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Periscope Hooks have an up-and-over vertical component to their Product Frontwire Profile. The vertical rise places the Product Frontwire higher than normal Hooks. Periscope Hooks can be 1-Piece or 2-Piece in configuration.

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Laura Geller Dripping-In-Gold Periscope Hook
” Gift Bag Periscope Hook That Bar Mounts
Periscope Boxer Hooks
Upright Periscope Hook Extended
Tension Rod Rack in Open Wire
Butterfly Hook Alights on Shelf Edge
Carter’s Display Hook Dissected
American Greetings Hook Periscopes
Plug-in Loop Hooks Periscope
Periscope Multi-Hook for Upright
Cross-Pin Back-Stopped Hook
Stable-Base Periscope Hook
Periscope Bar Merchandiser
Periscope Gift Card Hook
Periscope Hooks Expand Display
Periscope Scan Hook.”
Periscope Single Prong Hook
Periscope Loop Hook
Periscope Hook Pimple
One-for-All and All-for-One Ballstops

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