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Plug-In Fixtures in Retail

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This Plug-In Fixtures in Retail index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: A wall plug (UK English),[notes 1] also known as an anchor (US) or “Rawlplug” (UK), is a fibre or plastic (originally wood) insert used to enable the attachment of a screw in material that is porous or brittle or that would otherwise not support the weight of the object attached with the screw.[1][2] It is a type of anchor that, for example, allows screws to be fitted into masonry walls.

There are many forms of wall plug, but the most common principle is to use a tapered tube of soft material, such as plastic. This is inserted loosely into a drilled hole, then a screw is tightened into the centre. As the screw enters the plug, the soft material of the plug expands conforming tightly to the wall material. Such anchors can attach one object to another in situations where screws, nails, adhesives, or other simple fasteners are either impractical or ineffective. Different types have different levels of strength and can be used on different types of surfaces. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Plug-In Hooks insert directly into their host Vertical or Horizontal Display Surfaces without the intricate reorientation of normal Pegboard Hooks or specialized fittings of Bayonet Mount Hooks. Plug-In Hooks are available in a wide range of styles and configurations.

For Table Top Plug-In Fixtures in Retail see…

” Cross-Slot Sign Plug-In For Display Top
Fall Lawn Flag Plug-in Floor Rack Asymmetry
Lawn Flag Floor Stand With Outriggers
Top-Slotted-Bar Scan Hook
Nicole Miller® Branded Plug-In Table-Top
Plug-In Pedestals Tiered
Rack-End Plug-In Sign Elevates
Fossil® Watch Wood Plug-N-Play
Pillow Plug-In for Table Top
Samsung Sign Stick
Outrigger Sign With Hidden Feature
Kohl’s® Plug-in Pedestal for Shoes
Table-Top Plug-in for Jewelry
Not-so-Removable Glove Hook
Rust as a Retail Finish Redux
Plug-in Digital Signage
Magnetic Plug-in Mount for Digital Signage

For Plug-In Fixtures in Retail by Title

” Movable Pegs Increase Versatility of Display
” Tractor Wheel Plug-In Bar Hook Display
” Do-It-Yourself Slatwall Bar Merchandising Hanger
Ferragamo Plug-in Necktie Bar
Ferragamo Plug-in Scarf Bar
Plug-In Faceout Column Outfitting Arrangement ”
” Plug-In Faceout Features Ball-End Finials
” Gooseneck Overhead Sign Arm Plug-In Base
” Rack-Top Plug-In Sign Holder at Osh Kosh
” Handcrafted Utensils Plug-In Hooks
Adidas Plug-In Wire Ledge For Womans Sneakers
Plug-In Divider for Plank and Bar-Stock Merchandising
Do-It-Yourself Plug-In Bar Storage System
Chipotle® Custom Peg or Plug-In Pattern
EuroFixtures™: A Dutch Interpretation of Pegboard
Custom Pegboard via Design Retail
Plug-in Hooks Your Preference?
Pegboard Plug-In Dowels and Shelves
Design: Retail Pegboard Envy
Wood Pegboard Plug-In Hook
Pin-Stopped Plug-In Hook
Plug-In Tension Rod Hooks in Black
Cookware on J-Hook Bar Plug-In
Do-It-Yourself Lollipop Tree
Keyhole Shelf Supports
Upright Endcap Carpet Dividers
Gum Vends via Plug-in Bar Hook
Oversize Pegboard Outlining
KitchenAid® Plug-In J-Hooks
Pin-Press For Fun and Profit
Top-Mount Open Wire Tray
Plug-in Peg Hooks Go Nuts
New Moleskine® Plug-in Trick
Diesel® Hands Replace Hooks
Sunglass Hut® Twist-Lock Post
Hugo Boss® Rectangular Plug-In
Plug-in Hook of a Different Sort
Rolled Staging, Plug-In Hook
Plug-In Hook for Faux Finish
Digital Discount is Plug-In
Moleskine® Plug-in Butterfly Hook
Horizontal Pegboard Concept
Upsized Pegboard Does T-Shirts
Yankee Candle® Plug-in Plugs-In
Plug-in Bar Does Curtains
Hook Design by Rube Goldberg
Wood Peg’d Glutten-Free Cookies for Me
Wood Pegged Wall of Blue
Wood Peg Display Construction Tip
Plug-in Loop Hooks Periscope
Gauge Pins Create Perfect Sign
Wood Pegboard Dowels as Shelf Dividers
Large-Scale Fixtures Plug In
Wood Dowels Peg a Wall
Designer Haberdash Pegged Board
Wood-on-Wood Peg Hooks
Plug ‘N Play Jewelry Display
Wood Inlay as Point-of-Purchase Display
Basketball as a Seasonal Theme
Bar Merchandiser Plugs-In
Large Bore Plug-in Hook #1
Large Bore Plug-in Hook #2
Large Bore Plug-in Hook #3
Plug-in Digital Signage
Magnetic Plug-in Mount for Digital Signage
Tree-Like Display Sports Metal Faceouts
Hat Ledge Plugs In
When to Use a Permanent Hook
Baseline Post for Plug-in Hooks
Plug-in and Pegboard Hooks Combine
Plug-in Hook of a Different Sort
Back Tags for Plug-In Hooks

Compare Wood Peg Plug-In Fixtures in Retail at…

” Plug-And-Play Shelf And Display Hook System
” Plug-And-Play Display Hook O-Ring Outfitting
” Plug-And-Play Shelf Dowel O-Ring Outfitting
” Handmade Wood Fashion Jewelry Peg Hooks
” Plaque Display Wood Peg Camfer Detail
” Wood Display Hook Nordstrom Carded Display
Wood-on-Wood Peg Hooks
” Wood Pegboard Plug-In Hook
Wood Pegged Wall of Blue

For related Threaded Hooks see…

” Woodshop DIY Bolt-On Display Hooks
Twin Towers of Plug-In Purse Faceouts
Plug-In And Threaded Purse Faceouts
Threaded Hook for Fashion Jewelry
Anti-Sweep Finial on Threaded Hook
Lacoste® Branded Custom Cap Stand Hook

For merchandising Plug-Ins see…

Color-Coded Plug-in / Pull-Out Jewelry
Plug-in / Pull-Out Carded Jewelry Spinner
Pick Cards for Pens

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