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Fur Merchandising / Furrier Outfitting

Fur Merchandising Furrier Outfitting - Fendi Furry Headwarmer vs Ear Muffs

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This Fur Merchandising / Furrier Outfitting index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: Fur clothing is clothing made of furry animal hides. Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing, and is thought to have been widely used as hominids first expanded outside Africa. Some view fur as luxurious and warm; however, others reject it due to moral concerns for animal rights. The term ‘fur’ is often used to refer to a coat, wrap, or shawl made from the fur of animals. Controversy exists regarding the wearing of fur coats, due to animal cruelty concerns. The most popular kinds of fur in the 1960s (known as the luxury fur) were blond mink, silver striped fox and red fox. These were mainly bought by the rich. Those who could not afford this wore pelts of wolf, Persian lamb or muskrat. It was common for ladies to wear a matching hat. However, in the 1950s, a ‘must have’ type of fur was the mutation fur (naturally nuanced colours) and fur trimmings on a coat that were beaver, lamb fur, Astrakhan and mink. To this day, some people consider fur as a trend and wear it. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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