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Hillside Farms Store Retail Fixtures

Hillside Farms Store Retail Fixtures

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This Hillside Farms Store Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: The Lands at Hillside Farms is a non-profit, historic, educational farm that teaches sensible and sustainable life choices which, if enough of us adopt, will allow those born in 200 years to inherit all the resources and opportunities we have now. The Lands at Hillside Farms belongs to everyone. When you purchase our products you are not only supporting the physical property, you are supporting a healthier and higher quality of life for you and your family.

This farm was purchased from the Conyngham family for $4.2 million in 2009. Today we continue to make substantial monthly mortgage payments and will continue to do so for many years. Please know that every dollar spent on products and every dollar raised through fund raising is responsibly reinvested in this magnificent living classroom.

Each year The Lands welcomes thousands of regional students of all ages and means. Here, any one of us can be a farmer, a historian, a scientist – but far more importantly, we can get in touch with values too many of us have forgotten in a busy world.

Students work side-by-side with educators and “co-faculty” farm animals to learn about science, agriculture, ecology, history, nutrition, animal husbandry, land conservation, sustainable living, and community service.  Students also have the opportunity to observe diversities to enhance their educational experiences.  The Lands offers several curriculum-based farm programs, all which meet Pennsylvania Academic Standards, for grades K through 12. (SOURCE: The Lands at Hillside Farms)

BACKSTORY: Trucksville is a census-designated place (CDP) in Kingston Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 2,152 at the 2010 census.[1]

Trucksville is located at 41°18′14″N 75°55′55″W,[2] along Pennsylvania Route 309 in the western part of Kingston Township. It is directly south of the CDP of Shavertown and 3 miles (5 km) north of the borough of Kingston. It is served by the Shavertown post office with the zip code of 18708. [1]

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 1.7 square miles (4.5 km2), all of it land.[3]

The village is the site of the Lands at Hillside Farms, a popular small dairy store planned to expand into a major U.S. attraction the likes of Williamsburg, Virginia. The town has a volunteer fire department, a Methodist church, and a popular three-decade-old pizza place. Trucksville is named for the town’s founder, William Trucks (Trux), who operated a sawmill in the 19th century. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Follow Hillside Farms Store branding at…

Kingston Dairy Horse-Drawn Milk-Wagon
” Farm Store Seeks Locally Produced Goods
” It’s Always Christmas At The Farm Store
” Mission Statement As Billboard At Hillside Farms
” Lands At Hillside Farms Defined in Chalk
” Banner Branding the Lands At Hillside Farms
” Buy American Farm Store Promotion

For Hillside Farms Store Retail Fixtures by title see…

Wildflower Farms Spot-of-Tea Rack
Drizzle-Melts Laddered Candle Display
Mrs. Millers Egg Noodles Wicker Basket Rack
Cookies-By-Linda Blackboard Branding Sign
Cookies-By-Linda Ornate Metal Rack  ”
 Hand-Lettered Exit Only Sign Queue Management
” Wood Carving Raffle Boosts Farm Store Sales
” Backwoods Brittle Branding At Farm Store
” D.I.Y. Rustic Clothes Tree Purse Merchandiser
” Do-It-Yourself Wood Block Stand for Jewelry
” Do-It-Yourself Handmade Sanitary Wipes Cradle
” Do-It-Yourself Stairway Display Outfitting
” Two-Fisted Tips Bucket Handles Gratuities
” Tootsie Pop Pail Table-Top Merchandising
” Sugar Plum Lollipop Arch In Corrugated
Summer Sandals Clothes Pegged At Hillside Farms
Patriotic Property Marker Defines Territory
T-Shirt Country of Origin Chalkboard
T-Shirt Wall of Waterfall Faceouts
Locally Designed and Printed T-Shirts
Mrs. Fritz Taking Homemade Orders Chalkboard
Stonewall Salad Dressings Wood Shelf Rack
Rustic Display Of Pasta and Popcorn
” Wood Bucket Merchandising Maestri Pasta
Artisan Olive Oil and Vinegar by The Keg
In-Store Coffee Chalkboard $1.54 A Cup
All-Natural Beef Jerky Spinner Tower
Vintage Grocery Stocking Cart As Display

Follow Farm Store plant merchandising…

Hillside Farms Grow Wall Plaques
Twine-Tied Galvanized Plant Pots
” Floral Plant Food Freebie At Farm Store
” Floral Bouquet Open Wire Rack At Farm Store
Organic Seed Open Wire Spinner Tower
” Flower Pot Tree Ring Hook Outfitting by Bloem
” Flower Pots Made In USA Brags Bloem

Follow Do-It-Yourself Farm Store Outfitting at…

” D.I.Y. Rustic Clothes Tree Purse Merchandiser
” Do-It-Yourself Wood Block Stand for Jewelry
” Do-It-Yourself Handmade Sanitary Wipes Cradle
” Do-It-Yourself Stairway Display Outfitting
” Woodshop DIY Bolt-On Display Hooks

Follow Farm Store eco-friendly toys at…

” Green Toys Sustainable Pizza Parlor
” Green Eats Earth-Friendly Salad Set
” Farm Store Milk Pail And Vintage Crate Props

Follow Hillside Farms Mug merchandising at…

Country Of Origin Chalkboard For Mugs ”
” Wood Peg Mug Tower Goes Mobile
” MudWorks Pottery Chalkboard Branding

Follow Hillside Farms Milk merchandising at…

Hillside Farms Milk Bottle Carry Display
Kingston Dairy Horse-Drawn Milk-Wagon
” Farm Store Milk Pail And Vintage Crate Props
” Farm Store Milk Pail And Vintage Crate Props

Follow Folkmanis Hand-Puppet Outfitting at…

” Folkmanis Hand Puppet Farm Store Display
Folkmanis Hand-Puppet Coil-Clip Masthead Sign
Folkmanis Hand-Puppet Hang-Tag

Follow Hillside Farms Bench Rack Outfitting at…

” Pig Watering Cans At Hillside Farms
” Floral Dunnage Display or Bench Rack
Floral Bench Rack Display Revisited
Goldfish Sprinkling Cans Made-in-USA
Heavy-Duty Floral Hangrail Mounts
Popular Pig Watering Cans Proliferate

Follow Hillside Farms Outdoor Shelving Displays at…

Super-Erecta-Shelf Outdoor Floral Display
Farm-Store Decorative Gourd Birdhouse

Follow Hillside Farms Garden Plaque Merchandising at…

Engraved Garden Plaque Wire-Rack Display
Engraved Plaque Quotes Selection

Follow Hillside Farms Ice Cream outfitting at…

Locally Sourced Ingredients Bushel Basket
Money Can’t Buy Happiness Just Ice Cream
Ice Cream Parlor Hot Fudge Sundae Sign
Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Directional Sign
Two Scoops in A Sugar Cone Please Sign
How To Billboard Ice Cream Half Gallons

Follow Beekeeper’s Daughter merchandising at…

” Beekeepers Daughter Raw Honey Bulk Pack
” Beekeepers Daughter Honey Comb Cross Sell
” Color Coded Rustic Honey Straw Samplers
” Beekeeper’s Daughter Wood Cupboard Outfitting
” Raw Local Honey Thumbtack Marketing
” Small Honey Bear Wicker Basket Samplers
” Farm Store Fresh Bee Pollen Cooler Door Sign

Follow Hillside Farms Store
Righteous Felon Beef Jerky Display at…

Righteous-Felon Beef Jerky Slatwall Spinner
Righteous-Felon Beef Jerky Slatwall Hook
Righteous-Felon Beef Jerky Sidesaddle Bin
Righteous-Felon Beef Jerky Signing

Follow Hillside Farms Kernel Moonies Kettle-Corn at…

Kernel-Moonies Kettle-Corn Hand-Lettered Sign
Hillside Farms Moonies-Kettle-Corn Cart
Moonies-Kettle-Corn Bucket Bulk Bins  ”
Moonies Kettle-Corn Hang-Tag Pricing

Follow Country Home Barnyard Decor merchandising at…

Country-Home Decor Merchandising Display
Country-Home Barnyard Pig Acrylic-Riser
Country-Home Barnyard Chicken Stylings
Country-Home Barnyard Wood-Crate Staging

Follow Bewitching Bath merchandising display at…

Bewitching Bath Laddered Rack Outfitting
Bewitching Bath Handcrafted Tray Merchandising
Bewitching Bath Understated Branding Sign

Hillside Farm Dairy Store
Specialty Sign Strategies…

Hillside-Farms Cow Crossing Sign
Hillside-Farms Cow Category Definition Sign
Hillside-Farms Green Parking Lot Certification
Hillside-Farms Walkway Memorial Plaque
Hillside-Farms No Smoking In Barn Sign
Hillside-Farms Calf Nursery Barn Welcome
Hillside-Farms No Smoking Roadside Sign
” Please Do Not Chase The Ducks Or Wildlife
” Humanely Raised Pastured Pork Promise
” Keep Calm Wag On Pet Sign At Farm Store
” No Pets, Registered Assistance Dogs Only

See Farm Store-related merchandising like…

Farmhouse Style Merchandising Island
” Farmhouse Visual Merchandising for Sophisticates
” Come In We’re Open Pig Silhouette Sign
” Amish Country Popcorn Burlap Bag Merchandising
” Woodshop Handmade Merchandiser Tower
” Woodshop DIY Bolt-On Display Hooks
” Jonathan’s Handcrafted Utensils Display
” Handcrafted Utensils Plug-In Hooks
” Fall Hay Bale Merchandising Vs Straw Bale
” Farmers Market Pig Sign 90º Tip Display Hook

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