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This Mavis Discount Tire Merchandising Displays index page aggregates links
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as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: Mavis Discount Tire has been saving people money on tires for more than 50 years! While the company was founded as Mavis Tire Supply Corporation in 1972, its roots can be traced back to 1949. It all started with Vic’s Cycle Shop, which repaired bicycles sold by its neighbor, a toy shop. In no time at all, the tiny shop developed a great reputation for performing seemingly impossible bicycle repairs. It quickly grew into a better equipped, better capitalized business. Its reputation of Value Oriented Service spread far and wide.

One day, a customer requested that the bicycle shop repair a flat tire on his car! Using bicycle tire repair tools, Victor was able to repair the tire and, before long, the neighborhood’s bicycle wizard found himself in the automobile tire business. In 1965 Victor and his wife, Marion changed the shop’s name to ‘Vic the Tire King’. With their new name and focus, the owners became pioneers in the vastly expanding automotive era. On any given day in the early 1960’s, a row of cars would be in line, waiting to be jacked up on the street to have their tires changed. (SOURCE: About Mavis / Jack Williams Tire)

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The Right Way Tire Display
Auto Service Promise Wall Poster
KYB Shock Absorber Crib Sheet
Mastercraft Branded Stool Seating Amenity
Light Truck and SUV Tire Display
General Tire Visa Card Tire Rebate
Continental All-Season Touring Tires Display
Firestone Commanding-The-Road Sign
Firestone Branded Countertop Sign
Nokian Square Perforated Tower Display
Unrepairable Tire Protection Plan Promise
General Tire DeLIVErs Getaways Sign
Firestone Getting Out There Tire

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