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This Pillow Merchandising Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: A pillow is a support of the body at rest for comfort, therapy, or decoration. Pillows are used by many species, including humans. Some types of pillows include throw pillows and decorative pillows.[1] Pillows that aid sleeping are a form of bedding that supports the head and neck. Other types of pillows are designed to support the body when lying down or sitting. There are also pillows that consider human body shape for increased comfort during sleep. Decorative pillows used on beds, couches or chairs are also referred to as cushions.[2][3]

In contemporary western culture, pillows consist of a plain or patterned fabric envelope (known as a pillowcase) which contains a soft stuffing, typically synthetic and typically standardized in sizes and shape.[4] Pillows have been historically made of a variety of natural materials and many cultures continue to use pillows made from natural materials.

The word pillow comes from Middle English pilwe, from Old English pyle (akin to Old High German pfuliwi) and from Latin pulvinus. The first known use of the word pillow was before the 12th century.[5] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Pillow Merchandising Fixtures by Title see…

Open-Wire 9-Wheel Pillow Bulk Bin
Mobile Gridwall Pillow Bulk Bin

Spencers Decorator Pillow Endcap Display
Sleepy’s High-Loft Pillow Display ”
Jingle-Jingle Christmas Pillows
Nordstrom Rack Giant Pillow Clearance
Happy-Halloween Pillow Shelf-Edge Fencing
Sleep-On-It Bed Visual Merchandising
C-Clamp Pillow Visual Merchandising
Wood Trunkload Pillow Proposition
Wood Bulk Bin Pillow Merchandising  ”
Carload Merchandising Wireframe
” Buy One Get One Pillow Table-Top Sign
Best of Pillow Mass Merchandising
” Handmade Holiday Header For Pillow Display
” Hand Picked Item Branding At JoAnn Fabrics
” Patriotic Pillow Endcap Endless Basket
Wire Mesh Easter Egg Basket At Nordstrom
” Christmas Plush Pillow Bulk Bin Merchandising
” Halloween Throw Pillow Pallet Display
” Color-Coded Beautyrest Pillow Merchandising
Kids Oversize Pillow Bulk Bin Merchandising
Patriotic Pillow Dump Bin Merchandising
Watermelon Pillow Merchandising
Arched Pillow Display Tower Is Multi-Tier
My PIllow Rollout Point-of-Purchase Display
Plush Emoji Pillow Category Definition
Joyful Park Bench Propped Pillow Promotion
Bulk Bin Crenelations for Christmas Pet Pillows
Famous Christmas Tag Line Pillows At Macys®
Joy Mangano® Memory Cloud Pillow Tower Display
Bolster and Body Pillow Shelf Edge Fencing
BedGear® Pillow Power Merchandising By Endcap
Patio Furniture Pillow Color-Coded Pricing
Pottery Barn® Wicker Basket Pillow Carry-Ons
Planter and Patio Pillow Display Two-fer
Back-To-School Dorm Shop Wake-Up Call
Comfort Bay® Side-Saddle Pillow Case Rack
Comfort Bay® Built-In Bedding Sign Holder
Hunk Branded Pillow Bulk Bin
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Bulk Binned
Pillow-Wall Perimeter Fixtures for Retail
Bolstering On-Shelf Pillow Sales
Body Pillows in a Space Frame
How to Permanently Face a Bulk Bin
Bulk Gravity-Feed for Pillows
Overstuffed Pillows in Oversize Urn
Sham as Shelf-Edge Cross Sell
Down Samples at Shelf Edge
Memory Foam® Branded Island
WonderGel® Try Me Chairs
Beach on Single-Prong Ball-End Display Hook
Euro Fixture™: Pet Pillow
Bed Bug Proof Pillow Cases
Sterns & Foster Branded Pillow Napkin
IKEA® Ceiling Comforter Rack
Football Helmet Plush Pillows
Faux Wood Shelf Overlay Curves
Acrylic Silo Displays Pillows
Ribbon-Tied Plush Pillow Sale
Tommy Hilfiger® Pillows on Wheels
IKEA® Top-Mount Arm for Pillows
IKEA Pillow Carousel
IKEA Ceiling Rack for Pillows
IKEA Procession of Pillows
Twine-Tied Sunbrella® Pillow Sale
Summer Lounger S-Hooks in Plastic
IKEA® Clothes-Pinned Pillows
Pillow Plug-In for Table Top
Nordstrom® Skinny Sleep Pillow
IKEA Overhead Pillow Display
Longitude and Latitude Pillows at IKEA
JC Penny Luxury Pillow To-Go
Dream of Down at JC Penny
Dog Bed Merchandising in Red
Pillows Tied With Twine
Laddered Pillows
Oversize Fencing for Pillows
Pillows Provide Truly Soft Sell
Stearns and Foster® Branded Dorm
Super-Duty Endless Basket
2010 Creative Cross Sell Award
iFly Souvenirs Cross Sell In A Wall Niche

Follow Serta Pillow merchandising at…

Seta-Count-Sheep Mascots and Tagline
Serta Smart Defense Pillow Bulk-Bin Pallet
Serta Pillow Open-Wire Shelf Management
Perfect-Sleeper Memory-Foam Pillow Bulk-Bin
Perfect-Sleeper Pillow Bulk-Bin Pallet Guard

Follow Pier 1 Imports Pillow Merchandising at…

Assorted Pillow Wall Cubicle Array
” Buy One Get One Pillow Table-Top Sign
Patriotic Pillow Promotion at Shelf Edge
Pier 1 Perimeter Pillow Wall

Follow Pottery Barn Pillow merchandising at…

Loveseat Furnishings Pillow Prop
Oversize Sectional Pillow Staging Love
Sectional Furnishing Pillow Prop
Pillow Wall Merchandising Display

Compare Tall and Short
Boscov’s Pillow Display at….

Throw Pillow Short Bulk-Bin Display
Faux Fur Pillow Tall Tower Display

Follow Macy’s Pillow Merchandising Fixtures at…

La Dolce Vita Tapestry Pillow Display
Open Wire Waste Basket Pillow Presentation
Pillow Pigeonhole Display Variety
Why Memory Foam Declined Display
Winking Pillow Prop In Bed at Macy’s
” Pillow Pyramid Table-Top Space Frame
” Pillow Pyramid Floorstand Space Frame

Follow Big Lots Pillow Merchandising at…

Patio Lounge Pillow S-Hook Outfitting
Broyhill Outdoor Pillow Hang-Tag Rating
Broyhill Unbranded Pillow Display Tower
Broyhill Branded Pillow Display Tower

Follow Target Pillow Merchandising at…

Living Room Pillow Display Staging
Seating-Focused Cushion Display Staging

See TJMaxx Pillow Merchandising Display at…

Small Space Throw-Pillow Endcap at TJMaxx

For Declined and Gravity Feed Pillow Merchandising Fixtures see…

Summer Patio Pillow Gravity Feed Tower
Declined Pillow Display Bracing
Raymour & Flanigan Pillow Branding
Laddered Pillows
Bulk Gravity-Feed for Pillows
Allure of Gravity-Feed for Pillows
No-Crush Gravity-Feed for Pillows.”

For Body Pillow Merchandising Fixtures see…

Laura Ashley Body Pillow Bulk Bin in Clear Acrylic
Comparison: How to Sell Plush Body Pillows
Body Pillows in a Space Frame

For Travel Pillows see…

Cloudz® Laddered Butterfly Hooks
Broad Butterfly Ladder Hook

Follow Michaels Retail Fixtures
Eerie Halloween Outfitting at…

Michaels Halloween Pillows Soft Sell

For all Pillow Merchandising Fixtures Resources see…

Pillow Merchandising Fixtures Pinterest Board
Pillow Merchandising Fixtures Index Page

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