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Highway Service Retail Fixtures

Highway Service Retail Fixtures - Travel Plaza Food Court Hours of Operation

Travel Plaza Food Court Hours of Operation

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This Highway Service Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
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as well as deep Background Curtesy of the American Planning Association.

BACKSTORY: It is well known that the location of businesses on major thoroughfares contributes to traffic congestion, hazardous intersections and unsightly appearance. Recent studies have shown, however, that a strong case can be made for locating certain types of businesses on major highways as a convenience to the traveler. Gasoline stations and restaurants are among the more obvious examples. There are, furthermore, firms that tend to locate on major highways because of space requirements for parking and loading operations, and the need for convenient access to all parts of the community. Building materials establishments are examples of this type. Such businesses are not essential to the traveler or to the operation of the highway system; rather they require location on major thoroughfares for efficient operation.

The importance of both types of highway-oriented commercial uses in the business structure of the community is considerable. In a recent census of business firms outside the central city in one metropolitan area, more than 18 per cent were classified in the highway-oriented category, and nearly 16 of this 18 per cent were located in strip commercial areas.1

If it is conceded that highway-oriented commercial development is essential to the business welfare of the community, it should be possible to plan for it and to provide adequate controls. (SOURCE: American Planning Association)

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Highway Service Double-Wide Monster Cooler
Highway Service Single-Wide Monster Cooler
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