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This Scarves Without Knots index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

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BACKSTORY: A scarf, plural scarves, is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. They can be made in a variety of different materials such as wool, cashmere, linen or cotton. It is a common type of neckwear. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Coach Scarf Bar Drape Display
Coach Scarf Alcove Pull-Out Drawers
Full and Half Carded Boho Bandeau
Inc-Brand Elliptical-Loop Scarf-Hanger
Style-&-Co Wrap-Around Pronged Scarf-Hanger
Burberry Bar-Mount Chrome J-Hook Outfitting
Nordstrom Modern Scarf Merchandising
Spiral Scarf Floorstand Display in Grocery
” Bloomingdale’s Shoulder Toss Scarf Merchandising
” Coach Little Luxuries Scarf Display Trays
” Iron Pipe Bar Merchandiser for Scarves
” Scarf Clothes Hanger For Eagles Football
Table-Top Scarf Tray Visual Merchandising
Boxer Asymmetric J-Hook For Scarf Display
Free People Scarf Alligator Clip S-Hook
One-Up Category Definition of Infinity Scarves
Infinity Scarves As PowerWing PrePack
Winter Scarf Spinner With Flatback Hooks
John Bartlett® Aluminum S-Hooks for Scarves
Dolce & Gabbana® Unveils Hijab Collection
Papillon® Markets Fashion Look Illustrations In-Store
Scarves Wood Peg Merchandised in Pharmacy
Hermes® Scarf Pin-Up Hook
Kings® Wood Peg Scarf Stand
Alexander McQueen® Skull Scarf on an S-Hook
Sak’s® Hangered Scarf Merchandising High-End Look
Sak’s® Scarves Square S-Hooked by Size
Twin-Hooked Tube Top
Tie, Hat, and Scarf Pin Collection
Ceiling-Hung Dress Form
Square Scarf Column in Acrylic
Calvin Klein® Scarf Pocket
Sari Scarf Merchandising
Scarf “O” is for ‘Oooooh’
Handform Signs Scarf Sale to the Deaf
Alexander McQueen® Razor Blades
Sale Sign Sidebar
Louis Vuitton® Scarf Destinations
Sustainable Scarf Sales
Square-Scrunched Scarves
Wolford Scarf Drape on a Boxer Hook
Winter Cap and Scarf Color Array
Winter Caps on Corrugated Redux
Winter Scarf Drapes
Bolo Scarves a New Trend?
Kerchief and Scarf Portholes
Clothes Tree Scarf Merchandising
How to Stock Leather Trays
Skull Scarfs for the Well-Heeled
Clip Board as Chalkboard
Goth Scarf Goes Mainstream
” Scarf Cleat Display Break-Through
Color Turbans Sold by Tray
Shallow Scarf Wells at Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton Spring Kerchiefs
Clothes Hanger’d Scarves
Ferragamo Plug-in Scarf Bar
Dior Coffee Table Book and Scarf Tray
Gucci Scarves Elevated
Gucci Scarves Elevated Redux
Fendi Scarves for Sophisticates
Silk Scarves Served as Sardines
Same Fixture, Different Scarf Look
J-Hooking Scarves on Slatwall
Endcap Sprouts Scarves on Hooks
Scarves Sold Without Faceouts
Scarves on Exaggerated S-Hooks
S-Hook Clip for Scarves
C-Clamps Capture Scarf O’s
Scarves Both Tied and Cascaded
Scarf as Summer Brassiere
Scarves in a Glass Bucket
Kerchief and Scarf Portholes Display

See Edgewood Pharmacy and Gift scarves at…

Ball-Finial Coat Rack Scarf Display
Pineapple-Finial Coat Rack Scarf Display
Katie Loxton Scarf Table-Top Twin T-Stand
Scarves Wood Peg Merchandised in Pharmacy
Solitary Scarf Clothes Hanger Merchandising

For Scarf Hangers see…
Scarf Hanger Floor-to-Ceiling Slatwall Focus
” Scarf Cleat Display Break-Through

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