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OshKosh B’Gosh Store Fixtures

Osh Kosh Store Fixtures

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This OshKosh B’Gosh Store Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: OshKosh B’gosh is an American children’s apparel company founded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 1895. It is a subsidiary of Carter’s.

Originally a small-town manufacturer of adult work clothing, it has become best known for its children’s clothing, especially bibbed overalls. The original children’s overalls, dating from the early twentieth century, were intended to let parents dress their children like their fathers. According to the company, sales of the product increased after Miles Kimball, an Oshkosh-based mail-order catalog, featured a pair of the overalls in its national catalog in 1960. As a result, OshKosh began to sell their products through department stores and expanded their children’s line.

Children’s clothing made up 15 percent of the company’s sales in 1979; by 1993 that number was 95 percent.

An example Oshkosh shortalls in the train engineer’s style Oshkosh B’Gosh clothes are no longer made in Oshkosh. Downsizing of domestic operations and a massive increase in outsourcing and manufacturing at Mexican and Honduran subsidiaries saw the domestic manufacturing share drop below 10% by the year 2000.[2]

The company was sold to Carter’s, another clothing manufacturer in 2005 for $312 million,[3] though it still operates under the original name.

Today, the company sells accessories, jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops, and its trademark overalls. The company produces clothing for babies, infants, toddlers, kids (4-7), and youth (5-14); however, it no longer manufactures clothing in adult sizes due to poor sales. The company also has over three hundred stores in the United States of America.

The company now has its headquarters in Suite 1800 at Phipps Tower in Atlanta‘s Buckhead district.[4] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh
Store Fixtures by Title see…

Carter’s Limited Edition Denim Display Island
OshKosh World’s Best Overalls Display
OshKosh Active Circular Hangrail Island
Looking For More Faceout Sign
” Cotton Ball Snowball Christmas Tree Ornaments
” Osh Kosh B’Gosh Branded Island Display
” Osh Kosh B’Gosh Branded Drawer Units
” Collectable Bodysuits Circular Tiered Tower
Carter’s Collectable Bodysuits Display Redux
” Little Baby Basics Circular Island Display
” Matchtastics Hangrail Tops and Bottoms Cross Sell
 Osh Kosh B’Gosh Skateboard Branding
Double Arm Clothes Rack For Slatwall Endcap
” Drop-in Bulk Bin Tiers For Cashwrap Slatwall
Powdercoated J-Hook For Slatwall Endcap
” Circular Slatwall Bulk Bins for Cashwrap Sales
” Wire Basket Shopping Carry Bulk Bin
” Faceout Toss Apparel Merchandising
” Play Area Building Blocks At Osh Kosh
” Branded Carryall Totes T-Stand At Osh Kosh
Negative Branded Island Display
Positive Branded Island Display

Follow Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh
Store Fixture 
Sign Outfitting at…

Discount Calculator Faceout Sign
Children’s Height Measurement Chart
Shoe Shop Size Chart Faceout Sign
Double-Wing Easel Sign Stand
Clearance Pant’s Hanger Hangrail Sign
Iconic Denim Destination Display Redux
Dollar Denominated Shelf Overlay Pricing
Percentage Discount Shelf Overlay Pricing
OshKosh Iconic Denim Perimeter Display
OshKosh Lifestyle Apparel Billboard Sign
OshKosh Tops and Leggings Display
Doorbuster Graphic T-Shirt Display
Doorbuster Graphic T-Shirt Shelf Overlay
” Osh Kosh B’Gosh Branded Drawer Units
” Skip-Hop Must-Haves Freestanding Sign Board
” Freestanding Foamcore Skip-Hop Sign Base
” Please Do Form A Line Right Here
” Shoes For Every Step Merchandising
” Happiness Policy Table-Top Sign by Osh Kosh
” Making Style Count Table-Top Sign at Carters
” Doorbusters Horizontal Acrylic Table-Top Sign
” Doorbusters Vertical Acrylic Table-Top Sign
” Rack-Top Plug-In Sign Holder at Osh Kosh
” Price Reduction Faceout Sign At Osh Kosh

Follow Carter’s Outfitting at…

Carter’s Bumble Bee Merchandising Display
Carter’s Vintage Radio Flyer Wagon Prop
Carter’s Skip-Hop Ganged Toy Island
Direct America’s Favorite Jammies Boast
Carter’s X-Shape Hangrail Apparel Rack
Flatback Slatwall J-Hook Basket Support
Open-Wire-Hand-Form Finger Puppet Display
Sibling Style Fashion Cross-Sell Promotion
Carter’s Visual Merchandising Signage Cart
” Carter’s Colorized Size Guidance Chart
” Cashwrap Plush Saddle-Mount Hooks
” Carters Little Baby Basics Size Chart
” Artificial Turf in Apparel Visual Merchandising
” Artificial Grass in Infant Visual Merchandising
” Baby Basics Sizing Chart by Carter’s

Follow Carter’s Bulk Bin Display at…

Baby B’Gosh Radio Flyer Bulk Bin  ”
Plush Elephant Soft-Sided Bin
Plush Koala Soft-Sided Bin
Treasure-Box Tiny-Treats Acrylic Bowl Tower
Baby-Basics Soft-Sided Dump Bin Display
Gondola Inline Acrylic Bowl Bulk-Bin Hemispheres
Cashwrap Acrylic Bowl Bulk-Bin Merchandising
Hook-Hung Open-Wire-Basket Bins
” Cashwrap Corner Plush Bulk Bin
Donate-New-Clothing Collection Bin In-Store
” Donate PJs to Kids Bulk Bin Drop Box

Follow Carter’s
Radio Flyer Visual Merchandising at…

Carter’s Vintage Radio Flyer Wagon Prop
Baby B’Gosh Radio Flyer Display Staging
Baby B’Gosh Radio Flyer Bulk Bin  “

Follow Carter’s Infant
Christmas Merchandising at…

Carter’s Christmas Infant Apparel Island
Carter’s Christmas Clothes Closeup
Holiday Stocking Stuffers Tray Display

Follow Carter’s
Rectangular Bar Island Display Details at…

Rectangular Bar Island Display Outfitting
Rewarding Moments Surprise Points Promotion
Carter’s Stand Alone Acrylic Sign Holder
Plush Elephant Soft-Sided Bin
Text Speech Bubble Takeaway Card
Plush Koala Soft-Sided Bin

Follow Carter’s Shoe Merchandising at…

Carter’s Framed Boy’s Shoe Cross-Sell
Carter’s Framed Girl’s Shoe Cross-Sell
Knitted Crib Shoes Bulk Bin Basket
Carter’s In-Store Shoe Shop Department
In-Store Shoe Shop Acrylic Shoe Hangers
In-Store Shoe Shop Slatwall J-Hooks
Soft Baby Socks Table-Top Tray

Follow Carter’s Specialty Signing at…

Carter’s Multi-Brand Loyalty Program
Freestanding Foamboard Sign Stand
Carter’s Easy Return Happiness Policy
Can’t-Find-It Die-Cut Door Hanger Sign
Limited Time Only Savings Splat
Before You Go Reminder QR-Code

Follow Carter’s Charitable Efforts at…

Kid’s Cozy Pajama Donation Program
Donate-New-Clothing Collection Bin In-Store
” Donate PJs to Kids Charity Shelf Talker
” Donate PJs to Kids Bulk Bin Drop Box
Carter’s Coloring Play Amenity Instore

Follow Carter’s X-Shape Hangrail outfitting at…

Carter’s X-Shape Hangrail Pajama Rack
All-Day-Comfort Sleep & Play Cloud-Sign
Oversize Ribbon-Tie Sign Grommets

Follow Carter’s Little-Baby-Basics Promotions at…

Little-Baby-Basics Happy Hippopotamus Prop
Little-Baby-Basics Fiona-The-Floral Cloud Sign
Little-Baby-Basics Giraffe Stands Tall
Little-Baby-Basics Pep-The-Pup Cloud Sign

Follow Carter’s Shadowbox Displays at…

Carter’s Framed Boy’s Shoe Cross-Sell
Carter’s Framed Girl’s Shoe Cross-Sell
Baby Shoe Shadow Box Display Shows Off Style and Size
Infantwear Shadow Box Riser Adds Interest and Detail

Follow Carter’s Specialty Island Outfitting at…

Mix-And-Match Apparel Island Offers Choices Galore
Diagonal-Brace Trestle Table Makes Statement
Made-To-Match Instant Pull-Out Shelves
Celebrate New Beginnings Optimism Pitch
New Beginnings Dual Outboard T-Stands

Follow Carter Apparel Combinations at..

Combonators Apparel Combinations Display
Kids Made-to-Match Apparel Assurances
Snuggles Starter Kit Infant Apparel

Follow Carter T-Shirt Displays at…

Toddler Graphic T-Shirts Heroes On-Shelf
Kid’s Graphic T-Shirts Heroes On-Shelf
Character Tee Shop Island Display
Character T-Shirt Pull-Out Shelves
Character Tee Shop Signage

Follow Skip-Hop Merchandising Displays at…

Skip-Hop Slatwall J-Hook Outfitting
Skip-Hop Slatwall J-Hook Hang Tag
Skip-Hop Mobile Slatwall Display
” Skip-Hop Must-Haves Freestanding Sign Board
” Freestanding Foamcore Skip-Hop Sign Base
Carter’s Skip-Hop Ganged Toy Island
Skip-Hop Hop-Scotch In-Store Floor-Graphic
Skip-Hop Slatwall J-Hook Merchandising

Follow Carter’s Floor Graphic Visual Merchandising at…

Skip-Hop Hop-Scotch In-Store Floor-Graphic
Shoe-Shop Shoe-Size Floor Graphic
Carter’s-Says-Hi Floor Graphic Welcome
This-Way-Kid’s Floor-Graphic Breadcrumb-Trail
Just-For-Kids Floor-Graphic Breadcrumb-Trail
Best-of-Baby Floor-Graphic Breadcrumb-Trail
Toddler Floor-Graphic Breadcrumb-Trail

Follow Caters Vintage Airplane Props at…

Carter’s Vintage Seaplane Visual Merchandising Prop
Carter’s Vintage-Biplane Visual Merchandising Prop
Carter’s Fokker-Triplane Visual Merchandising Prop

Follow Carter’s Shelf Overlays at…

Dollar Denominated Shelf Overlay Pricing
Percentage Discount Shelf Overlay Pricing
Clearance Shelf-Overlay Shelf-Talker
Doorbuster Shelf-Overlay Shelf-Talker
Ganged BOGO Shelf-Overlay Shelf-Talker

Follow Carter’s Cloud Sign Display at…

Infant Sleep-&-Play Apparel Cloud
Little-Baby-Basics Pep-The-Pup Cloud Sign
All-Day-Comfort Sleep & Play Cloud-Sign
Oversize Ribbon-Tie Sign Grommets
Koala Collection Clip-On Cloud Sign
Quilted Bulk-Bin Plush Merchandising
Baby Basics Rack-End Cloud Sign