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Dollar General Retail Fixtures

Dollar General Retail Fixtures

Dollar General Retail Fixtures

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This Dollar General Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. As of August 2017, Dollar General operated over 13,000 stores[4][1] in all U.S. states except: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.[5]

Dollar General created its abbreviation, the letters “DG”, as a store brand for “inexpensive” household products sold through the Dollar General stores. DG is also the company’s NYSE ticker symbol.

In 2010, Dollar General was able to outbid the famous Italian Fashion House Dolce and Gabbana that sells very expensive fashion products under another “DG” label in the acquisition of the “DG” symbol as the Internet address. The domain “” was purchased in a private sale from EMC Corporation, the successor to the defunct Data General computer manufacturer in June 2010, making Dollar General the 107th large company in the world to own their initials as a 2-letter Internet address. The DG symbol is used by the company for a variety of in-house products called DG Home,[39] DG Baby,[40] DG Health and DG Body.

In 2017, Dollar General secured an exclusive contract to sell Jolt Cola in its stores.[41]

Dollar General uses the Clover Valley store brand for grocery products and the Smart & Simple brand for low-end discount products.

The brand name Rexall was first established in 1903 by Louis K. Liggett that gradually became a powerhouse as a pharmaceutical drug store chain.[42] In March 2010 Dollar General became the exclusive retailer for Rexall products. Rexall vitamins and supplements began appearing at Dollar General stores in March and by Fall 2010 a full line of Rexall products was available at Dollar General.[43] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Dollar General Retail Fixtures by title see…

Crayola Crayon Trifecta Display
Cottonelle Toilet Paper Auto-Feed Outfitting
No Retail Soliciting Allowed
Jot Sticky-Notes Brand Alternative
Shelf-Edge Funnel Ring Hook
Garden Rock Styrofoam Tray Merchandising
Sharpie Marker Grid-Mount Ring-Hook
TNT Party Center Fireworks Displays
” Balloon Pump Cross-Sells As Mister
” Loose Leaf Ring Sign Mount for Bulk Bin
” Bic Lighter Step-And-Repeat Tray Display
” Ceiling-Mount Inflatable Balloon Corral
” Get Well Soon Inflatable Balloon Alternative
” Brilliant Shopping Cart Branding At Dollar General
Dollar General Shopping Carry Branded Yellow
Dollar General Reusable Shopping Bag Double Entendre
Cargo Netted Transport Cart
Camouflage Bra For That Outdoorsy Girl
Mass Merchandising $10 Bras At Dollar General
Paw-Signed Pet Deals At Dollar General®
Shelf-Edge Ring Hook Cross-Sells Funnels

Follow Dollar General Shelf-Edge Flags at…

Nourishing Nivea Serum Shelf-Edge Promo
Suave Essentials Shelf-Edge Cross-Sell
Nivea Freshness Shelf-Edge Promo
Starkist Tuna Shelf-Edge Brand Flag
Clover Valley Shelf-Edge Brand Flag
” SNAP and EBT Card Shelf Edge Flag

Follow Dollar General Category Definition at…

Gummies Product Tagline Category Definition
Comprehensive Kellogg’s Breakfast Shop Endcap
Text for Dollar General Digital Coupons

Follow Unusual Dollar General Outfitting at…

Crayola Pegboard-Hung Gravity-Feed Rack
Hand-Truck Strip-Merchandiser Trolly
Declined Slatwall Bud Vase Board
Magic-Towels Half-Height Bin Tower

Follow Dollar General Grab-And-Go Beverage sales at…

Gatorade Cooler Custom Shelf Management
” Gatorade Grab-and-Go Beverage Cooler
Gatorade Grab-and-Go Cooler Branding
Starbucks Double Grab-And-Go Coolers
Soft-Drink Grab-And-Go Cooler Trifecta
Gatorade Grab-And-Go Cooler Online Rewards

Follow Bagged Candy Outfitting at…

Dollar General Deals BOGO Haribo Powerwing Display
Reese’s Cardboard Powerwing Sidekick Bulk Bins
Flavor-Swap Lay’s Freestanding Corrugated Sidekick Display
Reese’s Island Metal-Plate Scan Hooks Display Outfitting
Reese’s Mitered Island Display Merchandises in All Directions
Multi-Brand Snack Display Stand Is Mobile
Jolly Roger Bagged Candy Powerwing Display
Jolly Roger Bagged Candy Scan Hooks
Multi-Brand Bagged Candy Powerwing Display
Bagged Candy Metal-Plate Grid Scan Hook
Inline Bagged Candy Gondola Display
Bagged Candy Metal-Plate Pegboard Scan Hook


Contrast DG Bulk Bin strategies at…

Freestanding Bath Pouf Clear Acrylic Bulk Bin
Classic Lip Balm Checkout Queue Bulk Bin
” Inline Gondola Ball Bulk Bin Saves Space

Follow DG Discounting at…

Dollar-General-Deals Scan-Hook Callout
Dollar Deals Aisle Invader Shelf-Edge Branding
Store Discounts Flyer Tops Magazine Rack
Chevron Directional to Today’s Discounts
Text for Dollar General Digital Coupons

Follow Dollar General Freestanding Displays at…

 Studio Selection Sunscreen Display
Swiffer WetJet Double-Sided Display
Sure-Lox Jigsaw Puzzle Freestanding Display ”
How Not To Drop-Shadow Displays
More Than Zapp’s Snack-Rack ”
Bath-Pouf Clear Columnar Bulk Bin
Blu-Ray Disc Movie Tower Merchandiser
Weekly-Wow Christmas Movie Specials
” Fritolay Branded Tower For Dollar General
” Serpentine Baseball Cap Tray Tower
” Captivating Headgear Tray Branding
” Hostess Branded Freestanding Rack

Follow Dollar General Curved Displays at…

Curved Foster Grant Reader Alcove
Curved Gift Card Alcove Display

Follow Dollar General PowerWings at…

Rain-X Wiper Blade PowerWing Display
” Garden Flower Seeds Powerwing
Hostess Donettes PowerWing Merchandising
Sewing Basics Powerwing Offering
Grid-Mount Shoe-Polish Gravity-Feed
Shoe-Gear Shoe Care Center PowerWing
Stacker Energy Shot PowerWing Merchandiser
” Haribo Half-Height PowerWing Promotion
” Buy 3 get 4, Buy 9 get 12 BOGO Upgrade
Mountain Dew® Does A PowerWing

Follow Dollar General Strip Merchandisers at…

Balloon Upright-Arm Clip Strip Merchandiser
Bottom-Mount Paper-Mate Clip Strip Merchandiser
Flirty-Feet Foot Mask Strip Merchandiser
Custom Greeting Card Merchandising Strip
Matador Beef Jerky Strip Merchandiser
Hand-Truck Strip-Merchandiser Trolly
MicroGreens Seed Strip Merchandiser

Follow Dollar General Snack Outfitting at…

Text for Dollar General Digital Coupons
More Than Zapp’s Snack-Rack ”
Tall Sweet-Baby-Ray’s Beef Jerky Tower
Matador Beef Jerky Strip Merchandiser
Organic Pouch Shelf Merchandising by Carton
Pringles Gravity Feed Can Parade
Hostess Donettes PowerWing Merchandising
Fresh-Baked Tastykake Perimeter Rack

Follow Dollar General Tape Gravity-Feed at…

Duck-Tape Shelf-Top Gravity-Feed
Rex-Tape Shelf-Top Gravity-Feed

Follow Dollar General queue management at…

” Line Forms Here Queue Management Sign
” Billboarding Gift Card Along Cashwrap Queue
” This Way Queue Management Directional
” Open Wire Bowl For Cashwrap Queue Median

Follow SNAP and EBT and specialty signing at…

We Card Tobacco Purchasers Warning Sign
” SNAP and EBT Card Shelf Edge Flag
SNAP Store Entry Window Advisory Sign
SNAP And EBT Accepted Aisle Invader

Follow Dollar Store Hiring Efforts at…

Dollar-General Smiling Career Hiring Inflatables
” Branded and Ballooned Dollar General Hiring
Dollar General Cooler Door Hiring Tearoffs

Follow Dollar General CorobaVirus outfitting at…

CoronaVirus Giant-Step Social Distancing
CoronaVirus Checkout Queue Spacing
CoronaVirus Aisle Customer Spacing
Tasty CoronaVirus Distancing Reminder

Follow Dollar General Christmas Merchandising at…

” Merry Christmas C-Channel Insert At Dollar General
” One Dollar Christmas Calendars in Corrugated

For all Dollar General Retail Fixtures resources…

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