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For FixturesCloseUp How To Acquire Ads see..
FixturesCloseUp: 2015 Retail Fixtures Trends in Review
Independent Review of FixturesCloseUp for 2015
Year of the Monkey in Merchandising
Blue Monkey® Vape Bar Branding

Other ad locations…
Don’t Be Afraid of Halloween Visual Merchandising
Historic Point-of-Purchase Glimpsed in ClipStrip® Video
Reeve Store Equipment Fun With Fixtures

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” Now Follow Fixtures Close Up on Instagram Daily
Case Studies Index Page
Case Study: Helen & Ed’s Tree Farm
Case Study: of Mercedes Benz Manhattan
Case Study: How To Host A Mercedes Benz Tent Sale
Case Study: Rago Brothers Leatherworks In-Store Branding
Case Study: Alternate Brand Projection In-Store by Ruff Hewn
Case Study: Nike Outlet Store Fixtures Reviewed
Case Study: Mama Mary’s Pizza Point-Of-Purchase
Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Outfitting
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Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Cashwrap Design
Case Study: Scuba Dive Shop Spokesmodels
Case Study: Dive Shop Red SlatGrid on Ocean Blue
Case Study: Dive Shop Perimeter Display SlatGrid

FixturesCloseUp Best of Christmas Flight (Mail Chimp Nov 1, 2016)…
Best of Christmas Villages” 11:10am
Best of Christmas Plywood” 11:05am
Best of Christmas Stockings” 11:00am
Best of Christmas Lists and Calendars” 9:00am
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Best of Christmas Tree Staging: 8:40am
Best of Christmas Wreath Merchandising” 8:30am
Best of Santa and Christmas Elves” 8:20am
Best of Christmas Ornament Merchandising” 7:00am
Best of Christmas Layaway Promotion” 6:50am
Best of In-Store Hiring Promotions” 6:40am

“Compendium of Christmas Fixture Fitout”

FixturesCloseUp Best of And Educational Posts…
” Now Follow Fixtures Close Up on Instagram Daily
” How To Design A Cashwrap Queue
Best of 2017 Calendar Merchandising
Best of New Year 2017 Merchandising
“Golftec Outfitting Case Study” (Mail Chimp Nov 22, 2016)
“How To Host a Tent Sale” (Mail Chimp Nov 16, 2016)
“Best of Election Day and Patriotic Retail (Mail Chimp Nov 08, 2016)
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Best of Single-Lug / One-Hole Pegboard Display Hooks” (Mail Chimp Sep 19, 2016)
Skull Themed Merchandising For Halloween And Beyond” (Mail Chimp Sep 16, 2016)
How To Window Dress A Hardware Store” (Mail Chimp Sep 13, 2016)
The How-To Guide To Retail Christmas Preparations” (Mail Chimp Sep 9, 2016)
The Best of Halloween Retail Merchandising and Outfitting” (Mail Chimp Sep 06, 2016
Rustic and Homespun Fixtures Of British Origin
Shoefiti For That Gansta Look in Visual Merchandising” (Mail Chimp Sep 01, 2016)
Comprehensive Guide To Straight-Entry Hooks” (Mail Chimp Aug 30, 2016)
The Science of Picking Color For Retail” (Mail Chimp Aug 23, 2016)
Best of Museum Cases In Retail” (Mail Chimp Aug 19, 2016)
Best of Bell Jars in Retail” (Mail Chimp Aug 16, 2016)
How Use Numbers to Engage Your Customers
Best of Out-Of-Stock Messages” (Mail Chimp Aug 10, 2016)
Best of Dazzle Paint Retail and Point-of-Purchase” (Mail Chimp Aug 9, 2016)
Best of Scarf Merchandising Ideas” (Mail Chimp Aug 5, 2016)
Best of Vintage and Antique Outfitting and Merchandising” (Mail Chimp Aug 2, 2016)
The Best of Football Outfitting and Merchandising” (Mail Chimp Jul 29, 2016)
Best of Back-To-School Lists And Merchandising” (Mail Chimp Jul 26, 2016)
The Best of Pet Merchandising”  (MailChimp Jul 19, 2016)
The Best of Fitting Room Outfitting” (MailChimp Jul 12, 2016)
Best of Triangular Store Fixtures” (MailChimp Jul 7, 2016)
How to Outfit and Merchandising Umbrellas” (MailChimp Jul 5, 2016)
Selling Balloons Vs Merchandising With Inflatables” (MailChimp Jun 30, 2016)
Best of Wood Shingle Signs and Substrates” (MailChimp Jun 28, 2016)
95 New Ways to Merchandise T-Shirts” (MailChimp Jun 21, 2016)
Best of Toilet Plunger Outfitting and Merchandising” (MailChimp)
Fixtures-Close-Up Website Delivers Highest Retail Engagement” (MailChimp)
Fixtures-Close-Up Racks Up 8,000+ Retail Fixture Reviews (MailChimp)
Best of Flip Flop and Sandal Merchandising Fixtures
How To Shop For Romance At Target®
Best of Retail Bicycle Outfitting in Review
FixturesCloseUp Now Reports Instantly On Instagram
Best of Retail Sample Swatches
Case Study: Rago Brothers Leatherworks In-Store Branding
Best of Logo’d and Branded Display Hooks
TDC-Instore: How To Color Code An Entire Store
Best of Vertical Loop Hooks
Best of Color-Coded Retail Display
Best of Perforated Metal Retail Fixtures”
Outfitting America’s Favorite Grocer
Rust As Retail Fixture Finish
Reeve Fixture Response Rate 2.5%
Reeve Store Equipment Fun With Fixtures
How to Choose Retail Fixture Color
Foamcore Fixture Audience at GlobalShop
Magnetic Outfitting On A Retailer’s Budget

For FixturesCloseUp general ads…
Content Marketing Trust Quotients
18 Channels for Fixture Marketing
Blogs 13x More Likely to Generate ROI
FixturesCloseUp Feb Page Views Hit 47,000+
Floor Graphics CPM Impressions Is 23c
2016 Luxury Brands and Fixtures
Clip Service: Color Blocking in Retail
FixturesCloseUp Retail Content $3 Or Less
How To Buy Color Shelving and Store Fixtures
How Fixture Colors Influence Consumers Simplified
Retail Clip Service: RetailWire® Website Re-Launch

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Blogs 13x More Likely to Generate ROI
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What is the Lifetime Value of a Blog Post

For FixturesCloseUp general ad Pages…
“How To Share or Follow”
How To Professionally Research Fixtures
“Pinterest Boards”
Fixture Topic and Famous Name Index
“Site For Sale”

Type and Sign Recommendation Advice with Ads
Best Typefaces for Retail and Point-of-Purchase” (Done)
Type Size for Sign Readability” (Pending)
Type Size and Color for Readability” (Pending)
Sign as Communication Vehicle” (Pending)
4,000 Storefront Type Designs“ (Pending)

For FixturesCloseUp Ad Placements resources see…
“FixturesCloseUp Ad Placements Pinterest Board”
“FixturesCloseUp Ad Placements Index Page”

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FixturesCloseUp Onsite Advertising

FixturesCloseUp Advertising Opportunities range from
$20 to $50 per thousand advertising impressions, 100% SOV, 100% ROS.

Traditional trade publication sites rates range from $75 to $150 per thousand.
See the Advertising Menu top right for opportunities.

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