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QR BACKSTORY: QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. A QR code uses four standardized encoding mode(numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to efficiently store data; extensions may also be used. The QR code system became popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. Applications include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and general marketing. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

For QR Codes in Retail by Title see…

Car Seat Recycle QR-Code
Black Owned Or Designed Aisle QR-Code
Member Countertop QR-Code Mat
Restroom Standby Generator Installation QR-Code
Lane No Ordinary Recliner Tag
Shop Latino Beauty Brands QR-Code
Mall Keyhole QR-Code Visualization
Macy’s Shop Easier App QR-Code
Hearth & Hand Round Area Rug Rack
Browse All JFK Shops QR-Code
JFK Terminal Master QR-Code Directory
Sleep Expert QR-Code Promo Flag
Mall Save Big Money QR-Code
Play Smartphone Claw Machine Games
In-Store Pack and Hold Sign Promotion
Towel Prices A Snap QR-Code Advice
Digital Circular QR-Code Deals Every Day
Shop More Home Decor Via App
Macy’s Shop Easier App Display
Grow Together QR-Code Hiring Campaign
Vazalore Aspirin Therapy Padded-Coupon Display
Ready-To-Buy Glowforge QR-Code
Before You Go Reminder QR-Code
Top Toys Designation QR-code Sign
Toy Price QR-Code Invitation
Reebok Scan-To-Shop QR-Code Offer
Ollie’s Cashwrap QR-Code Recruitment Decal  ”
QR-Code Pet Prescription Floor Graphic

Check-In Help QR-Code Automation
Total Tech Heavy-Duty Corrugated Sign
Big Bank Couture QR-Code Decal
Shop Toys-R-Us Online QR-Code
Fluke QR-Code Demonstration Invitation
Wayward Chicken Cups QR-Code
Firestone $5 Off QR-Code Review
Interstate Batteries QR-Code Powers Online Orders
Pop-Tarts Mystery Flavor Challenge QR-Code
Macy’s We Want-Talent-Like-You Tower
Hot-Topic Reservations By QR-Code Cling
#TakePride Surprise QR-Code
Shop Pride Online QR Code Access
H&M Be-More Twin-Stanchion Hiring Sign
Cricut Professional Mug Design Instructions
ZipFizz How-To-Scan QR-Code Instructions
Panera Bread Unlimited Coffee Subscription Banner
QR-Code Water Heater Installation Offer
CoronaVirus Touchless QR-Code Restroom Rating
Ralph Lauren CoronaVirus Multilingual QR-Code Notice
CoronaVirus CEO QR-Code Message
Experiential Feel-Really-Relaxed App QR Code
Macys Dorm Checklist QR-Code Access
Sanitary-Wipe Mobile Offer Advertising In-Store
Open-Salon App QR-Code Sidewalk Sign
QR-Code Cake Decorating Ideas by Scan
Congrats To The Grad QR Code Outreach
Abercrombie & Fitch Hiring QR Code Cling
Chipotle Rewards Scan For Points Reminder
” Get Connected to Dollar Tree In-Store
” Realtor QR Code Link to Retail Space Available  ”
” Now Shop For Slatwall By Mobile Device
” Find Candles On Facebook or By QR Code
” Coffee Shoppe QR Code For Employment
Best of QR Codes Deployed Across Retail” (Aug 10, 2017)
Scan QR Code For Retail Video Tutorials
EcoATM Instant Cash for iPhone Trade
Free Pistachios For Life QR Code Promotion
QR Code Resolves Product Stockouts Instantly
Selling Skydiving Silently with QR Code
Valley Forge® Rolls-Out Free-Standing Merchandiser For Flags
Scan QR Code To Find Jobs
T-Fal® ActiFry One-Up Point-of-Purchase
Retail Briefing: QR Codes Kill Kittens
Retail Briefing: 9 Good Ways To Use QR Codes
Enhance Your Ass Display is S-Hook Hung
Incontinance: Stop Bladder Leaks At The Retail Shelf Edge
How To Survive Cold Weather QR
Mercedes Wheel Protection QR Code
Like Mercedes for Online Savings
Proper Tea Served Here
Michael’s® App Download by QR Code
NutriBullet® Angles for Aisle Traffic
NutriBullet® Tall Customer QR
Walgreens® + J&J® Wound Care
Fashion Forward Facial QR
Defining Color by Name
Help Find Instructions on Hook
JCPenny® Christmas Care Plan
Black & Decker® Quick-Read QR
Macy’s® QR Outreach in Color
Heinz® QR Hooray
Machu Picchu Pre-Columbian QR-Code
Jo-Ann® Pinterest QR Outreach
See eirdhat’s Trending at JoAnn®
Sprint® QR Code to Facebook Like
Breast Pump Lockdown
Feiss® Mobile Catalog QR Code
QR Code to Santa Sleigh Ride
Faux Handle Bar Point-of-Purchase
Digital Shower QR Code
Macy’s Customer Favorite QR Code
Cow and Pig Home Delivery QR Code
Tylenol® QR Code Textbook Offer
Back-to-School QR Code To-Go
Mobile Catalog QR Code In-Store
Bar Merchandiser QR Codes
Only Darkness is More Efficient
Scan-to-Buy QR Code
Miele® Sales Pitch Inside and Out
KitchenAid® Pitch is QR-Backed
Ribbon Bulk Merchandising With QR
QR Code for Narcs
Callout Card ≠ Calling Card
QR + URL + TXT + FB + App
QR Code on Wheels
Store-made 3D Dimensional Sign
Social Media Fluent in Fashion
Colorized QR Code
QR Code for Out-of-Stocks
Mall Wants to Talk QR And Much More
QR Code Errors as Footnote Only
Hobo QR Code for Digital Nomads
QR Code Sexier Than Skin
QR Code Out of Reach?
QR for Complex Product Communication
OtterBox Box Outdoes Itself
QR Codes for the Well-Dressed
Street-Smart Scan Code
QR Code Fills Storefront
Fashion Forward Facial QR
Drink Coaster QR Code Strategy
Watermelons Now Sport QR Codes
Chipboard as Tabbed Divider
Faux QR Code More Fiction than Fact
QR Code TimeBomb: 14 Days and Counting Down
QR Window Decal is Transparent
QR Code Moves to Television
Out-of-Home Opt-In at the Mall
Poor Man’s QR Code
Text From The Restroom Merits Retail Discount
More Shopping, Less QR Code
QR: Retailer‘s Secret Weapon Redirect
Idiotic QR Code Campaigns
QR and Mobile Trends Whitepaper

Follow Petco Vital Care in-store promotion at…

Vital Care Veterinarian Wellness Plan Sign
Vital Care Veterinarian Wellness QR-Code

Follow Target QR Code Implementation at…

Shelf-Edge $15 Get-The-Coupon QR-Code
$5 Get-The-Coupon In-App QR Code
Target® “All-Gone” QR Code
Gift Cards All Gone QR
Target’s Holiday Toy QR Code Campaign

Follow venerable Toys R Us store strategies at…

Get Phone Store Guide By QR Code
Personalized Follow-Us Instagram Invitation

Follow Coach Digital Assistant Signing Strategies at…

Coach Meet Digital Shopping Assistant Sign
Coach Digital Shopping Assistant Mirror-Cling “

Walgreens QR-Code Greeting Card Displays at…

Hallmark Video Greeting Promo Flag  ”
Hallmark Video Greeting Card Tower

Follow Rite Aid QR-Code Promotions at…

Flu QR-Code Sidewalk Sign Invitation
Shelf-Edge Claim Your Rewards QR-Code
Shelf-Edge All About Rewards QR-Code
TerraBoost Opioid Sponsorship Opportunity
Shingles Stabbing Pain Symptoms Sign

Follow IKEA QR-Code Promotions at…

” IKEA Creating An Experience QR-Code
IKEA Feedback Solicitation QR-Code
Expedited Exchanges and Returns QR-Code

Follow Target Lego QR-Code Merchandising  at…

Lego Marvel Avengers Promo-Flag
Lego Ninjago Aisle Violator Promotion
Lego Friends Aisle Invader Promotion

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Follow Michaels Sign QR Code and #Hashtags at…

Back-To-School Gridwall Island Display
No-Green-Thumb Gondola Upright Sign
Gondola-Upright Sign-Arm Details
Add-Greenery Gondola Upright Sign
Spring-For-Blue Gondola Upright Sign
Cool-Off-Indigo Gondola Upright Sign
Accent-Light-Style Gondola Upright Sign
Work-Where-You-Shop QR-Code Invitation

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HASHTAG BACKSTORY: A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing the hash character # (also known as the number sign or pound sign) in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. Searching for that hashtag will yield each message that has been tagged with it. A hashtag archive is consequently collected into a single stream under the same hashtag. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

ATMARK BACKSTORY: A common contemporary use of @ is in email addresses (using the SMTP system), as in (the user jdoe located at site the domain). BBN Technologies‘ Ray Tomlinson is credited with introducing this usage in 1971.

On some online forums without threaded discussions, @ is used to denote a reply; for instance: “@Jane” to respond to a comment Jane made earlier. Similarly, in some cases, @ is used for “attention” in email messages originally sent to someone else. For example, if an email was sent from Catherine to Steve, but in the body of the email, Catherine wants to make Keirsten aware of something, Catherine will start the line “@Keirsten” to indicate to Keirsten that the following sentence concerns her. This also helps with mobile email users who cannot see bold or color in email.

In microblogging (such as Twitter and GNU social-based microblogs), @ before the user name is used to send publicly readable replies (e.g. “@otheruser: Message text here”). The blog and client software can automatically interpret these as links to the user in question. When included as part of a person’s or company’s contact details, an @ symbol followed by a name is normally understood to refer to a Twitter ID. A similar use of the @ symbol was also made available to Facebook users on September 15, 2009.  (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

For store #Hashtags and @Atmarks and more see…

Life in Italian Lingerie Hashtag
#MyChildrensPlace Share Your Style Invitation
#5BLStyle Five Below Neon Hashtag
Women’s Made to #Express You Display
Men’s Made to #Express You Display
#ChardSoHard Social Distance Floor Graphic
Show Love #ShopSmall Shop Local Sign
#MyStylePlace Wear-and-Share T-Shirts
Pretty Never-Goes-Out-Of-Style Proposition
#NordstromCares Christmas Children’s Appeal
Sephora #OleGlow Start-a-Rumor Free-Facial Floor Graphic
Claire’s In-Store Selfies Photo Cut Out
” Lush Window Dressing #LushMoods Hashtag Display
” Good Girl #GoodToBeBad Hashtag Display
” Strike a #BendelGirl Pose Urges Henri Bendel
” Bunny Selfie For Easter Promotes #TargetFun
” Hashtag Your Personalized T-Shirt Design
” Hashtag T-Shirt Personalization Promotion
” #MomToBe Hashtag at Motherhood Maternity
” Gifts We Love Heart and Hashtag
” Dick’s Sports Laces In Social Media
” Springgate Drink Local Spirits T-Shirt
” Women Who Can Hashtag At Karen Millen
” Karen Millen Flagship Store Lifestyle Theme
” Share Pet Party Festivities #PetcoParty
” Happy Pet Birthday Props at Petco
In-Store Sink Encourages Try Me Hashtag
Harrys #ownyourAM Hashtag Mirror
Grand Piano Alligator Clip Stand #onlyatNM
#SaksMen Hashtag As Window Dressing Footnote
#PawMoment Paw Patrol Take A Selfie Scene
Neon We All Can Winter Hashtag
Toyota® Selfie For Someone Elsie Hashtag
Bullseye® as Pose and Post #TargetDog Mascot
#GetClassed Back-To-School Mall Display Hashtag
#bullseyesplayground Readability Issues
Promoting #Hashtag Digital Retail With Printed Signs
“Floor Graphic Contest Hashtag”
ShopRite Mobile Car Campaign Advertising
Snaidero® In-Store Facebook Wall
Hashtag and Atmark Merchandising
Pushpin Hashtag for Retail
” Best Buy Only @ Best Buy
Outfitting An Ampersand With A 90º Display Hook
Monkey Tails at the Mall
Saks Monkey Tails Revisited
Best of Hashtags and Atmarks in Retail ” Jan 24, 2020

Follow Retail Texting promotions at…

Text Rewards Sign Sleeve Promo
Dollar General Cooler Door Hiring Text Tearoffs
Hobby-Lobby Text-To-Join Entry Invitation
Children’s Place Text To Save 30% Rewards
CoronaVirus Curbside Restaurant Pickup via Text
Save 20% Via Text and WiFi Connection
Kohls Text JoinMe Store Hiring Lawn Sign
Text From The Restroom Merits Retail Discount
Text for Dollar General Digital Coupons
” Text Opt-In Instant Savings for Tommee Tippee
” Popeyes Social Media Text Invitation
” Text For Free Pet Food Promotion
Text for More Recipes for Elmer’s Slime

On other closely related topics try…

Dinosaur Social Media Tags
Personalized Follow-Us Instagram Invitation
” Henri Bendel Plush Emoji Acrylic Stand
CoronaVirus Happy-To-See-You Smiley Unmasked
Kohls App Offers Bar Code Scan Function
Cole Hardware® D.I.Y. Social Media
Target  iPhone App Extra Savings
Carpet Cross Sell to iPhone App
Express® Mobile Employment Cart
Moleskine® In-Store Selfie
Single Scan Code Sells All
Pushpin Hashtag for Retail
Is WiFi a Benefit to Retail
Do You Prefer WiFi or a Restroom
Sally Hansen Social Media at Shelf Edge
Haagen-Dazs Smile Goes Viral

Follow Facebook In-Store Outreach at…

Rustique Check-Out Soclal Media Invitation
Snaidero® In-Store Facebook Wall
” Find Candles On Facebook or By QR Code
Sprint® QR Code to Facebook Like
Friendly Facebook In-Store Outreach

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For QR Code, #Hashtags, @Atmarks and Texting see…

QR, #Hashtag, and @Atmark in Retail Pinterest Board
QR, #Hashtag, and @Atmark in Retail Index Page

QR Codes in Retail Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

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