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Kee Klamp Retail Fixtures

Kee Klamp Retail Fixtures

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BACKSTORY A Kee Klamp is a structural pipe fitting commonly used in the construction of handrails and barriers. Fabricated installations comprise the fittings and separate tubing components, which can be sized on site.

The system was devised in 1934 and is made by a subsidiary of KIG Holdings. The fittings are mostly supplied to third parties for sale to fabricators, with a small proportion of sales being made internally to specialist divisions of the company.

The system comprises unthreaded cast iron or aluminium[7][8] structural tubing and slip-on structural pipe fittings. The galvanized malleable[9] fittings provide resistance to corrosion and are secured to the tubes using set screws[9] by use of a hex key.[10]

Some cutting or bending of the tubes may be required while installing the system, according to site-specific circumstances. Skilled labourers such as welders are not required, but the material costs are higher for the Kee Klamp system.[11] A contractor at the Long Island Rail Road described the system in 2007 as being “very simple to install”.[10]

 (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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