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This Petco Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., or simply Petco, is an American privately held pet retailer in the United States, with corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio. Petco sells pet products and services, as well as certain types of live animals. Petco sells and holds fish, reptiles, small birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice for adoption. Pet services include grooming and dog training. The company also owns the naming rights to the Petco Parkbaseball stadium, which is home of the San Diego Padres.

As of 2017, the company operates more than 1,500 locations across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, including more than 85 Unleashed by Petco locations, which is a smaller-format neighborhood brand-launched, spa services, and an online shopping destination at[1]

“Think Adoption First” is a company philosophy and program, which encourages pet adoption rather than the purchase of companion animals whenever possible. Petco was criticized when they were selling large exotic birds in their shops. In 2005, they signed an agreement with PETA to end the sale of large birds.[2] Petco has never sold dogs or cats, and in 2008, the company stopped selling rabbits as well. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Petco Retail Fixtures by title see…

” Clif Pet Plant Jerky Treats Plus
Old Mother Hubbard Pet Love Display
Frontline Flea & Tick Assortment Tower
Frontline Flea & Tick Endcap Display
Every-Yay Pet Bed Inline Racks
Indoor-Outdoor Pet Bed Wire Racks
SoPhresh Pet Diaper Impulse Purchase
Petco Shelf-Edge Branded Coupon Holder
Petco Shelf-Edge Padded Coupon Holder
Hamster Habitat Construction Set Display
Reptile Heat Lamp Dimensional Signs
Assorted Pet Calendar Tower Rack  ”
Invisible Plastic Pegboard Sign Holder
Hamster-Wheel Hero Size Comparison
” Slatwall Literature Holder Strip Merchandiser
” Fetch Ball-In-Motion Display At Petco
How To Choose Clippers Display
” Wahl Pet Clipper Display Anti-Theft Strategy
” Gift Card Shopping For Pets At Petco
” Curved Shelf Edge Signs For Emphasis
” Handpicked Petfood for Dogs and Cats
” Bucky-Ball Corrugated Display by Hol-ee Pet
” Mesh Bag Ball Strip Merchandiser Three-fer
” Circular Pick Card For Semester Flea Collar
” Kennel Corrugated Point-of-Purchase Display
” Properly Outfitting TeePees on Pet Safari
” Split Ring Hang Tags For Wire Shelf
” Placemats For Pets in Declined Display
” How to Correctly Size A Pet Door
” The Ultimate Goodie Bag Strip Merchandiser
” I Love My Pet Branded Shopping Bag
” Pet Tech Center For Geeky Pet Owners
” Tropical Plant Stand Sales Cheerleading
” Happy Pet Birthday Props at Petco
” Pet Birthday Apparel Spinner At Petco
Petco Pet Costume Halloween Boutique Starts Early
Halloween Pet Toys Merchandised by Peg Hook
Costume Your Dog as Halloween Pig
Paw Print Skinz Icon for Pet Pegboard at Petco
Pegboard Extender Straight Entry Scan Hook
Give Your Wookie a Star Wars® Cookie at Petco®

Follow Petco Pet Food
Floor Graphics In Retail at….

Lower Pet Food Prices Floor Graphic
Free Food Loyalty Program Floor Graphic
Whole-Hearted Branded Floor Graphic
Flea and Tick Solutions Floor Graphic
Petco Pet-Food Aisle Greeting Floor Graphic
Petco Love-Is-6-Feet-Apart Floor Graphic
Petco Social-Distance Dogs-and-Cats Floor Graphic
Petco New Bark-Bright Floor Graphic
Pounce-On-Pet-Food Floor Graphic
Fetch-Clean-Pet-Food Floor Graphic
Hunting-Down-Pet-Food Floor Graphic
Prowl-Clean-Pet-Food Floor Graphic
Drool-Worthy Pet-Food Floor Graphic
” Automatic Pet Feeding Service Floor Graphic

Follow Other Petco In-store Pet Food Promtions at…

Cow and Pig Ear Pet Chew Barrel Display
Baby-Blue Kitten Nutrition Center Display
Baby-Blue Shelf-Borne Kitten Nutrition Display
Baby-Blue Metal-Plate Scan Hook Outfitting
Baby-Blue Puppy Nutrition Center Display
Hill’s Longitudinal Shelf-Wide Dimensional
Whole-Hearted Faux Butcher Block Display
Science-Diet Pet Food Selector Spinner
Science-Diet Pet-Food Silhouette Flash Cards
Free-Shipping Pet Food Promise
” Organic Dog Food Repeat Delivery Footnote
” Repeat Pet Food Delivery Scheduling Online
” Text For Free Pet Food Promotion
” Best Dog Ever Deserves The Best Food Ever
” Organic Dog Food Category Definition
” Dog Foodie Advertising In-Store
” Natural, Organic, Holistic Pet Food Promise
” Pet Food Pouch Merchandising at Petco
” In-Store Product Demos in Pet Food

Follow Shelf Edge Pet Food Merchandising at… 

Hill’s What You’re Looking For Dimensional
Hill’s Science Diet Weight Management
Hill’s Veterinarian Recommended Dimensional
Hill’s Science-Led Pet Nutrition Promise
Hill’s Science Diet Shelf Sign
Royal Canin Tailored Nutrition Shelf Sign
Royal Canin Breed Specific Shelf Sign
Purina Pro-Plan Essentials Shelf-Edge Sign
Eukanuba Active-Together Shelf-Edge Sign

Follow Petco Pet Food Lid Displays at…

Every Yay Over-The-Top Carded Can Cover Straight-Entry Hook
Reusable Can Lid C-Channel Hook Built-In Metal-Plate Label Holder
Four-Size Reusable Pet Food Lid Clip Strip S-Hook Mounts

Follow Petco Pet Food Cooler Displays below…

Freshpet Vital Pet Food Cooler Merchandising
Instinct Raw Pet Food Cooler Merchandising
Instinct Raw Starts Here Decal
Instinct Raw Cooler Suction-Cup Promo
Instinct Raw Cooler-Door Aisle-Invader

Follow Petco Old Mother Hubbard Merchandising at…

Mother’s Heartbeat Heated Puppy Pet Bed Cozy Display
Old Mother Hubbard Display Duo Shares With Whimzees
Old-Mother-Hubbard Dog-Biscuit Floor Merchandiser
Old-Mother-Hubbard All-Natural Tagline
Old Mother Hubbard Pet Love Display

Follow Whimzees and Tasty Merchandising at…

Whimzees Wellness Display Due Lends Merchandsising Support to Mom
Tasty Petfood In-Store Endcap Billboard
Whimzees Dog Treats Bulk Bin Display
Tasty Natural Dog Treats Slatwire Display
Whimzees Dental Treats Slatwire Display

Follow Greenies Point-of-Purchase Displays at…

Petco Greenies Mistletoe Display Pallet
Greenies Dental Treats Corrugated Tower
Greenies Dental Treats Molded Dimensional
Greenies Dental Treats Corrugated Dimensionals
Greenies Quarter-Pallet Corrugated Display

Follow Petco Pet Heath Displays at…

Charlottes Web Hemp Extract Pet Products
Pet Releaf Plant-Powered Pet Choices
Pet Releaf Plant-Powered Pet Health
Calming Hemp Chews PowerWing Merchandising
Pet Intolerance Testing Kit Display
Hemp Health Pet CBD Display

Follow Petco Aisle-Markers at…

Brushless Toothpaste Hardboard Aisle-Marker
Dental Treats Hardboard Aisle-Marker
Long-Lasting Dental Treat Aisle-Marker

For In-aisle, Shelf-edge Pet Cleanup Merchandising see…

Doggy-Potty-Pads Shelf-Edge Grip Clip
Outdoor-Doggy-Cleanup In-Aisle Pet Promotion
Indoor-Doggy-Cleanup Shelf-Edge Pet Promotion

See Additional Pet Cleanup Outfitting at…

Petco Accidents Happen Cleanup Station
” Outdoor Pet Cleanup For When You Have To Go
” Petco Sanitation Station For In-Store Pet Cleanup
” Pooper Scoopers Prove Shit Comes in All Sizes
” Pooper Scooper Straight-Entry Scan Hooks for SoPhresh  “

Follow Petco Pet Coat Merchandising at…

Show Off Your Colors Pet Jacket
Slotted Pet Coat Tree Display
Pet Coat Tree Slotted Hook
Pet Reference Size Chart Amenity
Pet Parka J-Hook Waterfall Display
Youly No-One-Like-You Pet Harness Display
All-Dressed-Up Pet Sweater Display
Youly Explorer Pet Pullover Display

Follow Petco Pet Accessories Displays at…

Backcountry Travel Mat Merchandising
Backcountry Pet Flotation Vest Display
Backcountry Pet Outfitting Display
Pet-Collar-and-Harness Straight-Entry Hooks
Bob’s Skechers Pet-Collar-and-Harness Display
Pick-Any-Bowl Endcap Pet Merchandising
Crash-Tested Shelf-Edge Sign-Mount
Pet Seatbelt-Sizing Instructions Sign
Pet-Bow-Tie Straight-Entry Display Hook
Curved Display-Hook Tiered Display
Small-Collar-Styles for Big Personalities

Follow Petco Pet Collar Merchandising at…

Petco Best Fit Collar Sizing Floor Graphic
Small-Medium-Large Pet Collar Inline Array
” Circular Pick Card For Semester Flea Collar
Pet-Collar-and-Harness Straight-Entry Hooks
Bob’s Skechers Pet-Collar-and-Harness Display
Small-Collar-Styles for Big Personalities

Follow Petco Pet Training at…

Petco In-Store Dog Training Center
Crazy Dog Training Reward Display

Follow Cat Food Shelf-Edge Branding at…

Taste-Of-The-Wild Shelf-Edge Promo Flag
Soulistic Cat Food Shelf-Edge Flag
Cats-in-the-Kitchen Shelf-Edge Flag
BFF Pet Food Shelf-Edge Flag
Weruva Pet Food Shelf-Edge Flag

Follow Cat Merchandising Displays at…

Hang-Rod All-Wire Shelf-Edge-Mount
Tundra Cat Treat Hang-Rod-Merchandiser
Cat Igloo Pet-Bed Bulk-Bin Merchandising
Bold New Cat-Food Standards Announcement
Staged Cat-Food Nutrition Merchandising
Try-This-Instead Cat-Food Suggestion

Follow Tiki Cat Merchandising Displays at…

Tiki Cat Oversize Cat Food Endcap
Tiki Cat Shelf-Edge Bulk-Buy Discount
Tiki Cat Cat Food Ingredients Aloha
Tiki Cat Cat Food Promotional Banners
Tiki Cat Carnivore Diet Display

Compare and Contrast Freestanding Petco Displays at…

Mother’s Heartbeat Heated Puppy Pet Bed Cozy Display
Old Mother Hubbard Display Duo Shares With Whimzees
Yummers Pet Treats Display Is Tasty Non-Denominational Marketing
Whimzees Wellness Display Due Lends Merchandsising Support to Mom
Embark Dog DNA Test Display
TropiClean Perfect Fur Shampoo Display
Greenies Quarter-Pallet Corrugated Display
Old-Mother-Hubbard Dog-Biscuit Floor Merchandiser
Old-Mother-Hubbard All-Natural Tagline

Follow Petco specialty outfitting at…

Tropiclean Perfect Fur Shampoo Endcap
Petco Pet Lovers Credit Card Offer
Petco Do-Not-Destroy Corrugated Tote Directive
Petco Branded Table Drape Display
Tricorne Petco Free-Puppy-Playtime Sign
” Whole-Hearted Sign Flyer Distribution
” Mobile Demo Station for Pet Products
” Petco Foundation Literature Holder by Merrick
Pet-Friendly Need A Hand Store Entry Sign
” Petco Dog Training Calendar Entry Sign
” Dog Training Signup Station, Bring Your Own Pen
” Entry Sign Literature Holder Rides Sidesaddle
” PowerWing Literature Holder For Pet Brochures
” Pet PowerWing Literature Holder Back Label
” In-Store Veterinary Referral Sign
” Personalized Dog Training In-Store At Petco
” Think Adoption First Urges Petco
” Pet Insurance To Protect Your Pet And Yourself
” Never Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car Warning
” Share Pet Party Festivities #PetcoParty

Follow Petco Pet Training Enrollment Kiosk at…

Positive Puppy Training Partner Display
Positive Dog Training Signup Desktop
Positive Dog Training Business Card Holder
Positive Dog Open-Wire Paper Tray

Follow Petco Vital Care in-store promotion at…

Vital Care Veterinarian Wellness Plan Sign
Vital Care Veterinarian Wellness QR-Code

Follow Flea and Tick outfitting at…

” How To Treat Flea Infestation In 4 Steps
” Flea And Tick Pick Card Proposition From Bayer

Follow Petco Aquarium Related Merchandising…

Glow Fish Aquarium Decor Heros
Glow Fish Aquarium Decor Dimensional
Shelf-Top Aquarium Dinosaurs Parade
Hermit-Crab Gondola Median Sign
” Key To Happy Fish In-Store Advice Sign
” $1 Per Gallon Aquarium Sale Pricing Strategy
” Aquarium LED Light Color Coding by Fluval
” Petco Commitment To Marine Aquatic Life
” Color-Coded Aquarium LED Lighting Sale
” Seaview Landscape Roll Dispensers for Pegboard
” Curved Endcap Rack For Aquarium Plant Merchandising
” Circular Open Wire Tower For Aquarium Plants

Follow Betta Buddies Merchandising at…

Live Baby Betta Buddies Decor
Pet Baby Betta Fish Promotion
Imagitarium Betta Fish Price List
” Grab-N-Go Betta Buddies Fish Merchandising

For all Petco Retail Fixtures Resources…

“ Petco Retail Fixtures Pinterest Board “ (Pending)
“ Petco Retail Fixtures Index Page ”

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