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This Mannequin Display and Visual Merchandising index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY:A mannequin (also called a manikin, dummy, lay figure or dress form) is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, window dressers and others especially to display or fit clothing. The term is also used for life-sized dolls with simulated airways used in the teaching of first aid, CPR, and advanced airway management skills such as tracheal intubation and for human figures used in computer simulation to model the behavior of the human body. During the 1950s, mannequins were used in nuclear tests to help show the effects of nuclear weapons on humans.[1][2]

Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning “an artist’s jointed model”, which in turn came from the Flemish word manneken, meaning “little man, figurine”.[3] In early use in the United Kingdom, it referred to fashion models themselves, the meaning as a dummy dating from the start of World War II.[4] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Mannequin Display
and Visual Merchandising posts by Title see…

Macy’s Own Your Style Framed Sign Pairs With Mannequins  ”
Macy’s Own Your Style Unframed Sign Pairs With Mannequins
Little People Mannequin Dress-Up
Nine West Mannequin Parade Display

Nordstrom Grooming Exclusives Mannequin
Latino Mannequins Speak Out
Macy’s South-of-Houston Club Branding
Macy’s Double-Breasted Sunglass Mannequin
DSG Sports-Bra Boob Body-Form
Under-Armor Women’s Mannequin Branding
Champion Branded Mannequin Runway
” Winter Mannequin Mascara Makeup at Macys
Shaved-Head Mannequin Mascara Makeup
” Alopecia Mannequin Spokesmodels at Macys
” Christmas Mannequin Mascara At Macy’s
” Is West Coast Left Coast or Right Coast?
Athleisure Store Window Wayfinding
Athleisure Backbend Merchandising
Just Do It, Nike Athleisure Merchandising
Gaiam Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Duality
Live Your Workout Atheleisure For Men
Well-Earned Holiday Rest in Retail
Stock Up on T-Shirts and Other Fashions
Linea Donatella® Bridal Livery Lingerie
Robert Graham® Mannequin Conveys His Casual Style
Dog Is Now Mannequin’s Best Friend
Acrylic Tray Under Foot
Mannequins Lounge In Menswear
Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Spokesmodels
Do-It-Yourself Elevated Retail Runway
OMG – Oh My God, My Glutes Merchandising
Better Body Boot Camp Branding
Toddler Mannequins Decked Out In Winter Fashions
Winter Tutu With Sheep
True-to-Life Traveler Wears Headphones
JCPenney® Epicurious Moustache Merchandising
Cross-Marketing Express® and Gymboree® at the Mall
Square-Necked Mannequin Styles
Evolution of Dress-Form-to-Mannequin
How To Save on Mannequin Wigs
Half-Mannequin Good As a Whole
Izod® in a Word
Cooks® Blender Branding at JCPenney®
Woman’s Surfing at Brooks Brothers®
Topiary in Visual Merchandising
Escada® Geometric Floor Graphic®
Peserico® Floor Graphic Brands Display
Keurig® Ease-of-Use Spokesmodel
Underhanded Burberry® Branding
Abused Mannequin Domestic Violence
Kick-Your-Feet-Up Flip Flops
Simply-Be-Seated Retail
Route 66 Tank Top with Ferns
Pants Around Your Ankles
Home Sale Navigation Hint?
Elvis is In The Building
Modern or Updated Vintage Fixture?
Vintage Jointed Mannequin Dress Forms
Halogen Brand Spotlighted
Wedding Dress Inflatable In-store
Care For a Blanket In-Store?
Calvin Klein® Scarf Pocket
New Year Top Hat Cosplay
Macy’s Mannequins On a Ledge
Belt as Bra-Less Bandolier
Avatar Cross Sells Jewelry in Shoes
Wedding Dress Inflatable
Design Studio Personal Welcome
Barack Obama In-Store Presence
Bed and Bath Handmaidens
Karen Millen® Shoe Contortionist
JCPenny® Muffin Pan Mannequin
JC Penny® Luggage Flight Line
BCBG® Cosplay Crowning Glory
BCBG® Sterile Props With Purpose
Dior® Vespa® Fashion Helmets
BCBG® Travel Staging
Polo® Androgynous Headgear
Polo® Scarf as Headband
JC Penny Luxury Pillow To-Go
JCPenny® Brings on Spring
Joe Fresh® Hang Tags
Dreadlocked Mannequin
NYC® Mannequin Cutouts
Rag & Bone® Boot-On-The-Ass
BCBG® Kitten-Ear Cosplay
Open Form Sophistication
Saks® Made-Ya-Look Eyewear
Cynthia … The First Mannequin
Mannequins Feature Pubic Hair
Hot Swappable Merchandising
Mannequin Facial In-Store
Bow and Necktie Parity for New Year?
Telegraphing Body Type
Sequenced Second-Story Mannequins
Ralph Lauren, Varvatos, Kors Team
Cook as Lifestyle Sophisticate
Upscale Potato Prop In-Store
Hashtag and Atmark Merchandising
Mustached Mannequin
Secret to Looking Slim in Retail
Snake in Garden of Retail
Do Your Mannequins Wear Socks?”
Bobby Pinning Sale Tags
Telegraphing Lingerie Streetside
To H&M Beauty is Thin and Thick
How Men Tie Scarf Knots
Tattooed Mannequins in UK
Tattooed Mannequins in Japan
Mail-Order-Brides Revisited
Brides ‘R Us Window Dressing
Black Birds as Familiars
Wire Mannequin Love Affair
Wire Mannequin Crush Continues
Skull Scarfs for the Well-Heeled
Wireform Torso by SuperDry
Picaso-esque Retail Mannequins
BBW Circular vs Square Dress Form Bases

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For Unusual Mannequin Display
and Visual Merchandising Concepts try…

House Of Envy Boutique Skeleton Body Form Stripped Bare
Sunday Football Brunch Mannequin Pals Visual Merchandising
Best-Dressed Phillies Fan Mannequin
Stylish Softball Helmet Mannequin Array
” All For Me And None For You Hang Tag
” Molded In Place Mannequin High Heels
” Winter Mannequin Mascara Makeup at Macys
Shaved-Head Mannequin Mascara Makeup
” Christmas Mannequin Mascara At Macy’s
” Chanel Stylized Painted Purse Mannequins
” Bathing Suit Body Type Definition
Girlfriends Modeled Hand-in-Hand At Kohl’s
Cubic Pin For Mannequin Purse Display
Saks Mannequin Hosts Purse Faceout
SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale
MCM Bag Goes Mohawk And More
Macys Do-It-Yourself Ribbon Cascade Visual
M Fried® Showroom Entry Design
Jewelry Avatar In Center Store
Teddy Bears Well-Dressed for Winter
Mohawk’d Mannequin Head Form
Round-Shouldered Retail Body Forms
Long-Neck Headforms for Hats
Square-Necked Mannequin Styles
Wrist Watch as Neck Choker
Belt as Bra-Less Bandolier
Avatar Cross Sells Jewelry in Shoes

Follow Nordstrom Mannequin Displays at…

Table-Top Mannequin Fashion Sit-In
Zimmerman Table-Top Nameplate
Mannequin Display Shutter Backdrop
MCM Bag Lay-up Mannequin By Nordstrom
Nordstrom Grooming Exclusives Mannequin
Embroidered Message Mannequin Personalization
Personalized Embroidered Applique Mannequin

Follow Kohl’s Mannequin Displays at…

Death Star Happy Place Mannequin
Generations Family Sports Fan Mannequins ”
Under Armour Big And Little Branding
Tommy Hilfiger Mannequin’s Twin Display
Brick-Backed Champion Sportswear Mannequin
Levi’s Mannequin Double Branding Echo
Adidas Cool Sportwear Mannequin
Nine West Mannequin Parade Display
Fila-Sport Apparel Mannequin Display
Adidas Zoe-Saldana Apparel Mannequin Display

Follow Target Mannequined Visual Merchandising at…

Rowing Blazers Mannequin Model Shows Off Wares With Style
The Art Class Crowd Control
Super Rad T-Shirt Mannequin Hero
Cat-&-Jack Playwear Pants Mannequins
Play-All-Day Comfort Tee Display
Every-Play Every-Game Footballer Mannequin
Je T’Aime BBW Casual Fashions Mannequin
Kona-Sol BBW Bathing Suit Mannequin

Follow Target Rainbow-Related Merchandising at…

#TakePride Surprise QR-Code
#TakePride Mannequin Visual Merchandising
Rainbow Refraction Grid Backdrop

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Follow JCPenney Mannequin merchandising at…

ThereAbouts Kid’s Apparel Tableau Branded
Traffic Stopping Bijoux Bar Jewelry Display
Traffic Stopping Purse Savings In The Bag Promotion
Grab-and-Go Fashion, Credit Card Required

Follow Children’s Mannequins at…

Kid’s Mannequin Apparel Heros
ThereAbouts Kid’s Apparel Tableau Branded
Kids Mannequin Cat and Dog Wraps
Summer Children’s Hairdos For Mannequins
Teddy Bears Well-Dressed for Winter
Toddler Stuffing vs Turkey Stuffing
Toddler Mannequins Decked Out In Winter Fashions
Cross-Marketing Express® and Gymboree® at the Mall
Express® and Gymboree® Mall Co-Branding

For Pet-Related Mannequin posts see…

Henri Bendel® Pet Parka Branded
Dog Mannequins at Mungo and Maud
Henri Bendel® Pet Sunglasses
Polka Dot Pet at Victoria Secret®
Sculptural Junk Yard Dog
Henri Bendel® Canine Chic

Compare Big Beautiful Women mannequins at…

Kona-Sol BBW Bathing Suit Mannequin
Je T’Aime BBW Casual Fashions Mannequin
” Bathing Suit Body Type Definition
Telegraphing Lingerie Curbside

See articulated artists mannequins at…

Bow Tie Strikes a Pose
Bronc Riding An Oxford Shoe
It’s A Wrap Does Lord & Taylor

For information of a more academic nature see…

All About Mannequins by the Association for Retail Environments

For Mannequin Display
and Visual Merchandising Resources see…

Mannequin Display and Visual Merchandising Pinterest Board “
Mannequin Display and Visual Merchandising Index Page

Mannequin and Related in Retail

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