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Rite Aid Pharmacy
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Rite Aid Pharmacy Store Fixtures

Rite Aid Pharmacy Store Fixtures

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…to Rite Aid Merchandising and Outfitting

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This Rite Aid Pharmacy Store Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: Rite Aid Corporation is a drugstore chain in the United States. The company ranked No. 94 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.[4] It is headquartered in Camp Hill, East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg.[5][6] Rite Aid is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the third largest in the U.S.

Rite Aid began in 1962, opening its first store in Scranton, Pennsylvania; it was called Thrift D Discount Center. After several years of growth, Rite Aid adopted its current name and debuted as a public company in 1968. As of 2017, Rite Aid is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RAD. Its major competitors are CVS and Walgreens. In late 2015, Walgreens announced that it would acquire Rite Aid for $9.4 billion pending approval. However, on June 29, 2017, over fear of antitrust regulations, Walgreens Boots Alliance announced it would buy roughly half of Rite Aid’s stores for $5.18 billion.[7][8] On September 19, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved a fourth deal agreement to purchase Rite Aid with 1,932 stores for $4.38 billion total.[9] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Follow Rite Aid Specialty Merchandising
and Endcap Displays at…

Fragrance Anti-Theft Cabinet Display
Men’s Grooming Custom Endcap Display
Your Style Your Way Aisle-End Display
Digital Circular QR-Code Deals Every Day
Sun Protection Aisle-End Display
Shop Products You Love Dimensional Sign
More Coming Soon Dimensional Sign
Whole Health Narrow Endcap Display
Whole Health Endcap Shelf Signs
You’ll Love Aisle Endcap Brands
Holistic Narrow Endcap Design
Holistic Approach Shelf-Edge Signage
Brand Love Narrow Endcap Concept
Entry Whole Health Journey Display ”
Say Mmmm Moisturizer Promotion
Entry Always Open Online Display
Colgate Smile More This Year Promotion

Follow a Powerwing-Bookended Endcap Display at…

Elegant CeraVe Skincare Endcap Display Is All-Embracing
Hydration Lip Care Alternative Sidekick Plastic Presentation
Lip Smackers Plastic Sidekick Finishing Touch Display

Follow Mainstream Rite Aid Store Fixtures at…

Travel Trial Size Bin Display
As Seen on TV PowerWing
Mix-And-Match Vitamins BOGO Offer
Kid’s Comic Book Character Socks Display
Cooler Suction-Cup Side-Saddle Rack
Head-to-Toe-Care Rectilinear Endcap Display
Dollar-Shave-Club Round-Corner Endcap Display
Art-Supplies Steep-Incline Tiered Display
Articulated-Arm Shelf-Edge Sign Holder
Beauty Mini’s Travel-Size Cosmetics Acrylic Trays
Stylish Scrunchies Open-Wire Bulk-Bin Tower
Shelf-Mount Shelf-Edge Toothbrush Display
” Almay Gravity-Feed Display Table-Top Promo
” Hand-Witten Help Wanted Immediately Notice
Seasonal Home-Decor Halloween Dagger

Follow Aveeno Extremities
And Other Mask Merchandising at…

Triangular Mix and Mask Tower Recommends You Multitask
Aveeno Foot Mask Specialty Merchandising
Aveeno Mask Plastic Scan Hook Merchandising
Aveeno Hand Mask Specialty Merchandiser

Follow Roller Auto-Feed Merchandising at…

Olly Roller-Equipped Gravity Feed
Natrol Roller-Equipped Gravity Feed

Follow Rite Aid Fashion Jewelry Slotwall at…

Limited Edition Slotwall Spinner Tower
Molded Limited Edition Slotwall Hook
Fashion Accessories Slotwall Loop Hook
I Am Fashion Accessories Slotwall Spinner

Follow Rite Aid Powerwing Merchandising at…

Asymmetric Theraflu Powerwing Display Insert
Carmex Lip Balm Powerwing Display Filler Merchandising
Sensodyne Reverse Gravity-Feed Powerwing
Dove Men Care Body Wash Powerwing
Lively Jitterbug Phone Display Sidekick
Grab-N-Go Hostess White Bread Display
Healthy Organic Snacks Powerwing Display
Sweeten-Your-Day Plastic Powerwing Candy Display
Huggies Little Swimmer Diaper Powerwing
Takis Cattleman’s Cut Display Duo
Decorative Wall-Plaque Powerwing Display

Follow Rite Aid Powewing Wingwall Displays at…

ELF Total Face Wingwall Merchandising Display
Ardell Lovely Lash Wingwall Merchandising Display
Band-Aid Gravity-Feed Wingwall Merchandising Display
” Ricola Wingwall Sidekick Corrugated Ledge Tray
” Ricola Herbal Immunity Wingwall Sidekick

Follow Rite Aid School Merchandising at…

Back-To-School Gift Card Tower
Local School Branded Merchandising
Faux Spiral-Bound School Shopping List Freestanding Sign
BIC Write With Might Mavels Tower Pen Display

Follow this Rite Aid Sharpie Pen Display at…

Sharpie Pen Holster Pegboard Display
Sharpie Pegboard Display Pin-Up Hook

Follow Rite Aid Sexuality-Related Retailing at…

Erect Roman Testosterone Tower Display
KY-Jelly Vertical Shelf-Edge Display
Durex Massage-&-Play 2-In-1 Merchandising
Plan-B One-Step Safer-Box Security
Option-2 Safer-Box Security Enclosure
” Pretty Pink Safer Boxes For Family Planning
” Family Planning Category Definition

Follow Sun Bum Point-of-Purchase Displays at…

Sun Bum Gorilla Marketing of Lip Balm
Sun-Bum Hair-Care Corrugated Tower
Sun-Bum Hair-Care Corrugated Shelf
Sun-Bum Lip-Balm Corrugated Scan-Hook

Follow Rite Aid Sunglass & Eyewear Displays at…

Monkey Monkey Sunglass Tower Display
Bio True Eye Care Corrugated Trays
Kids Foster Grant Sunglass Tower
Foster Grant Ironman Sunglass Tower
Foster Grant Multi-Color Sunglass Tower
Foster Grant Twin-Tower Sunglass Pedestal
Foster Grant Readers Color Code

Follow Rite Aid Health and Beauty Aids at…

Cetaphil Dermatologist Recommended Display Reaches Up And Out
Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes Display Adjacency Strategy
Daylogic Beauty Buffers Nail File Display
Good Chemistry Body Spray Display
Derma-Geek Top Ingredients Moisturizer Display
Derma Geek Skin Care Display

Follow Rite Aid Aromatherapy Reporting at…

Spoil Yourself Aromatherapy Inline Display
Pharmacist Recommended Stress Relief
Scent-sational Roll-On Calm Display
Non-GMO Relaxing Organic Essential Oils

Follow Rite Aid Pain Medicine at…

Nerve Ache Relief Display at Shelf Edge
Hemp-Based Pain Relief Promo at Shelf Edge
Muscle Ache Relief Promo at Shelf Edge  ”
TENS Electrical Pain Relief at Shelf Edge

Follow Rite Aid
Nutritional Merchandising at…

” Little Gummies Big Benefit Olly Display
Addison Rae Champions Wellness In-Store
So Delish Good Tasting Gummies Display
Your Wellness Supplements Shelf-Edge Outreach
Go Beyond Nutrients Shelf-Edge Outreach
Fill Nutritional Gaps Shelf-Edge Outreach
Inline Important Nutrients Display

Follow Eye and Ear Merchandising at…

Eye And Ear Swing-Up Scan Hook
Bulk Earplug Pegboard Merchandising
Eye Patch Pegboard Merchandising
Triangular Face Shield Display Offers Upgraded Protection

Follow Rite Aid Frito-Lay Merchandising at…

Lays Potato-Chip Open-Wire Mobile Rack
Lays Ranch-Dip Wire-Shelf Merchandising
Frito-Lay Potato-Chip Billboard End-Panel

Follow Rite Aid Snack Displays at…

Takis Cattleman’s Cut Corrugated Display
Takis Metal Rack Hand Truck Dolly

Reasons-to-Smile Snack Brand Takeover ”
Thrifty Favorite Ice Cream Decal
Thomas’s Bagels Corrugated Display

Follow Rite Aid Candy Displays at…

Flavors America Gravity-Feed Corrugated Tower
Theater Box Candy Circular Bulk Bin
Organic Lollipop Gravity-Fed Tower Display
Biscoff Cookie Corrugated Tower Display
Reese’s Peanut-Butter-Cup Tower Display
Hershey’s Organic Dark-Chocolate Tower Display
M&Ms Gravity-Feed Corrugated Tower
Bigger-Candy Bigger-Fun PowerWing
Candy-and-Gum Healthy Treats PowerWing
I Want Candy Plush Snoopy Display
Candy Handcrafted in Small Batches
Sweeten-Your-Day Powerwing Candy Display

Follow Rite Aid Grab-and-Go at…

Grab-And-Go Italian Panino Merchandising
Sargento Grab-And Go Snack Merchandising
Grab-And-Go Cooler Pickle Merchandising
Grab-N-Go Hostess White Bread Display
Grab-And-Go Fitness Energy Shot
Grab-And-Go Fitness Drinks Cooler
” Healthy Grab ‘N Go Breakfast Specials
Pepsi Grab-And-Go Beverage Cooler

Follow Spring Cleaning Supplies Merchandising at…

Spring-Cleaning Auto Cleaning Cloth Hook Hang
Spring-Cleaning Fancy Household Glove Pitch
Spring-Cleaning Supplies Shelf-Edge Promotion
Colorful Spring-Cleaning Supplies Bargains

See Rite Aid Garden Merchandising at…

Disney Garden Miniatures Display
Meditative Garden Sculpture Miniatures
Digs Gardening Glove Adjacency “

Follow Rite Aid In-Aisle
Point-of-Purchase Displays at…

Wild Side Jack Links Tower Display Takes Minimal Space
Cetaphil Dermatologist Recommended Display Reaches Up And Out
Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes Display Adjacency Strategy
Parodontax Gum Care Toothbrush Adjacency Merchandising Strategy
Shingles Advisory Professional Display Seal of Approval
Hyland’s Round-The-Clock Cold Relief Self-Shipper Display Falls Short
AstePro Thick Freestanding Display Offers Increased Stability
Zyrtec One-Hour Allergy Display Leans Back For Visibility
AstePro Slim-Line Freestanding Display Cantilevered Superstructure
Just-For-Men Periscope Freestanding POP Display Stands Tall
Gold Bond Skincare Display Serrated Outline Is Unique
Chest-Thumping Jack Link’s Display Goes Wild
Sally Hansen Pampered Nail Curved and Cantilevered Display Tower
Triangular Mix and Mask Tower Recommends You Multitask
Happy Gold Bond Champion Your Skin Display
Olly Little-Gummies Big-Benefits Drop-Shadow Display Promise ”
AstePro Allergy Medication Works in 30 Minutes Display
Multi-Brand Allergy Medication Display Range of Choices
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Unique Cantilever Display Concept
Triangular Face Shield Display Offers Upgraded Protection
Aquaphor Giant Bottle In-Aisle Display
Blue-Branded Native Tower Display Redux
Cake Naturally Luxe Beauty Display
Navage Fush It Freestanding Display
Pouf Pull-Out In-Aisle Merchandising
CeraVe Cream Small Footprint Display
Duracell Battery Curved Scan Hook Design
Duracell Curved Battery Display Surface
Silky Secret Support Stockings Samples
Sensodyne Healthy Smile Toothpaste Display
Smelly Irish Spring Body-Wash Display
Completely Free Native In-Aisle Display
50% Off Stepped Corrugated Display
Dawn 3x More Shelf-Edge Flag
” Claritin True-Blue Corrugated Tower Display
Voltaren Topical-Pain-Relief Corrugated Tower
Decorative Wall-Plaque Powerwing Display

Follow Rite Aid In-Aisle
Scunci Point-of-Purchase Displays at…

Scunci Claw Clip Powerwing Merchandising Insert
Scunci All-Day Headwrap Powerwing Display Insert
Scunci Claw Hair Clip Pop-Open Display Graces Hair Care

Follow Sensodyne Point-of-Purchase Displays at…

Sensodyne Healthy Smile Toothpaste Display
Sensodyne Mini Pegboard-Mount Sidekick Display Asymmetry
Sensodyne Reverse Gravity-Feed Powerwing

Follow Skinny Tower Displays at…

YesTo Detoxifying-Mask Skinny Tower Display
L’Oreal Eyeliner Skinny Tower Shipper
Natures-Bounty Hemp Skinny Tower Display

Follow Lip Balm and Lip Stick at Rite Aid at…

Hydration Lip Care Alternative Sidekick Plastic Presentation
Lip Smackers Plastic Sidekick Finishing Touch Display
Revlon Kiss-Proof Lipstick Display Mystic Stonehenge Appearance
Unusual Revlon Table-Top Tent Sign Use Is Horizontal Not Vertical
Burt’s Bees Gravity-Feed Lip-Balm Display
Katy Perry Lipstick Shelf-Edge Hero
Lip-Smackers Kiss-Therapy Sidekick Display
Lip-Smackers Kiss-Therapy Plastic Hook
Disney-Frozen Smackers Lip-Balm Display

Follow Rite Aid Lip-Smackers Displays at…

Lip Smackers Plastic Sidekick Finishing Touch Display
LipSmacker Fabulous Flavors Forever Shelf-Top Selection
Lip-Smackers Corrugated Signboard Scan-Hook
Lip-Smackers Licensed Coca-Cola Lip-Balm
Lip-Smackers Freestanding Lip-Balm Display

Follow Rite Aid Permanent Tower Displays at…

Favorite-Snacks Open-Wire Tower Display
Play-Ball Bungee-Cord PVC Tower
Reese’s Peanut-Butter-Cup Tower Display

For SmartSource Shelf-Edge Outfitting by title see…

SmartSource ZzzQuil Shelf-Edge Flag Promise
SmartSource Triangular Shelf-Edge Flag Promotion
SmartSource Aisle-Invader Shelf-Edge Billboard
SmartSource Reversible Shelf-Edge Promo-Flag
SmartSource Dove Aisle-Invader Shelf-Mount Promo
SmartSource Dove Aisle-Violator Shelf-Mount Promo
SmartSource Shelf-Edge Coupon Dispenser
SmartSource Three-Dimensional Crest Promo-Flag
Three-Dimensional Styrofoam Spacer Block

Follow Rite Aid Shelf-Edge Promo Flags at…

Shelf-Edge All About Rewards QR-Code
Shelf-Edge Claim Your Rewards QR-Code
Dawn 3x More Shelf-Edge Flag
Gillette Lower-Prices Promo Flag
Gillette Blades-Stay-Sharper Promo Flag
Loyalty Program Greeting Card Discount Flag
Communion Congratulations Card Promo Flag
Greeting Card Speech Bubble Promo Flag
Mix-And-Match Vitamins BOGO Offer

Follow Rite Aid Venus Razor Related Merchandising at…

Love-Your-Skin Venus Razor Corrugated Tower
Venus Razor Corrugated Display-Hook

Follow Men’s Merchandising Displays at…

Alternate Rogaine Anti-Theft Strategies
Dollar Shave Club Upgrade Display
Men’s Specialty Grooming Display Redux ”
Trojan Shelf-Edge Condom Merchandising
Daily Skin & Shave Defense Display
Men’s Beard and Brow Color Tower
Dove Men Care Body Wash Powerwing
Cremo Men’s Comprehensive HBA Display
Cremo Barber-Grade Hair Styling
Cremo Men’s Body Wash Merchandising
Men’s Grooming Custom Endcap Display

Follow a Rite Aid Shaving Supplies Display at…

Dollar Shave Club Upgrade Display
Men’s Specialty Grooming Display Redux ”
Men’s Beard and Brow Color Tower
Gillette Daylogic Padded Coupon Promo
Gillette Lower-Prices Promo Flag
Gillette Blades-Stay-Sharper Promo Flag
Dollar-Shave-Club Round-Corner Endcap Display
Shaving-Supplies Glass-Shelf Endcap Display
Shaving-Supplies Glass-Shelf Pricing Scheme

See Freestanding Rite Aid Merchandising at…

Erect Roman Testosterone Tower Display
Duracell Optimum Battery Display Tower
SkinRepublic Skin Care Patch Display
” Little Gummies Big Benefit Olly Display
So Delish Good Tasting Gummies Display
Multi-Brand Allergy Padded-Coupon Display
Vazalore Aspirin Therapy Padded-Coupon Display
Claritin Non-Drowsy Allergy Display Overhang
Derma-Geek Top Ingredients Moisturizer Display
No Nonsense Pantyhose Tower Redefines Lines
No Nonsense Pantyhose Corrugated Scan Hook
Neuriva Time-To-Brain-Better Teaser
Brain Better Freestanding Ledge Display
Duracell Optimum Upright Battery Display

Follow Rite Aid Inline Merchandising at…

Travel Trial Size Bin Display
Comprehensive Candy Aisle Category Definition
Elderberry Immune Support Promise Sign
With Us Its Personal Immune Support
Complete Adult Nutrition Inline Display
Children’s Wellness Inline Merchandising
Big Care For Little Ones Instructions
Pain Relief Fun Facts Inline Display
How To Care for Contacts Display
Inline Important Nutrients Display
Inline Better-You Digestion Display
Inline Find-Relief Heartburn Display
Inline Feel-Better Laxatives Display
Inline Safety-Tips Medicine Display
Inline Soothe-Your-Sleep Tips Display
Inline Find-Relief Aching Back Display