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This Restroom Amenities And Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKGROUND: A public toilet is a room or small building containing one or more toilets (and commonly urinals) which is available for use by the general public, or by customers or employees of certain businesses. Public toilets are commonly separated into male and female facilities, although some can be unisex, particularly the smaller or single-occupancy types. Increasingly, public toilets are accessible to people with disabilities. Many alternative terms describe the room containing toilets. Likewise, public toilets are known by many other names in different countries; for example: “restroom”, “washroom”, “bathroom”, “water closet” or “W.C.”, “ladies’/women’s room” and “gents’/men’s room”, and “comfort room”.

Users may either use public toilets free of charge or pay a fee. In the latter case they are also called pay toilets and sometimes have of a coin-operated turnstile.

The local authority or a commercial business can provide public toilet facilities. They may be unattended or be staffed by a janitor or attendant. In many cultures, it is customary to tip the attendant, especially if they provide a grooming service, such as those available at upscale nightclubs or restaurants.

Public toilets are typically found in schools, offices, factories, and other places of work; in museums, cinemas, bars, restaurants, and other places of entertainment; in railway stations, filling stations, and on long distance public transport vehicles such as trains, ferries, and planes. Portable toilets are often available at large outdoor events. In many Asian, African, and heavily Muslim-influenced countries, public toilets are of the squat type, as this is regarded as more hygienic for a shared facility. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Follow Restroom Signs see…

No Pissing On Premises Symbolic Sign Camera Enforced
Homespun Barn Board Restroom Motif Design
Root & Sprig Restroom Adjacency Welcomes Everybody
Calming School of Fish Ply The Restroom Wall
Sorry No Public Restrooms But You’s Prefer Private Anyway
Clean Restrooms Are Important Policy
Dentist’s Homespun Restroom Outfitting
Guests Only Unisex Restroom
Employee Only Unisex Restroom
Rainforest Cafe Jungle King Restroom Branding
Rainforest Cafe Jungle Queen Restroom Branding
Ladies Restroom Seating Initiative Sign
Science Center All Gender Restroom Sign
Macy’s No-Restroom-Merchandise Multilingual Sign
Closed for Cleaning, Use Other Side Sign
Women’s Restroom Circle Gender-Identifier
Men’s Restroom Triangle Gender-Identifier
” Kalahari Resort Men’s Restroom Sign
” Kalahari Resort Ladies Restroom Sign
” Italian Language Restroom Gender Signs
” Luxe Restroom Sign Features Standoffs
” Flush Mount Men’s Restroom Sign
” Triangulating A Men’s Room Destination
” Take Your Choice Of Restroom Facilities
” Dunkin’ D for Donut Head Restroom Signs
” Unisex Restroom With Handicapped Sidebar
” Rustique Restroom Imperatives Signage
” Whatever Gender or Species, Just Wash Your Hands
” Toy Store Restroom Sign From a Distance
” Toy Store Restroom Sign As Destination
” Restroom Sign Primitives at Viva Farms
Corrugated Metal Restroom Signs At Viva Farms

” Giant Restrooms Provided For Your Convenience
” Turtle Wall Art Encourages Slow Restroom Ritual
” Sorry, No Public Restrooms Available Sign
” Restroom Labyrinth Navigation Signs
” Men’s Restroom Out-of-Order Surprise
” Restroom Closed For Your Safety … Seriously
” Handicapped Footnote To Restroom Sign
” Text Your Restroom Review and Feedback
” Public Unisex Restroom Sign
Oversize Restroom Navigation Sign
” Restroom Remodel Redirect Navigation Sign
” Restroom Stall Hiring And Hand Sanitizer
” Mall Restroom Security And Cleanup Directions
” Come-One-Come-All Unisex Restroom Sign
” No Restroom Exit Possible Warning Sign
Yelp To Find Gender Neutral Restrooms
Restroom Occupancy Limit 3187 Persons
Top Restroom Environmental Bragging Rights by Wegmans
Wegman’s Grocery Restroom Inspection Checkpoint
Restroom Pep Talk Is Employee Morale Builder
Karcher Design® Concierge Restroom Signs
Restroom Welcomes All Comers
Smiley Do-It-Yourself Restroom Signs
D.I.Y. Ambidextrous Restroom Navigation Signs
Shoe Store Restroom Signs
Mercedes® Stained-Glass Mens Room Entry
Mercedes® Stained-Glass Ladies Room Entry
Restroom Single Character Identifiers
Street Art Restroom Directionals
Restroom ID Drawn to Scale
Unisex Restrooms in Retail
Bipolar Restroom Sign

Follow Restroom Advertising and Merchandising at…

” Shop TJMaxx Online Restroom Advertising
” Restroom Beer Advertising At Buffalo Wildwings
” Restroom Vending Machine Merchandising
Restroom Stall Advertising for Appliances
French Girls Restroom Advertising
Restroom In-Stall Advertising
Text From The Restroom Merits Retail Discount
” Urinal Out-of-Home Advertising in the Restroom
Shop Saks® From Your Restroom Stall

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For Restroom Amenities posts by Title see..

Bloody Halloween Restroom Mess Requires Cleanup
CoronaVirus Restroom Sneeze Guard Barrier
” Wheelchair Height Restroom Stall Handle Position
” Restroom Door Automation in Modern Retail
” Restroom Housekeeping Taken To Extremes
” Janitorial Cart Restroom Closed Sign
” Positive Restroom Affirmations in Retail
Restroom Topiary Improves Facility Image
Brighten Your Retail Restroom With A Floral Wreath
” Cintas Got To Go Restroom App Launched
” Branded Restroom Signs By Dunkin Donuts
” Coed Restroom Ganged Signage Identification
” Restrooms Share Hand Sanitizers
” Come-One-Come-All Unisex Restroom Sign
” No Restroom Exit Possible Warning Sign
” Branding The Restroom In Hospitality Retail
” Fogo de Chao Steakhouse Restroom Sinks
Yelp To Find Gender Neutral Restrooms
Restroom Navigation In Aerospace
Oversize Restroom Navigation Sign
Come One, Come All, Family Restroom Symbol
Spy Museum Restroom ID Sign Detail
Spy Museum Restroom Navigation Sign
Ritz Carlton Restroom Gentleman’s Gentleman
Mercedes Benz Manhattan Restroom Landscaping
Puzzling Novelty Merchandise for Retail Restroom Sales
Anti-Theft Restroom Stall Outfitting Guarantees Integrity
Restroom Pledge Includes Business Cards
Restroom S-Hook Rides Side-Saddle
If Restroom Locked, Someone Is Inside
Register Your Restroom Trademark
Ambidextrous Closed for Cleaning Advisory
Rubbermaid Out-Of-Order Warning
Restroom Sharps Container
Restroom Hand Sanitizer by Purell
Handicapped Restroom Stall is a Half-Bath
High Art in Restroom Decor
Restroom Toilet Plunger Art and Outfitting
Mercedes Benz Retail Restroom Standards Upheld
Restroom Cleaning Shout-Out
Restroom Cleaning Toggle
Clothes Hook Backplate Upgrade
Super-Duty Restroom Clothes Hook
Aesop Category Definition a Need
Rustic Hand Sanitizer D.I.Y.
Professional Grade Clothes Hook
Restroom Clothing Hook Amenities
Men’s Room Handicap Footnote
Retail Rest Area IED Warning
Dead Serious About Dirt
Don’t Forget Your Baby
Do You Prefer WiFi or a Restroom
Junior And Senior Height Facilities
Restroom Step-N-Wash For Young VIPs
” Restroom Use Instructions For Step-N-Wash

Follow Sharps Containers at…

Turnpike Sharps Container Cuts-No-Corners
Restroom Sharps Container
Kalahari Community Syringe Disposal Unit

Follow Restroom Keys and Security at…

Kalahari Resorts Mothers Room Amenity
Retail Restroom Custom Key Fob
” Security Key Controls Restroom Access
Restroom Outside, Don’t Need A Key
Counter-Top Fishbowl Restroom Key Holder

Follow Restroom Mirrors at…

Restroom Mirror Finishing Details
Restroom Mirror Adjustment Arms
Rustic Restroom Mirror Outfitting Includes Shutters

Follow Sub-Zero Showroom Restroom Amenities at…

” Sub-Zero Showroom Restroom Navigation Sophistication
” Sub-Zero Guest Restroom Sign Standoffs
” Sub-Zero Guest Restroom Hand Towel Tray
” Georgia-Pacific Restroom Hand Towel Amenities

Follow Barnes and Noble Restroom Reporting at…

Will Fook For Books Graffiti
For Restroom Step This Way

Follow Kalahari Restroom outfitting at …

” Kalahari Resort Men’s Restroom Sign
” Koala Kare Baby Restroom Changing Station
” Kalahari Resort Ladies Restroom Sign
Kalahari Resorts Mothers Room Amenity
Kalahari Resorts Family Room Amenity
Kalahari Community Syringe Disposal Unit

Consider Michaels Restroom Outfitting at…

Women’s Restroom Circle Gender-Identifier
Men’s Restroom Triangle Gender-Identifier
Restroom Cleaning Supplies Requests Encouraged
Recessed Restroom Hand-Dryer Splash-Guard
Teach-In-Our-Classroom Restroom Invitation
Learn-From-Local-Crafters Restroom Outreach
Teacher Restroom Recruiting Mirror Advertising

Follow Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Restroom Fitout at…

Mercedes-Benz Stainless-Steel Towel Dispenser
Mercedes-Benz VIP Restroom Aromatherapy Outfitting
Mercedes-Benz Koala-Kare VIP Changing Station
Mercedes-Benz VIP Restroom Washup Advice
Mercedes-Benz VIP 12-Step Hand Wash Instructions

Comprehensive Motorworld Site-Wide Restroom Directions…

Gender-Based Fork In The Road Directionals Part Ways
Men Proceed Through Vending Then Go Right
Women Proceed Through Vending Then Go Left
Many Important Choices Right This Way Navigation
Women Reverse Course To Restroom Followup Directional

Follow JFK Restroom Amenity Reposting at…

Restroom Occupancy Limit 3187 Persons
Iconic Restroom Feedback Button Pictograms
Caballeros Mexican Gentlemen’s Restroom
Touchless Restroom Feedback QR-Code

Follow Target Restroom Outfitting at…

Restroom Construction Temporary Detour
Restroom Door Opening Instruction Details
Restroom Contactless Pull-Handle Door Opener
Restroom Alphabetic Gender Designator
” Gender Silhouettes As Restroom Signage
” Restroom Hand Dryer Backsplash Upgrade

Follow Bloom-Bounce Restroom Branding at…

Bounce-House Ladies Restroom Branding
Bloom-Bounce Professional Bouncers Only Branding
Bounce-House Gents Restroom Branding

Follow Imagi Nation Playland
Restroom Outfitting at…

Restroom Lowrider Little People Urinal
No-Peeking Keep Restroom Door Closed
Restroom Floorstanding Diaper Changing Station

Follow Buy Buy Baby Restroom Outfitting at…

Little Girl’s Restroom Graphic ID
StepNpull Use-Your-Foot Restroom Door Opener
Little Boy’s Restroom Graphic ID

Follow Nordstrom Restroom Amenities at…

Nordstrom Asymmetric Restroom Sink Design
Nordstrom Sink Faucet Control Instructions
” Push Button Toilet Flush Override
” Open Stall Door Slowly In Fine Print
” Restroom Sign Provides Four Choices

Follow Lowe’s Restroom Sign Strategies…

Restroom Standby Generator Installation QR-Code
Restroom Out-of-Order Warning Sign
Restroom Stall Recruiting Sign Strategy
Lowes Installation Entry Sign Strategy

Follow Wegman’s Restroom Outfitting at…

Restroom Hold-The-Baby Amenity
Restroom Diaper-Depot Changing Amenity
Top Restroom Environmental Bragging Rights by Wegmans
Wegman’s Entry Cleanup Amenities Restroom Service Braille Request
” Restroom Hand Soap Barrel Cross Sell
Wegman’s Grocery Restroom Inspection Checkpoint
Clean Restrooms Are Important Policy

Follow Trion Restroom Sign Strategies at…

Be Civilized No Foot Toilet Flushing Allowed
Germ Farm Hands Scrub-Em Directive
Door Stop Handwash Warning Blocks Egress
Your Mission Stay Alive Instructions Illustrated

Follow Apple Showroom Restroom Accommodations at…

Wash-And-Dry Dyson AirBlade Sink Combo
Apple Full-Featured Restroom Outfitting Built-in
Apple Restroom Women’s Hygiene Trapdoor Facility
Aunt Flow Feminine Hygiene Business Dispenser
Aunt Flow Feminine Products Braille Instructions
” Restroom Urinal Shelf for iPhone and iPad

Follow Urinal Outfitting Across Retail at…

” Urinal Only Temporarily Out Of Order
” Do-It-Yourself Caution Tape Urinal Closure
” Shrink-Wrapped Out-Of-Order Urinal
” Restroom Urinal Shelf for iPhone and iPad
Country Club Locker Room Amenity Coverup
” Restroom Urinal Diaper is Unmistakable
Open Mouth Urinals at Belushi’s Sports Bar
” Urinal Out-of-Home Advertising in the Restroom

Follow Restroom Baby Care Amenities at…

Changing Station Diaper Cross-Sell
Embossed Changing Station Instructions
Rotomolded Baby Changing Station
Men’s Restroom Koala Kare Notice
Restroom Hold-The-Baby Amenity
Restroom Diaper-Depot Amenity
Baby Changing Station Restroom Add-On
Nursing Space Alternative to Changing Station
” Koala Kare Baby Restroom Changing Station

” Restroom Baby Changing Station Built-In
” Mother’s Room Upgrade From Restroom
” Please Knock Before Entering Restroom
” Mothers Room Accommodations Are Spacious
” Who Knew Baby Care Was So Complicated?
” Changing Table Pads as Restroom V.I.P. Amenity
” Rubbermaid Branded Restroom Signage
Restroom Koala Care Goes Stainless
Baby Changing Station Restroom Add-On

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For Restroom Toilet Related Posts see…

Be Civilized No Foot Toilet Flushing Allowed
Clogged Toilet Restroom Warning
Generous Quad Toilet Paper Dispenser Outfitting
Basic Bare-Bones Two Roll Toilet Paper Holder
” Triple Roll Toilet Paper Holder Minimalism
” Quadraphonic Four Roll Toilet Paper Holder
Zip Tie Save For Toilet Paper Dispenser Fault
” Branding Toilet Paper in Hospitality Retail
Restroom Occupancy Limit 3187 Persons
Handicapped Toilet Assist Grab Bar Add-Ons
Designer Restroom Wall Art Well Hung
Restroom Flush Instructions Seen From a Distance
How To Correctly Flush A Sloan® Toilet
This Toilet Will Overflow
Restroom Toilet Plunger Art and Outfitting
Restroom Stall Flagged Out-of-Order
Restroom Stall Quick Fix
” Auto Feed Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
Cold Toilet Seat Remedy Needed
Toilet Seat Cleaner as Amenity
Ladies Please Be Seated
Don’t Flush With Your Feet!
Kick-Stand Equipped Toilet
Wingman® Toilet Seat Alternative
Timberline Day Care Does Rest Facilities Right
The Dicken’s Tavern Provides Wingman® for All
Toilet Will Overflow Sign Transposition

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For Restroom Hand Drying Amenities see…

Hand Dryer Diamond Plate Backsplash
Recessed Restroom Hand-Dryer Splash-Guard
” Dunkin’ Donuts Branded Hand Dryer
” Fogo de Chao Restaurant Restroom Hand Towel
” Sub-Zero Guest Restroom Hand Towel Tray
” Georgia-Pacific Restroom Hand Towel Amenities
” Restroom Hand Dryer Backsplash Upgrade
” Dyson 12 Second Restroom Hand Dry Record
” Restroom Counter Top Paper Towel Holder
” Restroom Hand Dryer Turns Over New Leaf
” Kimberly-Clark Brands Hand Towels in Stainless Steel
” Stiebel Eltron Restroom Hooded Hand Dryer
Short-Cut to Short Circuit In The Restroom
Top Restroom Environmental Bragging Rights by Wegmans®
Use A Hand Dryer To Save A Tree Encouragement
Bradley® In-Sink Improvement Over Dyson®
Dyson® AirBlade 5 Do-It-Yourself Backsplash
Dyson AirBlade 5 With Factory Backsplash
Time to Upgrade Your Restroom Dyson®
Hypermodern Washroom Amenity
Washroom Lock-Out / Tag-Out
Macys® Brands Xlerator® Green
Hand Towels as Restroom Amenity
Clean Cut® Towel Dispenser Instruction Icons
Clean Cut® Towel Dispenser Remedial Instructions
Hilton® Branded Paper Towels
Hand Dryers Sponsored by Aqua

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