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Picture Hook Display Merchandising

Picture Hang Display Merchandising - IKEA Tail-In-The-Air Decorator Picture Hooks

Picture Hang Display Merchandising – IKEA Tail-In-The-Air Decorator Picture Hooks


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BACKSTORY: Wall hooks are versatile hanging hardware commonly used to hang everyday items like hats, pot holders, small towels, and coffee mugs.

But there’s more to wall hooks than meets the eye. Because of their durability and strength, we can use wall hooks to support medium to large items like picture frames, art, and mirrors. Did you know that wall hooks are made of different materials? You’ll find hooks with brass, zinc-plated steel, and nickel-plated finishes. We also have plastic and steel hooks for concrete and brick walls. These choices are great for folks looking for something to match their walls and aesthetics. What’s cool about wall hooks is that they’re so versatile.They can be used anywhere at home, in the office, or even in commercial spaces. They don’t take up too much space, they solve a clutter problem, and they’re easy to use.

One of the common types of wall hooks available in the market are picture hanging hooks.They are traditional and specialty hooks that are ideal for hanging pictures, artwork, frames, signs, etc. They come in three different finishes: brass, zinc-plated steel, and nickel-plated hooks. Aside from that, wall hooks also come in different weight capacities to cater to light, medium, and heavy frames. In short, they’re functional and secure. (SOURCE: Picture Hanging Solution)

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