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This Literature Holder Store Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: A brochure is an informative paper document (often also used for advertising) that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. A brochure can also be a set of related unfolded papers put into a pocket folder or packet. Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, productsor services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits.

Brochures are distributed in many different ways: as newspaper inserts, handed out personally, by mail or placed in brochure racks in high traffic locations especially in tourist precincts. They may be considered as grey literature. [1]  A brochure is usually folded and only includes summary information that is promotional in character. A booklet is usually several sheets of paper with a cardstock cover and bound with staples, string or plastic binding. In contrast, a single piece of unfolded paper is usually called an insert, flyer or bulletin. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Literature Holders are fixtures designed to hold and present flyers, brochures, and other literature. They may be shelf edge or vertical surface mount and 2-piece or 1-piece in design. Heavier duty 2-piece Literature Holders are sometimes used as Frame Displayers. See “Frame Displayer Index Page

For Mainline Literature Holder Reporting see…

Chipotle Catering Made Easy Takeaway Flyer Appeals to All
AAA Maps & Tourbook Encyclopedia Fills A Wall Rack
AAA Maps & Tourbook Guides Display Color-Coded By Region
Kubota Information Literature Rack Fills The Showroom Wall
Home Furnishings Literature Library Fills A Showroom Wall
Savory Store Entry Recipe Stands
Lowe’s MVP Rewards Literature Holders
Dealership Curved Magazine Rack Amenity
Berry Glad Welcome Literature Rack
Carry-Along Explore the Store Flyer
Savings-Beyond-Your-Shopping-List Literature Rack
Tractor Supply Discount Flyer Literature Rack
Menu Display Stand with Takeaway Literature
Literature-Stand Promotes Selling Features
Mercedes Benz Financial Services Literature Rack
Exterior Solutions Installation Services Flyer  ”
Store Discounts Flyer Tops Magazine Rack
Weekly Specials In-Store Flyer Literature Rack
” Magnetic Magazine Rack Literature Holder
” Magnetic Magazine Rack Bolt-On Mount Detail
” Nordstrom Let’s Go Gifting Acrylic Literature Rack
” Multi-Brand Complete The Suite Appliances
” Petco Foundation Literature Holder by Merrick
” How To Set Up A Nursery
” Plywood Literature Holder For Plywood Showroom
” Wall-Hung Literature Library For Paint Sprayers
” Geek Squad Buyer Protection Literature Holder
” Pine ZigZag Literature Holder Tower
” Teak ZigZag Literature Holder Tower Twins
” Stressless Table-Top Inbox Literature Holder
” Slatwall Acrylic Literature Holders For Linens
” Get Your Snow Day Signage At Michaels
” Outrigger Endcap Fabric Pattern Rack
” Mobile Perforated Metal Booklet Holder
” BBQ Rules Literature Holder Merchandising
” Grillin and Chillin Frame Holder Merchandising
” Sales Flyers vs Mobile Apps In Retail
Back-To-School Wire Basket for Sale Flyers
How To Sell Newspapers Above The Fold
Spring Event Cross-Sell to Lowes Mobile App
GridWall Literature Holder Tiered For Books
Weber Promotes The New American Barbecue
How-To-Book Wall-Mount Literature Merchandiser
Literature Rack of Happy Thanksgiving Recipes
Two-Tier Literature Holder Push-Pinned
Two-Tier Literature Holder Table Stand
Angled Slatwall Literature Holder for Brochures
Mario Brothers Now Hiring At GameStop®
Love At First Swipe Table-Top Literature Rack
Wedding Planner Literature Holder For Table-Top
Pocket Guide to Truck Stops Rides The Rails
Comprehensive Approach To Travel Center Map Merchandising
Rapid Pickup and Related Cross Sells
Weis Get-Next-Week’s-Specials This Week
Kings What’s New Weekly Specials Literature Rack
Pizza-to-Pizza-Pan Literature Holder Cross Sell
Back-To-School PowerWing Literature Rack for Grid
Babies R Us: Stroller Shopping Literature Holder
KitchenAid® Corrugated Cookbook Holder
Wolford Segregated Stocking Literature Holders
Literature Rack Hold-Down for Flyers
Sloped Literature Rack Lacks Base Deck
Minwax Multi-Station Literature Holder
Rust-Oleum Branded Literature Holder
Rusted Rust-Oleum Literature Holder
Pet Smart Accredited Pet Training In-Store
RiteAid Wellness Work Table In-Store
Olive Oil & Vinegar Flavor Bar Recipe Placards
Wrought Iron Literature and Recipe Rack
Grocery Coupon Catalog and Flyer Managed
Graber Design Guide Literature Rack
Gourmanoff Russian-Language Literature Rack
Comfort Bay Side-Saddle Pillow Case Rack
Store Entry Sign Doubles As Literature Holder
Target Christmas Catalog Literature Pockets
Ball Chain Literature Tether
Utility Hook Ganged With Literature Holder
Literature Pocket for Pallet Rack
Professional Ice Scraper Station Promo
Magnetic Literature Packets
Waterfall Literature Cross-Sell
Literature Holder Team Play
Dornbracht Literature Pedestal
Bar Mount Literature Holder
Side-Saddle Literature Rack
PetSmart Concave Shelf-Edge Sign
Corner Rack Takes Center Stage
Apple-esque Literature Nest®
Estèe Lauder Pamphlet Array
IKEA Ceiling-Mount Literature Rack
Literature Jig
Press-Bent Literature Rail
Lutron Color Samples To-Go
Deep-Dish Brochure Holder
Love Your Look Mirror Psychology
V-Bottom Literature Holder
Hardware Wayfaring Map
Literature Holder for Linens
Slatwall Button vs Pin-Up Hook
Ball-Chained Color Choices
Planogram Both Fixture and Item
Valspar Brand Literature Holder
Power Wing Pockets Re-purposed
Back-to-School List is a Book
Forgiving Hinged Pamphlet Holder
Bolt-Down Literature Holder
Armor-Plated Literature Holder
Hinge Adjusts Literature Rack Width
Literature Rack Employs Safety Belts
Pallet-Rack-Specific Literature Holder
Feather-Weight Auto Feed En Masse
Literature Holder Sells Toys Instead
Pimped-Out S-Hook Mount Literature Holder
Shelf-Edge Business Card Holder
Three Mailers, Single Rack
Rack Violates Rule of Tangency
Transparent Paint Bucket Offers Pamphlets
Office Services In-Store Mailbox Promo
Top-Mount Open Wire Tray
Branded Collapsible Cooler Frame Holders
Slatwall Wire Baskets Outfit A GameStop® Cashwrap
” Fall Savings Flyer Offering At Whole Foods

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For Perpendicular Arms Literature Holders…

 JoAnns Angled Aisle Invader Literature Holder
Merchandising Arm Option For Gondola Upright
Merchandising Arm Option For Parachute Cord Book
Literature Holder Braced Arm, Sandwiched Backplate
Literature T-Hook for Do-It-Yourself
All-Wire Pegboard Literature Arm
Half-Height Brochure Holder
Pegboard-Mount Literature Arm
Upright-Mount Literature Arm
In-Your-Face Book Rack Arm
Selling ‘How to’ At The Shelf Edge

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Compare and Contrast Miniature Brochures at…

Tiny Thumbnail Brochure for Nail Polish
” Lizzy James Business Card Holder Brochures
Jewelry As Art Business Card Brochure

Compare Outdoor Weather-Proof Brochure Holders at…

Wawa Weather-Proof Brochure Holder
” All-Weather Brochure Holder for Gas Pump
” All-Weather Bottom Feed Brochure Holder
Shell Gas Pump Mini Literature Holder
Shell Gas Pump Maxi Literature Holder
No Cash Accepted Retail

For Small-Scale Literature Holders see…

Dunkin Donuts Run Free Coffee Mondays Takeaway
Kobalt Guarantee Literature Holder for Pallet Rack
Molding Style Literature Holder for Pallet Rack
Birdhouse Decorating Ideas J-Hook
In-Or-Not Rewards Literature Holder
Takeaway Furniture Picture Card Merchandising
” Root & Sprig Menu to Go Takeaway
Smartphone Protection Brochure Takeaway
Takeaway Pain Relief Brochure Holder

UPS Store Slatwall Grid Brochure Holder
Help Quit Smoking Literature Holder
Double-Wing Easel Brochure Holder
Exotic Roasting Veggies Recipe Flyer
Retail Wine Advice Literature Holder
On-Shelf Wine Literature Distribution Strategy
Custom Corsages Takeaway Brochure Holder
Create-Take-Bake Seafood Meals Flyer
Freshly-Fried Haddock Dinner Flyer
Majic Open-Wire Shelf-Edge Brochure Holder
Nora Fleming Branded Takeaway Brochures
Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Brochure Holder
Briggs-&-Featherbelle Handcrafted Soap Storytelling
Spa-And-Dining-Guide Literature Holder
Concierge And Support-Service Literature-Holder
” Valspar Stain Shelf Edge Brochure Rack
” Cabot Stain Shelf Edge Literature Holder
” Gymboree Class Information Wood Literature Holder
” Trophy Rock Salt Lick Wood Brochure Holder
” Wind & Fire Counter-Top Brochure Holder
Michaels Upcoming Classes Brochure Holder
” Please Take A Massage Block Lettered Outreach
” Mini Frame Holders For Fashion Accessories
” Paint Perks Promotion Freestanding Paint Spill
” Salon Service Menu Takeout Acrylic Holder
” New Year’s Eve Made-To-Order Foods Menu
” Healthy Living Literature Easels In Grocery
Lowes Fall Cleaning In-Store Scavenger Hunt
Back-To-School Shopping List As Store Map
Zinsser® Paint Pallet Rack Literature Holder
Two-Tier Literature Holder Push-Pinned
Two-Tier Literature Holder Table Stand
Angled Slatwall Literature Holder for Brochures
Rapid Pickup and Related Cross Sells
Literature Pin-Up Hook for Pallet Rack
Zip Tie for Cross Sell Literature
Zip Tie Do-It-Yourself Literature Holder
Mold Control Padded Tear-Off on Zip Tie

Follow Shelf-Edge Brochure Holders at…

What Shingles Literature Holder
Shocking Shingles English Flyer Holder
Shocking Shingles Spanish Brochure Holder
Smartphone Glucose Brochure Holder
Shelf-Edge Diabetes Brochure Holder

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Follow a Weis Lobby Information Station at…

Information-Center Takeaway Brochure Tower
Aisle Directory Navigation-Aid Brochure
Great-Sushi-Here Takeaway Brochure
Cut-Above Meats Takeaway Brochure

Follow Other Weis Entry Merchandising at…

Takeaway Color-Coded Nutrition Information Makes Shopping Easier
Open-Wire Store Specials Flyer Rack Kicks Off Your Shopping Trip
Store Entry Lobby Literature Cabinet Certainly Has Class
Wind-Resistant Mobile Newspaper Rack Stands Up To Abuse

Compare Costco Literature Holders at…

Concierge And Support-Service Literature-Holder
Costco Outdoor Auto Sales Literature Holder

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Follow Sewing Pattern Merchandising and Outfitting at…

JoAnn Fabric McCall’s Pattern Display Browses Easily
JoAnn Fabric New Look Pattern Display Ups The Fashion Ante
JoAnn Fabric Chic Vogue Pattern Display Selection
” Halloween Costume Simplicity Sewing Pattern
” Outrigger Endcap Fabric Pattern Rack
” Disney Pattern Aisle Invader Display Arms
” Staggered, Side-Stepped Spinner For Patterns
” Endcap Literature Holder C-Channel Sign Holder
” Endcap Literature Holder For Sewing Patterns
” Endcap Literature Holder Pin-Up Hook Mount
” Staggered, Side-Stepped Spinner For Patterns

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Follow Strip Merchandiser Literature Holders at…

” Slatwall Literature Holder Strip Merchandiser
” Surface-Mount Literature Pocket Strip Merchandiser

Compare and Contrast Retail Information Centers at…

” Store Entry Information Center by Weis
” Guest Satisfaction Refund Policy Binder
” Guest Services Communications Center

For Unusual Literature Holders see…

Guest List With Benefits Acrylic Literature Holder ”
Takeaway Furniture Picture Card Merchandising
Double-Wing Easel Brochure Holder
Flip-Up 3-Ring Reference Guide Holder
Briggs-&-Featherbelle Handcrafted Soap Storytelling
Jet Woodworking Collection Literature Stand
Pella Literature Holder Cutouts Streamline Display
Costco New Ride Open Brochure Holder
Costco Vehicle Shopping Covered Brochure Holder
” Yummy Cutting Board Frame Holder
” Literature Rack Complex Geometrics
” Entertainment Guide Tall-Boy Literature Rack
” Clip-On Acrylic Literature Holder for Christmas
” Shelf-Edge Spiral-Bound Weed Control Guide
” Multi-Brand Complete The Suite Appliances
” Photo Album Literature Holder Displayer
” Spiral Bound Aromatherapy Guide At Shelf Edge
” Patio Furniture Catalog Sales In-Store
” Patio Furniture Ring Binder Kiosk In-Store
” Recliner Catalog Spread Freestanding Floorstand
” Lighting Catalog Ring Bound At Shelf Edge
” Branded Catalog Floorstand For Webber Grills
Freestanding Catalog Spinner With Auto-Feed
” Twin Loop Wire-O Thread Information Center
” Skovby Asymmetric Catalog And Samples Stand
” Amisco Asymmetric Ring-Bound Catalog Stand
” KitchenAid Spiral Bound Promo Booklet
Target Spiral Bound Price Chit Booklet
Destination Summer Decor Center Catalog
Clinique Counter-Top Literature Holder
“Sample Swatch Faceout On Literature Holder”
Easy Grilling Veggies Instructions To-Go
All About Bettas Shelf-Edge Fish Guide
Flip-Up Ink Cartridge Guide At Small Scale
Gas Heater Selection Guide As Wall Poster
Clairol Pull-Out Brochure Dispenser At Shelf Edge
How To Buy A Snow Blower Literature Floor Stand
How To Buy A Snow Blower Color-Coded Chart
Shelf-Edge Rolodex Ink and Toner Finder
Ink Cartridge Finder Guide Displayer
String Trimmer Parts Manual Guide Displayer
Bolt-Down Permanent-Mount Literature Holder
How To Grow And Maintain A Lawn Podium
Table-Top Perforated Coupon Parent Sheet Holder
Literature Holder Wireform Run Amok
Rat Care Category Captain in Book Sales
Swing-Away PowerWing Book Rack
Noritake® U-Bolt Catalog Binding
Full-Width Spiral Bind for Me® Hair Removal
Half-Width Spiral Bind Flash & Go®
Littman Jewelers® Explains Jewels

Follow Bi-Directional Literature Hooks
Courtesy of Hobby Lobby at…

Self-Leveling Twin-Hook Frame Hanger
Pegboard Boxer Hook Padded Instructions
Bifurcated Mosaic Literature Holder
Mosaic Boxer-Hook Literature Holder
Double-Ended Stained-Glass Literature Hook
Mirrored Horizontal Literature Holder

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