessen Sausage Fest
” Engraved Name Plate For Domestic CEO
” Coach Clutch Red Latex Dress Form Display
” Sexist PowerRanger Point-of-Purchase Display
” Girls Can Do Anything Lifestyle Merchandising
” Kiss Me I’m Drunk or Irish Invitation
” Luscious Pink Lufkin Measuring Tape Merchandiser
” Stripper Glitter Highlights Buxom Party Pack
” Pride Proudly Sponsored By Williams Sonoma
Unisex Back-To-School Museum Case
Gucci Handjob and Headjob Outfitting
Girlfriends Modeled Hand-in-Hand At Kohl’s
” Sexist Straight-Entry Hook Merchandising
Hanky Panky Sawhorse Lingerie Display
Mother Pucker Sexy Pink Endcap Display
Kinky Cocktails 6-Pack Premium Pink Malt
 Farm Girl Bra Merchandising for Country Girls 
Long Leggy Lamp As Christmas Window Dressing
Keep Calm And Save The Tatas T-Shirt
Open Mouth Urinals at Belushi’s Sports Bar
French Girls Restroom Advertising
Wireform Bustier Body Forms
EuroFixture: No Pissing on Premises Retail Warning
Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Spokesmodels
Fuckin’ Big Sale
Enhance Your Ass Display is S-Hook Hung
Halloween Shoppe Open Soon Window Display
Dirty and Fabulous on Madison Avenue Redux
Jean Fly Exposé By Bar Hook
Love Coco®, Love Authur®
High Heel Fashions for Football Teams
Office Goddess Traffic Cone
Twin-Hooked Tube Top
Original One-Size Thong Now $138
Knit Garter Winter Closeout
Psycho Bunny® Branded Boxers
Dylan Lauren® Compartmentalized Kiss
Hanky Panky Panty Display
High-Heel Wine Bottle Caddy
Love Nest Cookware Display
Time To Think Resort 2015
Lady’s Tool Merchandising
Ballsy Faucet Merchandising
Sinful Wicked Halloween Nail Color
Belt as Bra-Less Bandolier
Bejeweled Underwear Display
Urban Decay® Naked
Mannequins Feature Pubic Hair
Nicki Minaj Boob Tester
Long, Leggy Door Handles
Bras for Well-Read Girls
Naughty Angel Flashes a Thong
Sign Says Cheeky
Farm Girl Bra Merchandising
Cynthia … The First Mannequin

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Girls First Baseball Glove J-Hook

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Take-Pride #Hashtag Promo Flag
Macy’s Pride-&-Joy Store-Entry Sign
#TakePride Surprise QR-Code
#TakePride Mannequin Visual Merchandising
Rainbow Refraction Grid Backdrop

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Ladies Restroom Seating Initiative Sign

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