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FixturesCloseUp Traffic Trends Through 2015

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Content Development Graphic Courtesy of City Colleges

Content Development Graphic Courtesy of City College

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” Now Follow Fixtures Close Up on Instagram Daily
Content Marketing Predictions for 2016
Why Fixture Brands Should Acquire A Media Component
A Better Way to Fixtures Audience: Buy Content Assets
How to Buy Niche Media for Fixture Marketing
“Rent vs Own Your Fixture Advertising” (Pending)
“Product Introduction Tactics For Fixturers” (Pending)
Executive Summary: Stats on Blogs and Content Marketing (Pending)
FixturesCloseUp Retail Content $3 Or Less
Importance of Using Silos in your SEO Strategy.
What is the Lifetime Value of a Blog Post

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” FixturesCloseUp Publishes Its 12,000th Retail Fixture Post
” 11,000 Retail Fixture Reviews Online ” (Mail Chimp Sep 6, 2017)
FixturesCloseUp Feb Page Views Hit 47,000+
54,141 FixturesCloseUp Page Views, January 2016
FixturesCloseUp: 2015 Retail Fixtures Trends in Review
Independent Review of FixturesCloseUp for 2015
How To Research Post-Holiday Fixtures
FixturesCloseUp November Reads Hit 46,971
Fixtures Peak 8th Time in 2015
November Store Fixtures Run-Up Continues
November Fixture Trends Accelerate
Boolean Retail Searches on FixturesCloseUp
FixturesCloseUp: The 40,000 Page-View View
What is the Lifetime Value of a Fixture Blog Post?
Fixtures Close Up 7th Peak in Daily Traffic
Fixtures Close Up 6th Daily Traffic Peak
Fixtures Close Up Trends in Fixture Peaks
Fixtures Close Up September 2015 Page Views up 41%
New Traffic Record, FixturesCloseUp Endeavors to Persevere
FixturesCloseUp Restricted, Traffic Rises as Result
Fixtures Close Up Cited For Too Much Content
Labor Day Holiday Store Fixture Trend Rebound
Fall 2015 Retail Fixture Trends In Preview
Christmas Fixtures on a Sunny Summer Sunday
Republican Retail Debate Rages On
Retail Fixture Politics Becomes Top Post
Republican Debate Immediate Effect on Retail
FixturesCloseUp Reads Up 10,000 In July 2015
FixturesCloseUp Page Views Peak Twice
FixturesCloseUp Post Fourth of July Traffic
FixturesCloseUp June 2015 Traffic Report
What is Best Day for Fixture Research?
FixturesCloseUp May 2015 Figures Up 145%
Halloween Rises to Top Fixture Post Again
Halloween Fixture Research Gets Underway
R-Rated Retail Fixtures A Top Read
Christmas Fixture Research Begins Today
FixturesCloseUp April 2015 Page Views Up 160%
FixturesCloseUp Earns a Million and Change Pageviews
Outfitting Megalomania Reaches Euro & Hispanic Domains
1,100,000 FixturesCloseUp Branded Impressions
FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Trends
Skip Globalshop is Front Page News
Skip GlobalShop, Gain 12% Web Traffic
FixturesCloseUp Top Linked-In Profile
34,500 FixturesCloseUp February Views
41,472 FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Interactions
FixturesCloseUp February Brightens
Now 5,000 Fixture Posts + 10,100 Pins Strong
FixturesCloseUp January’s 2015 Best Traffic Stats
FixturesCloseUp Daily Traffic Peak; 1,624
FixturesCloseUp Daily Traffic Peak: 1,555
1,000,000 FixturesCloseUp Page Views
10% Retail Environments Growth Forecast for 2015
FixturesCloseUp Multi-Year December Trends
Fixtures Close Up 2014 in Review
10,000 FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Pins
Retail Sales +3.2%, Retail Fixtures +26%
FixturesCloseUp Thanksgiving Trends
FixtureCloseUp Follow-the-Leader
FixturesCloseUp Twitter Analytics
950,000 to 1 Fixtures Close Ups
Fixtures Close Up Weekly Trends
FixturesCloseUp Bests Second Best Again
Retail Race to Christmas in FixturesCloseUp Traffic Trends
FixturesCloseUp Likes Accelerate
FixturesCloseUp Tops 4,000 Posts
FixturesCloseUp Field Research Team Index Page
FixturesCloseUp Ranks in Top 50% of Social Media
FixturesCloseUp 600,000+ Pageviews
Fixtures Close Up Klout Score Increases to 42
Do Tags Hurt or Help Online SEO?” (Part 2)
Fixtures Close Up Pinterest Rank Scores
Proof Complex Tags Reduce SEO” (Part 1)
B2B Fixture Metrics that Matter
Post-Holiday Fixture Research Rebound
“December Declines in Fixtures Traced Across 3 Years

Kangol Follows FixturesCloseUp Pinterest
Lady Gaga Follows FixturesCloseUp
Unemployment Down, Retail Fixtures Up
DOW Closes Lower, Retail Fixtures Higher
Fixtures Close Up 2012 Statistics
Fixtures Predict Christmas Sales
360,000 Retail Fixtures Researched
Retail Fixtures Balloon to New Heights
24,000 Retail Fixture Visitors and Climbing
Latest Store Fixtures High Water Mark
Retail Fixtures Peak in Preparation for Fall
Retail Trends Heat Up
Retail Fixtures Fireworks
250,000 Retail Fixtures Researched
Join 1,000 Retail Fixturers a Day
Higher Math in Roman Numerals: 20,000 Monthly Visits
Fixtures Close Up Registered Trademark Recognition
Marijuana Use Statistics in Retail
Planetary Alignment Effects in Retail Fixtures
Retail Fixture Trend Worth Following
Retail Fixture Social Media on a Lunar Cycle
Fixture Trends and GlobalShop
12,771 Visit Fixtures Close Up in January
FixturesCloseUp 2011 Statistics
Holiday Retail Fixture Interest High in 2011
Press Passes to Arabia-Shop
1,000 Retail Fixture Case Studies Now Online
Fixtures Close Up Now in Russian
Fixtures Close Up Cited in University of Manchester Thesis
100,000+ Retail Fixtures Researched 
Fixtures Close Up at New Permanent URL
Fixtures Close Up Traffic Spikes During GlobalShop
Fixtures Close Up 2010 Statistics
Happy First Birthday to Fixtures Close Up

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