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Hooks: Undulating Arm Hooks

Undulating Arm Hooks - Kayak Paddle Bar-Mount Undulating Utility Hooks

Kayak Paddle Bar-Mount Undulating Utility Hooks

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BACKSTORY: Undulating: to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternation of movement: (The flag undulates in the breeze), to have a wavy form or surface, bend with successive curves in alternate directions, (of a sound) to rise and fall in pitc,: the wail of a siren undulating in the distance. (SOURCE: )

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Undulating Arm Hooks exhibit Product Frontwires of a wave or serpentine nature. The undulations provide built-in productstops and item location and separation. The undulations also help support even product facing across entire displays. Undulating Hooks may be single or double arm.

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Perception Kayak Merchandising Display
Undulating-Hook Inverted Stool Merchandising
Undulating Bar-Mount Paddle Faceout Fitout
” Undulating Slatwire Kayak Paddle Utility Hook
” Freestanding Slatwire Kayak Paddle Rack
” Paddle Productstopped Double Arm Faceouts
” Undulating Push Broom Hooks And Broom Head Hooks
” Undulating Mop Hooks and Broom Hooks Ganged
” Undulating Corn Broom Hooks and Whisk Broom Hooks
” Baseball Bat Utility Hook Undulations
” Easton Baseball Utility Hook Undulations
” Kayak Paddle Bar-Mount Undulating Utility Hooks
Bricklayers Trowel Undulating Arm Display Hook
Undulating Hook Bialetti Cookware Tower
Undulating Arm Hooks Host Kayak Paddles
Long-Handle Garden Tools Hung Rank and File
Kayak Paddle Undulating Hooks
Hinged Undulating Arm Hooks for Pallet Rack
Outwater® Undulating Hook-Hung Basket
Conduit Bender Decoy Pricing
Kayak Paddle Utility Hook
Curvaceous Arm Shovel Merchandiser
Undulating Arm Helps Items Nest
Undulating Arm Broom Hook
Fixture Undulations Retail Chairs
Undulating Williams Sonoma Single-Prong Hooks 

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Fiskars Big-Job Rake Utility Hook
Fiskars Worlds-Best-Shovel Utility Hook
Anything to Paddle A Boat Display
Canoe-Paddle Twin-Arm Bar Hook
Kayak-Paddle Saddle-Mount Bar Hook

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Productstopped Shovel Double-Arm Utility Hook
Undulating Pitchfork Double-Arm Utility Hook

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