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Harry’s Razors Retail Fixtures

Harry's Razors Retail Fixtures

Harry’s Razors Retail Fixtures

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This Harry’s Razors Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of the brand’s retail merchandising and outfitting.

BACKSTORY: Harry’s is a New York-based company that manufactures and sells shaving equipment via mail order.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The company was founded in March 2013 by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider.[7] In January 2014, Harry’s purchased the Feintechnik razor factory in Germany for a reported $100 million in an effort to provide control over the entire process of manufacturing their products.[8] In July 2015 the company received a third-round financing of US$75.6 million.[9][10] In an interview published in July 2016, Katz-Mayfield said Harry’s had two million customers.[11] As of January 2017, Harry’s shaving products are also available at Target stores.[12][13] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Harry’s Razor Powerwing Presentation
Harry’s Shave-Kit-In-A-Bag Merchandising
Harry’s Limited-Edition Shave-Set Dimensional
Harry’s Razor Endcap Goes All Out
Harrys #ownyourAM Hashtag Mirror
Harry’s Shakes Things Up In The Shaving Aisle
Harry’s Razor Color Choices Trending
Harry’s Your Stubble’s In Trouble Razor Cross-Sell
Harry’s Razor Features and Benefits
Harry’s Razor Double Branding and Promise
Harry’s Branded Notions and Lotions

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Harry’s Razors In-Line Wood-Panel Display
Harry’s Razors Low-Price Promo Flag
Harry’s One-Stop Tidy-Up Ledge Outfitting
Harry’s One-Stop Tidy-Up-Shop Endcap

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Velocity Razor Display Built-In Cross-Sell
” Slot-Mount Razor Display With Digital Price Tickets
Spiral Anti-Sweep Includes Manual Feed
Alexander McQueen® Razor Blades
Razor Dynamics Magnified
Auto-Feed Shaver Trays Intensely Back-lit

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Dollar-Shave-Club Round-Corner Endcap Display
Dollar Shave Club Endcap Display
Dollar Shave Club Dimensional Sign
Dollar Shave Club Bottom-Mount Sign Holder

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