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BACKSTORY: Sysco Corporation is an American multinational corporation involved in marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, hotels and inns, and other foodservice and hospitality businesses. The company is headquartered in the Energy Corridor district of Houston, Texas.[3]

Sysco, an acronym for Systems and Services Company, is the world’s largest broadline food distributor; it has more than 400,000 clients in a wide array of fields. Management consulting is also an integral part of their services. As of July 2, 2005, the company operated 170 facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

The company was founded by Herbert Irving, John F. Baugh and Harry Rosenthal in 1969.[4] The company became public on March 3, 1970. On July 20, 2009, Fortune magazine ranked Sysco No. 204 in the annual Fortune 500 companies in world based on sales volume. On May 3, 2010, Fortune ranked Sysco as the 7th largest Fortune 500 Company in Texas and 55th largest in the U.S. by total revenue.[5]Sysco is also the largest non-oil related company in Houston and the third largest non-oil related company in Texas (Behind AT&T and Dell).[5]

Sysco competes with national distributors US Foods, Performance Food Group, and Edward Don & Company, as well as regional companies such as Gordon Food Service, Ben E. Keith, Maines Paper & Food Service, and local foodservice distributors.

In December 2013, Sysco announced an $8.2 billion planned acquisition of its next-largest food distribution rival, US Foods.[6] After a U.S. federal judge ruled that the combined company would control 75 percent of the U.S. food service industry, Sysco terminated its merger with US Foods.[7]

In 1996 Sysco was the third largest company in Houston. It had over 30,000 employees.[8]

In 2002, Sysco purchased SERCA Foodservices and renamed it Sysco Canada. SERCA had been owned by the supermarket giant Oshawa Group, which was acquired by Sobeys in 1998.

In 2003, Sysco purchased Asian Foods, the largest Asian foods distribution in North America. The first group of Asian Foods joined Sysco Kansas City in 2006, followed by Asian Foods Chicago joining Sysco Chicago in Sep, 2009.

In 2009 Sysco acquired Pallas foods, the largest food distributor in the Republic Of Ireland. Continuing the expansion of their Irish offerings, in 2012 Sysco purchased Crossgar Foodservice for an undisclosed amount.[9]

On December 9, 2013, Sysco announced they would acquire US Foods for a total of $3.5 billion. But in June 24, 2015, US Federal Judge Amit Mehta ruled that the combined Sysco-US Foods would control 75% of the U.S. food service industry and would stifle competition. On June 29, 2015, Sysco terminated its merger with US Foods.[10][11]

In December, 2004, SYSCO announced that Gregory E. Otterbein had been named president and chief operating officer of Sysco Food Services of Northern New England, Inc., succeeding current president Richard A. Giles.[12]

In 2005, Thomas E. Lankford retired as president and chief operating officer after a 41-year career in the foodservice distribution industry. Richard J. Schnieders, SYSCO’s chairman and chief executive officer, assumed the additional role of president.[13]

The company is governed by a board of directors. Current members of the board are: John Cassaday, Judith Craven, Jonathan Golden, Joseph Hafner, Richard Merrill, Nancy Newcomb, Richard Schnieders, Phyllis Sewell, John Stubblefield, Richard Tilghman, and Jackie M. Ward. Kevin Mangan is currently the president of Sysco San Diego.[14] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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